How To Build Wealth In Trucking Business Automation Explained

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Executive Logistics & Transportation opened in 2020 during the thick of the pandemic and started with just 7 trucks, and now has grown the fleet to 40 trucks with 20 additionals on order before the year's end. We are looking for individuals who want to be hands-off yet profitable. Learn more now!

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Minimum Cash Required$50,000
Total Investment$50,000
Net Worth Required$50,000
Financing AssistanceAvailable
Year Founded2020
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Executive Logistics & Transportation

What is Trucking Automation?

  • An opportunity that allows individuals to participate in the trucking industry, yet be hands off, but still receive a profit participation check in the company without any of the risk or red tape to the partner.
  • When starting a trucking company there are considerable amount of start-up along with your time and FMCSA/DOT paperwork.  Then, we can’t forget the most importantly of them all - insurance requirements. Through trucking automation, none of these things are required of you - everything is handled by the company. 
  • Returns come quickly with 90 days based on your level of participation
  • You will receive a 4K up to 8K profit participation payout monthly. 

What Makes This Business Opportunity Unique

  • Franchising with us is a unique opportunity due to the fact that we are an actual trucking company.
  • We have over 30 previous satisfied partners that have come into this program and are very satisfied with the end result.
  • Future plans for the company are to go public in the near future, and once those plans are performed, we offer shares in the company at a discounted price to our current partners.
  • This is not your typical opportunity. Once we have completed our transition from a private company to a public company, we discount this program - so get in now and be the ones that benefit.
  • We also offer a early contract buyout which could lessen the time frame on your returns, and perhaps double or triple your money in less than a year. If you want more information on this, you will have to call us.


  • This opportunity has only been around for 4 months, and was created in order to grow our fleet at a rapid pace.
  • Since starting this program, we have gone from 40 to 60 trucks in less than 4 months - and plan on growing to 300 by end of next year.
  • The company opened in 2020 during the thick of the pandemic and started with just 7 trucks, and now has grown the fleet to 40 trucks, and a additional 20 on order before the year is over. 
  • We have secured contracts with major companies and are working on securing a major contract with the government. Once these things are in place, the company will convert from private to public to allow better capital allocation and more opportunities for partners and investors. 
  • We have our headquarters in Memphis, TN with over 10+ employees to run the company. That includes Director of Operations, Recruiters, Safety Manager, Fleet Managers, Mechanics and Payroll Managers.
  • Just recently due to a customers need in Texas, we will be opening up a office in Dallas, TX very soon that will hold our COO and Director of Fleet Services.
  • We continue to grow at a rapid pace - that is why we need partners to participate in our trucking automation model. 

Training & Support

  • No training and support needed; the only thing needed is time and capital or credit.
  • We have an in-house financing division.


  • 680+ FICO
  • 60k income and up to qualify
  • If scores are lower, we can send a report to show what to do to enhance your credit to qualify. 


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  • How To Build Wealth In Trucking Business Automation Explained

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