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  • Liquid Capital Required: $35,000
  • Total Investment: $49,570 - $90,400
  • Training Available
  • Financing Not Available
Ultragloss 05

Ultragloss offers an affordable franchise with a unique niche in an in-demand industry for two vital reasons. First, cars aren't going anywhere and neither are the people who sell them. People and dealers are always going to need cosmetic repairs. Second, this is our specialty and since this is our niche this is all we do - cosmetic repairs on automobiles. Our franchise is more secure than a business opportunity.

UltraGloss 01

Ultragloss has mastered the art of:

  • Bumper repair
  • Scratch removal
  • Plastic parts finishing
  • Road rash repair

With your Ultragloss franchise you can offer all of these services as well as several other auto appearance services that correct the cosmetic imperfections that typically hinder the sale of a vehicle.

We don't just train you, we create craftsmen for life.

Ultragloss is a franchise, and we are different than your run of the mill business opportunity. Why choose a franchise? While the statistics can vary greatly on franchises versus non-franchised opportunitites, franchises always come out on top. Just look at this comparison:

UltraGloss 03
  • An up-front fee opens the door to invaluable support, reputation, and a proven track record of our franchise system.
  • The research, development, and start up costs in creating your own business, and you do it all alone instead of with a support team.

Your odds of survival in this economy clearly favor choosing a franchise, and Ultragloss is the franchise for you. As the truism says, franchising is about being in business "for yourself, not by yourself."

There are enough apprehensions associated with opening your business and we want to help you feel confident. One way we approach this is by training you online before you arrive at Boot Camp. Our online training system is filled with instructional videos, tests, and presentations.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) doesn't close to franchisees once they complete training. It remains open so anyone can go back at any time to refresh themselves. We also utilize this system to update new processes and offer franchisees a chance to teach themselves our new innovative techniques and test them out in the field without having to travel to our location.

UltraGloss 02

If you're looking for an affordable franchise with low initial investment, Ultragloss may be the right choice for you. We are a mobile franchise with a unique opportunity to extend to self-motivated individuals. We always rise to the occasion, it's for hard-working, motivated individuals who are willing to meet the demand and maintain the clean, crisp Ultragloss image.

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