Managing Employees

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Employees are necessary for most businesses, and a good relationship with them is important for a successful business. Their attitudes and behaviors have a direct impact on the business, and good employees make business owners look good. Good communication, including listening skills, is important when managing your employees and can be developed by taking mental notes and concentrating with an open, attentive mind.

Your personality, as a business owner, affects your employees and how you manage them. Whether you prefer to keep a distance between you and the employees or more of a family atmosphere strictly depends on your individual personality and does not make one preferable over the other. You may prefer to have some distance between you and the people who work for you and believe it is important to just be the boss and not get too close or become friends outside of the business. This does not mean the atmosphere has to be cold. If this is your preference, the employees must know they have a job to do and they will be rewarded for their efforts. As a business grows and the number of employees increases, you may have managers for the employees. It is important for the managers to operate using the same style used by you and report regularly to you so each employee feels needed and appreciated.

If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere and more day-to-day contact with employees, the atmosphere becomes like a family, where the employees feel loved and cared for. Employers are likely to provide more perks, like fully-paid health insurance, more time off for holidays and vacations, and flexible schedules to provide better opportunities to attend school activities for their children. Under these circumstances, business owners feel a close connection and believe the close-knit family of employees feel an ownership in the business and strive harder to make it successful. The business usually has planned activities outside the business, which provides a social life for the entire families. There is a closeness, which can make work more enjoyable.

It is very important with any style of management to have a chart of employees, showing who has the authority to give instructions to each employee and to whom each is responsible. This will make managing easier for you and can prevent conflicts among employees. It is especially helpful when an employee is promoted to a manager over employees he/she has worked with as equals.

A good relationship with employees is important for a successful business, and the attitudes and behaviors of employees have a direct impact on a business. A low employee turnover is a really good thing for a business and shows pride and satisfaction in work. No matter how long employees have been with a business, they are considered by customers and others as the business. What they say or do reflects on the business. For instance, if you are unhappy with any service by an employee of a business, you don’t turn against the employee who wronged you or made the mistake. You complain about the business to everyone who will listen and don’t go back there again. Most people never complain to the owner or management. They just never go back. Treat your employees with the respect you expect from them to customers and other associates of your business. Make sure they have the training and confidence to do a good job for your business.

Enjoy working with your employees and show your appreciation to them.

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  • Date: March 07, 2019
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