Rideshare Automation Business Opportunity - Profitable Transportation Business
Rideshare Automation Business Opportunity - A Model Designed for Profit
Rideshare Automation Business Opportunity - A Business in an Expanding Industry

Quick Summary

We have a business model you can replicate allowing you to set up profitable transportation businesses remotely. We set you up with a completely automated Rideshare business by leveraging the 14 Million daily active users on transportation and food delivery apps. Our model is designed to create profit by simply servicing the market with exactly what it is asking for on demand. Our model has continued to expand during Covid 19 as more people become accustomed to ordering their food from home.

Quick Facts

Minimum Cash Required$35,000
Financing AssistanceAvailable
Year Founded2018
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Rideshare Automation

Fully Automated and Managed Rideshare Fleet

The Benefits of this Business

  • Immediate cash flow within 30-45 days that can quickly scale.
  • Business can be 100% absentee.
  • Tangible assets and employees.
  • Can be scaled and sold for a 2x-3x multiplier.

How It Works

  1. Paper Work- We provide you with our liability contracts between you and the drivers and the scripts we’ve used to hire successful Uber drivers.
  2. Asset Acquisition- We use your capital to secure cars + create partnerships with used car dealerships to scale your business faster.
  3. Optimize Your Fleet- We provide you with software that you will use to track your cars 24/7, which insurance to use, how to improve the ratings of your rides and profitability of your business by providing your guests with amenities and how to automate the management of your entire business.
  4. Driver Procedures- We hire quality hard working drivers, brand your fleet, set up the driver's schedule with the car and expectations with checklists, locations to maximize the profitability of each trip.
  5. Start Getting Paid- Start immediately creating cash flow from each active car. Improve the profitability and productivity of each driver.
  6. Leverage Your Time- We automate operations by hiring managers for every 5-10 cars so you don’t have to wash cars, talk to customers or handle the maintenance of any of your vehicles.
  7. Build Your Empire- Scale your fleet to manage more cars while also increasing the profitability of every aspect of your business by enjoying economies of scale.

What Do You Need To Do?

  • Register a business (LLC is recommended.)
  • File for an LLC with either your state/ province’s secretary of state's office or use LegalZoom if you wish to incorporate elsewhere.
  • Open Uber + Lyft accounts and list your corporate account as the account as the account to transfer money to on the App.
  • Review legal/ insurance documents.
  • Pay out your drivers + managers bi-weekly.

What You Get With this Business

  • 15 hours of training
  • Tangible saleable assets
  • A dedicated team tasked to scale your business

A Full Time Dedicated Team Assigned to:

  • Research quality cars that attract quality riders
  • Create a pipeline of hard working 5 Star drivers committed to working for your fleet.
  • Train + Manage your organization.
  • Handle the maintenance of your vehicles.
  • Report to you with financials + a plan to scale your business.

Ideal Candidate
We are looking for someone who has 35k+ and wants to put their money to work. If they already have a few vehicles sitting around then the process and turnaround will be even faster. Once everything is set up, it will be a hands-off stream of income.

Military & Veteran Promotions

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