Every few years we see changes in the way the world works. From prices of goods, to the level of demand, to consumer preferences. As successful business owners, we have to pay attention to those trends and move with them. Those who are able to do so most successfully see the biggest levels of growth

Are you considering buying a business? Depending who you ask, you'll get a wide range of answers on whether it's the best or worst time to purchase a business. That is, during a worldwide crisis that has no definitive timeline. During the height of COVID-19 (then again, we don't exactly know when t

Discover the Top 50 Franchise Opportunities! Even though we are in challenging times, there are still opportunities in both the small business and franchise spaces. Franchise companies are closing deals and taking on new owners despite the challenges we are facing. In any environment there is still

There is not a definite set of statements to determine whether a franchised or a non-franchised business is the right choice for you.  I have found, however, that individuals who leave corporate jobs after many years of working there fit very comfortably into franchises. They tend to be most co

How can a business broker help you and how do you find a good one?  There are certain qualities you look for and then you choose one with whom you relate and feel comfortable.  It is easier for you to choose a broker to work with and let the broker help you find a business that suits your

When you purchase a business, the current employees are definitely a factor to take into consideration. Also, employees usually want to continue working for the new owner when a business sells; so it is usually a smart idea to keep them and make no immediate changes. They are actually hired by the n

In your decision to purchase a business, you have thought of acquisition criteria important to you. Some of these are low risk, high return, short hours, great location, good growth potential, and most importantly, a large asset base. Everyone thinking about buying a business has specific criteria,

When you have a successful business, it is sometimes difficult to make the decision to sell.  You have devoted your time, money, and energy to building, running, and operating your business.  People become attached to businesses and love them like they are their children or family.  T

Running a small business is an exciting proposition for many, but the inherent riskiness of that kind of investment can sometimes scare off potential business owners and operators. One concern for many contemplating a position leading a small business is not knowing if they have all the skills and a

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