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Mirage - Decorative Concrete Restoration

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Be a dealer for Mirage with products that combine beauty and long lasting toughness. Decorative overlay is simple, quick and an inexpensive way to change bad concrete into a beautiful look that will increase property value- Request more information today. MIRAGE OFFERS 100% FINANCING WITH CREDIT SCORES 660+.

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Minimum Cash Required$19,995
Financing AssistanceNone
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We are currently accepting inquiries in these states:
  • AL
  • AR
  • CT
  • DE
  • DC
  • GA
  • IL
  • IN
  • IA
  • KY
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We are NOT currently accepting inquiries in these states:
  • AK
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  • CA
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Mirage - Decorative Concrete Restoration

Formula FOR Success
Mirage system was launched 20 years ago by our parent company Stampcrete International, Ltd which has been in business for 35 years. Stampcrete is a global leader in manufacturing decorative concrete equipment and materials, so be assured your in the very best hands with us. Mirage System has been time tested and has a dealer that has been installing the systems for the past 20 years trouble free. The company decided after  having two decades of trouble free installations along with a proven marketing plan that actually gets dealers jobs to launch its Mirage Dealership Nationwide. Mirage system has been formulated for the northern half of America or the  freeze thaw areas thus it will hold up in all 50 States. There are billions and billions of sq. ft. or an endless market just ready for you to restore and beautify using anyone of our four unique systems.

Mirage has been the industry leader in the concrete renovation market for over 20 years and owns several trademarks and U.S. patents. P. Michael Fennessy, principle of the company, is ACI certified by the American  Concrete Institute and is considered an

expert in the concrete renovation market. There are billions of square, old ugly looking concrete just waiting to be restored with any of our four systems. What sets us a part from other companies is that we offer training on your first projects right in your home town. Mirage offers systems for every budget as low as $2.95 sq. ft. And the best part... you don’t have to be a contractor to create attention-getting resurfaced spaces. We will teach you everything you need to be an expert in just one week.

Here are the top reasons why Mirage is an industry leader:

  • Complete patented equipment package
  • Our company trainer flies to you to work on your first projects; other companies make you fly to them and pay for a two-day seminar!
  • Training materials included in package
  • Earn 50% profit on any of the four Mirage systems
  • You can run your Mirage dealership either full or part time; it’s all up to you!
  • Exclusive territory of 250,000 populations which will protect your pricing, while limiting competition. Other companies offer only 50,000 population.
  • We mail 7,500 customized mailers in your city that get you plenty of jobs. No other company makes this bold offer worth $5,000 and some charge extra for a marketing kit!
  • Website use
  • Feel free to call any of our company trainers seven days a week with questions.
  • Mirage supplies corporate brochures, sample display boards and color charts which are included in your dealership package.
  • All of our equipment and materials are made here in America
  • Ongoing discount on materials
  • Mirage co-ops future mailers with dealer
  • Mirage pays for shipping expenses for your startup package

Mirage has a successful business model and does not charge franchise fees, royalties or for startup marketing packages as other companies do. The company has been manufacturing all of its materials and patented equipment for over 20 years. Unlike some other companies, we package in five gallon pails rather than bags which usually end up broken.

Mirage has a straightforward process for educating prospective dealers about our industry. We do not believe in having you come to a training seminar to get trained because what works great in South Carolina might not work in Michigan. Our one week training program at your location is one of the keys to success, along with having a natural sales ability.

ON-GOING MAILERS – The initial mailers in your package give you a good jump-start to your business, but as you know, marketing is about continually getting in front of people with your product and name. To assist in doing these mailers, we offer to all our dealers a flat-rate cost of only 50 cents a mailer, and we pay the rest out of our pocket to get your phone to ring. This includes the design of the customized six-panel mailer with your company name and information, in addition to handling all the postage and list purchasing to target the right market. Minimum of 5,000 mailers are required.

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