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Healthy Vending by HUMAN

Healthy Vending by HUMAN
  • Liquid Capital Required: $50,000
  • Net Worth Required: $100,000
  • Total Investment: $71,495 - $108,995
  • Training Available
  • Financing Available

Healthy Vending by Human 01

About Us

HUMAN stands for "Helping Unite Mankind And Nutrition" and we started the Healthy Vending Industry back in 2003. We're looking for top 10% entrepreneurs to "crush it" with their own quickly growing, ridiculously fun, incredibly fulfilling, health & nutrition franchise. In short, we help entrepreneurs launch and grow their own healthy vending businesses so they can make money, help people, and become truly fulfilled.

Why Vending

  • Massive Market. Did you know there are over 5 million vending machines in the U.S. and over 13,000 vending operators? The industry generated over $20B in revenue in 2010. It's big.
  • Proven Business Model.Vending has been around for hundreds of years. It's a proven business model that works.
  • Lower Start-Up Costs. Starting a vending business costs a fraction of what it takes to start a "brick and mortar" business.
  • Simple to Scale. You can grow your business one machine at a time or in lots of 10. The choice is yours. Compare this to growing a brick and mortar business and you'll see that growing your vending business is a lot simpler and less capital intensive.
  • Lower Risk. In a "brick and mortar" business, you open up shop and hope for people to walk through your doors. In a vending business, you find where people convene and you place a machine in front of them. Completely different approach.

Why "Healthy" Vending?

  • Obesity Crisis. Did you know that over 2/3 of adults and 1/3 of kids are overweight or obese? Our president has called it " of the most urgent health issues facing the country" and it's costing our healthcare system over $150B annually.
  • Massive Void. There are over 5 million vending machines in the U.S. and only 2000 of them offer 100% healthy vending items.
  • Huge Demand. Look at the explosive growth of Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and the entire healthy food industry. There's a huge demand for healthy products and the traditional vending industry has been ignoring it.

Why Us

From the moment you first discover HUMAN to the time you're launching your first machines in the field, you'll realize you're in a unique family of like-minded entrepreneurs and visionaries. Here's why you should join us:

  • MONEY. The only healthy vending company to offer multiple revenue streams via product sales, digital advertising, and distribution.
  • MACHINES. The most innovative machines in the healthy vending industry with LCDs, remote monitoring, credit card reader, SMS text alerts, infrared vending system, and much more.
  • FAMILY. When you join HUMAN, you join a fun, passionate family of like-minded social entrepreneurs. Our franchisees consistently tell us this is a crucial part of our franchise system. If you can't have fun in business, it's usually not worth it!
  • SUPPORT. The healthy vending industry's most comprehensive training & support system including online training portals, lifetime coaching, and live video tech support at your machines.

Training & Support

Human 02

Here's what you get with our proven, closely-guarded, healthy vending system:

  • Machines. Hands down the most advanced, user-friendly healthy vending machines in the market today.
  • Digital Advertising. Blow your ROI numbers out of the water with the addition of digital advertising, plus secure higher-traffic, higher-quality locations due to your machine's large, 23" hi-def LCD screen.
  • Remote Monitoring. Know exactly when to restock your machines. Real-time inventory alerts via SMS text, email, or online dashboard.
  • Credit Card. Increase sales up to 40% and accept Visa, MC, Amex, and Discover.
  • Eco-Friendly. Machines built from the ground up to use 30-50% less energy than standard vending machines.
  • Location Acquisition. HUMAN deploys its proprietary 4-phase "Location Discovery & Acquisition" system to discover, sort, and acquire high-quality, high- traffic locations in your area.
  • Competitive Advantage. HUMAN's innovative business model creates a long-term & sustainable competitive advantage for you and your healthy vending business.
  • Continual Innovation. HUMAN will always be innovating. Innovation is at our core. Companies that innovate faster than the competition win.
  • Products. Over 5000 healthy snacks and beverages to choose from. Fresh fruits, smoothies, full meals, and other items too.
  • Training. Unparalleled entrepreneurship, personal development, and vending training. We get you fully trained-up to launch and grow a successful healthy vending business.
  • Expertise. We're backed by a board that includes a biomedical engineer, health advisors, doctors, nutritionists, and public health specialists. We really know health and nutrition!
  • Partnership & Family. To accomplish BIG goals, it's easier and more fun if you have a group of likeminded individuals going after them together. Every operator partner that joins the HUMAN Team is treated and respected as a valued business partner.
  • Philanthropy. We're backed by a board that includes a biomedical engineer, health advisors, doctors, nutritionists, and public health specialists. We really know health and nutrition! We give 10% of our corporate proceeds to fight childhood obesity (out of our pocket, not yours). Locations love this about us and we love how good it makes us feel. Philanthropy is always a win-win.

Ideal Candidate

We're seeking "Top 10%" type individuals to join the HUMAN Team and make a huge impact on the world. We seek business partners who are strong in these 3 areas:

    Healthy Vending by Human 02
  1. PASSION. You must be passionate about the fight against obesity & genuinely believe in the importance of the HUMAN mission (Helping Unite Mankind And Nutrition).
  2. SELF-DRIVE. You must be self-motivated & be completely committed to continuously developing your entrepreneurial skills, being the best business-owner you can be.
  3. LIKEABILITY. You must be at the very least a person with whom we enjoy dealing, which ideally means you're amiable, fun and generally likeable. We want to like bending over backwards for you!

Also, you must have a minimum of $70K in liquid capital, and be ready to make a part-time commitment.

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