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Electronic Restoration Contractors

Electronic Restoration Contractors
  • Liquid Capital Required: $30,000
  • Minimum Investment: $60,000
  • Training Available
  • Financing Not Available
ERC 01

Electronic Restoration Contractors Franchise Information:

ERC specializes in the removal of contaminants from wind, water, smoke (heavy, moderate or light) and fire that can damage delicate and not so delicate electronic equipment. We are also available to assess damage caused by lightning and power surges, including but not limited to repair cost and replacement cost.

Our services are adapted to the needs of busy insurance adjusters and restoration professionals in order to obtain cost effective, and dependable options in restoring equipment to pre-loss condition.

ERC 02

Primary damage to electronic equipment is caused by smoke that contains corrosive chloride and other acidic combustion by-products. Smoke exposure for a relatively short period of time does little immediate damage. However, the residue left after the smoke has dissipated, contains the active by-products that will corrode metal contact surfaces in the presence of moisture and oxygen. The smoke consists of a greasy matrix of carbon, oxidized organics and contaminants.

The objective in restoration is the removal of all fire contaminants from the equipment returning it to the specified cleanliness, which the original manufacturer required.

Electronics and Water

The water is not the biggest culprit in the damage to electronics. The humidity in an environment coupled with the dust that has collected in any electronic piece is what will cause more damage than a direct hit of water.

After a disaster such as fire or flood, water and moisture may come into direct contact with electronics. Additionally, the relative humidity may be high due to water from fighting the fire, burst pipes or weather elements from an open roof. The dust absorbs this moisture even if the equipment is not directly impacted by the water. Without this dust the moisture would not readily adhere to circuit boards. This dust will become conductive as it hardens and cause electrical currents to travel erratically. The electronic piece needs to be removed from this environment and dried: not left to dry as the structure is drying. After the piece has been properly dried; in a heat chamber designed to dry in as little as 12 hours, the piece should be thoroughly cleaned from dust and any other contaminants.

Our franchise fee is $25,000.00: this fee includes the following.

  • 100 mile radius of service area
  • 3 to 4 weeks of hands on training in our facility for as many people that you want
  • Consultation and help with your build out of your shop area
  • Set up of your computer system for billing, forms etc.
  • Onsite training for office procedures
  • 2 weeks of marketing assistance on site
  • Unlimited phone help and we will have remote access to your computer to help you with estimating, billing etc whenever you need us.
  • You may send people to us whenever for training at no extra charge
  • A complete operations manual

You can expect additional expenditures of course. We have figured that to be about $50,000.00 and this includes one box truck. This cost of course is approximate and could fluctuate depending on your decision on how many wash bays you want, how many work benches etc. You would need to figure your lease expense, permits that may be required in your area, as well as any professional fees such as attorney, accountant etc.

ERC 03

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