Every few years we see changes in the way the world works. From prices of goods, to the level of demand, to consumer preferences. As successful business owners, we have to pay attention to those trends and move with them. Those who are able to do so most successfully see the biggest levels of growth

Since you are reading this, you are probably a business owner or a prospective business owner, which makes this more of a reminder of the many advantages of the tax cuts that occurred and have helped businesses during the past year.  Those who were not businessmen and women seemed to have diffi

Some business buyers have said they want a business with no employees, because employees are always a problem.  That’s a good example of the fact that there are always problems, but the key is how you handle them.  Employees are necessary for most businesses and the good ones can mak

We've all been in a "the customer is always right" type of situation. Whether you were the customer and something went wrong, or you were the very frustrated business owner, a power play came to light. The thing about customers, however, is that they're very often wrong. Especially the ones who are

6 Traits That Make a Great Entrepreneur So… you think you've got what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Or, maybe you're scared that you don't. Either way, it's worth looking at the career as a whole and pairing it against your own skills. It's a step that can determine if you do have the neces