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MyCareclix is looking for someone who wants to take advantage of this Once in a Lifetime opportunity… CareClix Full Spectrum Multinational Virtual Medicine company, 30 Countries, 8 Languages, Top tier, 11 years in business. Learn more now!

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MyCareClix aka MyGuardianDoc, a world leader in Virtual Medicine is seeking a few individuals to join our exclusive Master Affiliate Professional Program (MAPP). Successful candidates in this position can expect realistic first year revenue share of high seven figures. We're looking for business minded individuals who wants opportunity and challenges/rewards to match their skillset and sense of destiny.

The Virtual Medicine industry is projected to increase to over $240 billion dollars in annual revenue growth by 2025 from its current estimated $38 Billion. With the importance and need for virtual care has increased dramatically. MAPP incorporates two well established and historically successful business models to create, what we perceive to be, one the most exciting opportunities available for the entrepreneurial minded individual. MyCareClix aka MyGuardianDoc MAPP is uniquely positioned to lead the world in addressing several worldwide movements. 

  • Virtual Medicine – An Evolutionary medical concept highlighted by the COVID pandemic which has become the gateway to healthcare delivery. Telemedicine is the fastest growing space in healthcare and most agree it is here to stay.  
  • Patient Safety – Medical mistakes and omissions in healthcare systems are gaining unprecedented attention in the US. It is a major cause of preventable deaths.  
  • Care Equity and Disparities in Healthcare – This often heart wrenching and shameful problem has captured the nation’s attention. Everyone agrees it doesn't have to exist and something must and can be done about it.  

MyCareClix aka MyGuardianDoc has the size and market potential to make our MAPP concept the opportunity of the decade for the right person.  Above average ambition, savvy, business aptitude, willingness to learn, and the ability to build strong relationships are most important. Regardless of experience level, we believe now is the perfect time to take advantage of this opportunity to enter the exciting field of virtual medicine.

Our healthcare system is in desperate need of modification to lower risks and increase odds of better healthcare outcomes for patients. Two high pain points are ubiquitous – patient safety and care equity.

Governments and organizations are throwing money to address these two issues with no expectations of articulatable results.

There is no real hope in sight. Until now.

Modified Quote from Yahoo Finance article dated August 26,2022

“At the end of the day, consumers NEED affordable virtual health care with good doctors who are always available on demand to help relieve their Patient Safety and Care Equity concerns and increase the odds of better healthcare outcomes per encounter. On Demand Medical guidance delivered via privately employed licensed medical doctors aligned with organized groups like PSCEC is their only viable option.”

To my knowledge MyCareClix aka MyGuardianDoc is the first and ONLY available virtual medical service that explicitly addresses these two very serious issues.

MyCareClix aka MyGuardianDoc and CareClix Patient Safety and Care Equity Council 

Provides Virtual 24/7 On Demand private medical guidance by an ongoing diversity and safety coached medical doctor…medical chaperone…like having a medical body cam..

For everyone and always ready for your every encounter with the inherently risky medical healthcare system

How does it work

Studies have shown that it causes your medical team to 

  • Pay attention
  • Spend more time contemplating a diagnosis 
  • Spend more time taking notes and collaborating with peers

Another peer (MyGuardianDoc) is observing and reviewing his or her treatment medically and ethically. Even the most trusted doctor and “liked doctor” can use another set of doctor eyes.

The moment a person subscribes he or she has an incredibly better outcome on these high pain issues than currently possible. 

The Result 

Better outcome for patient and attending physicians 

MyGuardianDoc seal of approval makes patient happy and loyal

  • 100% of those surveyed thought MyGuardianDoc would make them or their loved ones feel safer and equitably treated per encounter 
  • Provides more comfort and greater peace of mind

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