Why This Is A Good Time To Buy A Business

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If you have often dreamed of having your own business, this may be the time to jump into entrepreneurship.  Of course, just wanting to own a business isn’t enough, as you must have the ability and finances to purchase a business and operate it successfully.  If you find a business you like and are able to complete the purchase, you have chosen a good time to buy a business.

We elected a new president who is a businessman and understands what businesses need to be successful.  There is much optimism that he will turn our country around, and many changes are proving him right.  The stock market has continued to rise since he took office and is at an all-time high.  That is a strong indicator that the economy is growing, and investors believe stocks will continue to rise. This shows he is a strong leader who can be trusted and is keeping his campaign promises.  Two major pieces of legislation will have a major impact on businesses.  The repeal and replacement of Obamacare was one vote short of passing in July and should reach a compromise soon.  This is important and will be significant.  The cost is so extreme for businesses to cover full-time employees that many employees have been changed to part-time.  The president has already gotten rid of many regulations hurting businesses, and now for every regulation approved, two must be removed.  There are now actually sixteen being removed for every one approved, so much higher than required.

The remainder of this article will deal with tax reform and cuts and how they will help your business.  This legislation is important and should be passed before the end of 2017, along with infrastructure.   Following are eight ways tax cuts will help businesses.

1. Of course, you pay less taxes, which gives you more profit.  The goal is to cut taxes to 15 percent, down from 35 percent.  This will provide significant growth to small businesses.

2. You can expand your business by improving your location or adding another location.  Another way to expand would be more internet presence.  You could advertise more; and, depending on your type of business, you could start or improve your website for easier ordering for your customers.  The amount of internet shopping is increasing and appears likely to continue.

3. You can carry a larger inventory.  If you need a larger inventory, it would be great to add more; and you might need it if your store or internet sales increase.  Be sure to watch your inventory turnover.  You don’t want to invest in inventory that just sits and doesn’t move.

4. You will have more customers, giving you a larger volume of business.  Because of this, you can provide better sale prices for your customers.  That and a wider selection of inventory will bring in even more customers.

5. You can hire more employees, pay them higher salaries, and give them more benefits.  Hopefully, everyone will be able to afford good health insurance, and they will be able to work full-time again.  Small businesses can once again be operated without so many regulations and with less government interference.

6. You can pay yourself more and do more for your family.  With a larger staff of full-time employees, you will be able to take more time off for vacations, etc.  You will also be able to train employees to do other employees’ jobs so that all positions will be covered when an employee is absent.

7. Because of the tax cuts, you will have more money to invest in the future, as will your employees.  As mentioned earlier, extra money for you and your employees can be invested with good returns. 

8. Finally, tax cuts will make our economy grow and make us stronger, as other businesses and individuals will have more money to spend and invest.

Select a good business broker to assist you in your search for the perfect business for you and start living your dream.  The best time to buy a business is when it is profitable and growing.  The future looks bright for small businesses!

  • Author: Pat Jones
  • Title: President/Owner - Business Broker
  • Company: Pat Jones Business Brokers
  • Company Website: http://www.patjones.biz/
  • Date: August 24, 2017
  • Category: Buying a Franchise or Business
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