man at fork in road

Most people do not instantly buy a business, but gradually reach the conclusion they want to do something different.  It is usually a slow process because it is a major decision.   Many factors play a role in if and when to make that purchase and start the dream of business ownership.

There are many indicators that the time is right to buy a business, and we will discuss a few of those.  For various reasons, people change.  If you start searching for jobs with the hopes to find a better job and actually begin job hopping, unsatisfied with each job and moving on to the next, you may be a good prospect for a business owner.  That is a good indication you prefer to be your own boss and make your own decisions.

We all have days we would like to stay at home and not go to work; but if that becomes a daily dread, you have a problem.  Your job should be an enjoyment to you and something you look forward to with enthusiasm each morning.  If you don’t like what you do, you will likely get job burnout, making your life miserable, along with all those close to you.

Maybe you are bored with your work, finding it too routine and lacking challenge.  Some people enjoy working on a regular routine, knowing what to expect each day; but some find that boring.  You may need something that is a challenge on a regular basis.  Perhaps you would be happier becoming the owner of a business.

Recent deregulation and tax cuts have provided more profit for businesses, and many have given raises to employees.  If you believe you need to make more money or that you don’t get enough recognition for your work, you may become unhappy with your job.  If you are making a good wage for what you do,   recognition and appreciation may be more important to you than higher wages.  One advantage of being a business owner is that you can work hard and make as much money as you want to make.  You do not depend on an employer to decide how much you should make.

Employers tend to hire employees who are somewhat like them, but not always.  Personality conflicts can occur occasionally but can be overcome.  If you have a personality conflict with your boss, you may decide the job is not worth the fight.  You could have a difference in ethics or feel any suggestion you make will not be considered.  Perhaps you continue to be overlooked for a promotion when you have made your desires known and believe to be stuck where you are.  If you seem to have gone as high as you can go within the company, you may decide the time is right to put your efforts into a business of your own.

Most people develop as they learn working for a good employer.  Good companies have a plan and get things done.  They stick with their original goals, updating as necessary, and never forget the main reason they are in business. They encourage employees to come up with ideas so they do not lose creative people.  They also give positive reinforcement and financial rewards to employees.  They encourage communication and look for cost-effective ways to keep making profits with a commitment to high quality.

Every job, good or bad, is a learning experience that helps you prepare for the next phase of your life.  If you think these indicators or others point to the right time for you to buy a business, then go for it!  Select a good business broker to search opportunities for you.  When you find a business with which you are comfortable and one you think you would be enthusiastic about going to work each day, get all the facts, meet with the owner, crunch the numbers and see if it will work for you.  There are many businesses and franchise businesses for sale, so I am sure there is a perfect one for you!