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Partner with NuRolls to own your own bitcoin ATM business. Be an early operator in this trendy and emerging industry and capitalize on the growing market's early success. Your strategically located, state-of-the-art Bitcoin ATMs will provide people a convenient method for managing their crypto holdings whether it is cashing out or buying more. As ATM users buy and sell crypto currency, you earn money. Inquire to today to get started!

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Minimum Cash Required$40,000
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NuRolls - Bitcoin ATM Business

NuRolls - Who We Are & What We Do

Nurolls is Software company with over 40 years of accumulated experience in the ?nancial software industry with a total of 7 years involved with Bitcoin speci?cally. NuRolls is proud to have a team of world-class professionals who are behind the successful growth of the company.

We recognized the need in the market for an easy-to-use, easy-to-con?gure, easy-to-afford, and easy-to-own crypto coin ATM. For the past year, NuRolls has been working towards achieving that goal and now the NuRolls ATM represents the culmination of our work. By combining a durable and secure cabinet with state-of-the-art peripherals and software, NuRolls has earned a unique place in the Bitcoin ATM space.

NuRolls is always looking for innovative ways to apply blockchain technology and continue to be the safest and cheapest option for people to mange their crypto holdings.

What You Receive from NuRolls

  • Bitcoin ATM Kiosks
  • Custom build white-labeled wrap and on kiosk advertising
  • Full accounting
  • Corporate Blockchain Software Solutions

Nurolls' 2-way (buy and sell crypto) kiosk is powdered by cutting-edge software while its state-of-the-art hardware solution is a class-A industrial quality kiosk. Operators graded our kiosk as exceptional due to the highest quality Recycler produced by one of the best companies in the world with over 25 years of proven track record in bill handling, top-notch printer, crisp yet durable touch screen and much more - all incased in a steel, easy-to-custom-wrap cabinet. Our kiosk is made to last.

NuRolls 2-Way ATM Features

  • Market favorite
  • Fast ROI
  • Voucher options
  • Compliance program and dedicated compliance officer
  • Additional revenue streams from 3rd party marketing campaigns

Why Partner with NuRolls ATM

  • NuRolls' live technical support team assures that you do not need any technical or programming knowledge to operate our BTMs.
  • NuRolls' machines are “Plug and Play” and all updates are done remotely by our highly skilled staff.
  • NuRolls' team of over 40 professionals works around the clock to bring innovations and assure maximum performance and minimal downtime on your machines.
  • NuRolls' simple, highly-intuitive interface was built with the end customer in mind and it assures that anyone can buy/sell or redeem cryptocurrency with ease. If you can use a smartphone, you can use NuRolls' BTM.
  • With NuRolls' simple Dashboard, you can manage all of your machines without needing to have multiple management consoles, know about servers or integrations of code.

NuRolls Is Cost Efficient

One of the biggest cost in the industry is money sitting in your dispenser and receiver, that's why Nurolls' BTM is equipped with Smart Payout Cash Recycler for 2-way operations which is capable of providing a client notes previously entered by another. Since cash that is inserted by one customer can be dispensed directly to following customers, this maximizes the time in which the ATM is capable of tending to transactions without cash replenishing or collection and, at the same time, minimizes needed float and ownership costs. To start operations, you need as low as couple hundred of dollars in your recycler, which makes our BTM a perfect partner for those looking to start a business with minimal initial capital. Our operators are reporting exceptionally fast ROI. Our machines offer secondary revenue streams from marketing video campaigns run on the 2nd screen and promotional codes and cards dispenser which some models have installed.

Absolute Control

  • Rigorous cash accounting.
  • All operations are reflected in a transparent way inside the Blockchain.
  • Complete and exclusive control over the system and the bitcoin’s stock for the owner.
  • Our Dashboard system will allow you to check on all of your machines at any time and from any internet connected device.
  • Via Dashboard, operator can control all aspects of the machines, set fees and KYC limits, follow and manage all transactions, approve customers, set auto-payments for the division of fee between interested parties, set promotional campaigns via a voucher system, check the amount of cash in the machines, follow the performance charts and transaction trends, connect to several major USA exchanges for optional buy-back option and much more.
  • Full, remote management of the ATM by using secure protocols.
  • Our machines, via Dashboard, are connecting to your hot-wallet. Clients are the owner of the wallet used for operation and Nurolls do not hold or store client funds.

Easy Compliance

As a US company, we understand how important is to be compliant with all KYC/AML policies. That's why we secured a special Easy compliance package for our USA based customers.  Our partner company BtmCompliance will provide you with written AML/KYC policy as well as register you with FinCEN. If you choose to continue with them, they will help you in your day-to-day operations, clearing transactions of ags and reporting any suspicious activity so you can concentrate on growing your business instead of worrying about regulations.

Ideal Candidate

NuRolls is looking for entrepreneurs seeking the next best vending / kiosk business which is Bitcoin ATM. No experience is necessary to take advantage of this opportunity because NuRolls  and TheWoolridgeGroup handles placement, delivery, and maintenance. You must have a minimum of $40,000 in liquid capital for a $40,000 financial commitment. Multi ATM discount and financing is available.

Inquire today to start you own journey as a Bitcoin ATM owner!

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