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Are You Ready To Take Advantage Of The E-Commerce Boom!? We Build You A Hands-Free Profit Generating Amazon Store Leverage Our Expertise To Truly Generate Increase Cashflow. IT'S ALL DONE™ Learn more now!

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Minimum Cash Required$25,000
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Amazon FBA Automation

We have helped over 100 business partners start completely automated businesses in over 12 different opportunities & this is one of the best opportunities ever!



  • Reviewing business growth opportunities to only end in failure.?
  • Searching for a predictable way to make money online. ?
  • Looking for a way to maximize the value of your free time and network.?

Then we have THE PERFECT SOLUTION For You!


All Done Consulting's AMAZON AUTOMATION

If you’re reading this letter then you have been handed the keys to increasing in cash flow online.

How Does it Work?

  1. Set up LLC. Pick three products to choose from in evergreen niches. | Sports, household, automotive.
  2. We narrow down to one product & trademark the product for your. We create a site for legitimacy.
  3. We invest into marketing to scale the profit of the store.
  4. We sure the buy box to ensure long term ranking on the platform + Increase Inventory Spending.

Predictably Improving My Credit?

Are you a real estate investor? Perfect! So are we. In addition to receiving higher returns we also invest into Ecom Automation for the credit benefits. We get paid on the purchases that our customers make because we use a business line of credit to fund the orders. You are paid back either daily or bi-weekly. The business is set up so that you always make your payments ahead of schedule and therefore have access to more capital. 

How do the numbers break down…(Amazon FBA)

  • $25,000 Initial Investment
  • 15-25K available for inventory stock

What Do I Get Exactly?

  • Trademarked product
  • Personalize store to solidify brand ex
  • Lifetime fulfilment + marketing services
  • ADC Automation App
  • Bi Weekly Check ins
  • Monthly Reporting
  • 12 Month Satisfaction Guarantee

What is my Duty?

  1. Review the Terms of Service
  2. Apply for Funding if Needed
  3. Sign NDA
  4. Get On Boarded into the App
  5. Complete wire transfer
  6. Collect monthly profit
  7. Scale profit of store as marketing increases

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