5 Reasons to Buy Your Own Business

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If you've been struggling with career ideas and are looking for a fresh start, you might want to consider business ownership.  Instead of embarking on a new business venture from scratch, purchasing an existing business could provide a number of benefits.  With a bit of hard work and some shrewd salesmanship, you will have a good shot at turning a profit through time. Here, then, are five excellent reasons to buy your own business.

Established Customer Base

Because you can begin running your business as soon as you sign the purchase contract, you will immediately be able to tap into an established customer base.  Whether you are interested in a hardware store, a laundry facility, or a bakery, you can likely count on sales from loyal customers. With some effective marketing skills and some savvy advertising, you will be able to pick up where the previous owner left off.  Of course, if you are looking to improve on the previous ownership, then you can explore other advertising and promotions not tried by the previous owner.  Often new ownership can “breathe new life” into an existing business as the new owner has a fresh perspective and often brings a renewed energy level.  Starting a business from scratch does not provide you the established customer base you inherit with the purchase of an established business.

Successful Track Record

When you choose to buy a business that is already in existence, you’ll have access to a wealth of information. You might look at old tax returns, financial records, and leases. With concrete data incorporated into your business plan, you can successfully manage your new endeavor from the outset. You’ll also be better able to project your total expenditures each month. In some cases, you can also learn from the mistakes of the seller. If the previous owner had rolled out goods or services that flopped with customers, you’ll know to avoid these same pitfalls.

Experienced Employees

While you may initially be most concerned with inventory and sales numbers, you’ll quickly find that experienced employees are an integral part of any successful business.  With a little luck, the business you purchase will have some good employees.  That is certainly an important thing to review closely before purchasing any business – what is the tenure and experience of the existing staff.  If you are planning on purchasing a bar, club, or restaurant, then top-notch customer service will be the primary way to retain customers and cultivate new ones.  Likewise, many of your staff positions might require specialized skills.  Elegant restaurants, for instance, will need a head chef who is eminently familiar with a variety of cuisines. When you are considering a business for sale, having access to employees who are already familiar with proper protocol will be enormously helpful during the early phases of the transition.

Direct Assistance from the Previous Owner

When you buy an existing business, you might also receive assistance from the seller for a certain period of time. Because business ownership can sometimes be tricky, the previous owner may offer to help you with the transition.  This may not be a good fit in all cases –it is best to feel this out before you purchase the business.    You should only keep the original owner involved if you have had a good working relationship with them during the purchasing process, they have expressed willingness, and you think that their involvement will help you and not hinder you.   In some cases, it could make better sense to not involve the former owner – just make a clean break.   A business broker can also provide good professional guidance concerning this decision.

Pursuance of a Lifelong Dream

In a more philosophical sense, business ownership may also allow you to fulfill a lifelong dream.  If you've always wanted to be your own boss, you’ll finally have the chance to manage your own affairs in style. Because there will always be a number of great businesses for sale, you can ultimately choose a business that speaks to you personally.  If you are familiar with a particular field or have a particular passion, you may want to buy an associated business.  For example, individuals who have a passion for cars and love fixing them might consider searching for an auto parts and repair business for sale.

Once you've found a business for sale that strikes your fancy, you can move forward with the paperwork. With an established customer base, a track record of success, and experienced employees, you’ll be off to the races. With dedication, your new endeavor will surely become the envy of your family members and friends.
  • Author: Matt Maxwell
  • Date: August 22, 2013
  • Category: Buying a Franchise or Business
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