Suffering From Burnout

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A business owner will often feel stress.  There is good stress that gives you energy and helps you complete necessary work for the company. Bad stress is what we usually think of when we mention stress, and it must be controlled before you can act effectively in your business.  Unless you can do something to relieve stress, it can eventually cause burnout, which is one of the reasons business owners give for deciding to sell their businesses.  Once you get burned out, it is best to sell and move on, as you have probably lost interest in your business.

Having a business plan with achievable goals is necessary in business as you can use it as a guideline for day to day operations.  You must trust yourself and your abilities, as your employees depend on you to lead them.  You actually set the tone for the atmosphere of your business.  If you have a positive attitude and appear to enjoy your work, your employees will likely have that same attitude.  Help employees know how important they are by praising them for good things they do and asking their opinions about items or projects on which they are working. People want to feel they are important and that their contribution matters.  Recognizing and using employees’ abilities and experiences involves them in a way that builds rapport, respect, ownership, and loyalty.  The higher the morale, the harder the employees are likely to work, giving better productivity results.

A problem some business owners have is believing they have to do everything themselves.  Although employees don’t have a financial investment in the business, they are usually loyal, enjoy their jobs and know the business must make a profit.  A great way to get burnout is to not trust others and stay stressed about everything you let them do.  Delegation is the key to getting more done more efficiently.  When you delegate intelligently, you not only exhibit leadership, you also develop the leadership skills of your employees.  As a result, your job gets easier and your employees become more productive.

Time management is something to be dealt with by every business owner.  The frustration of never having enough time can cause burnout.  As mentioned earlier, planning and setting goals is important.  Controlling time begins with planning.  Every action you perform should take you closer to achieving your goals.  These actions should also be prioritized according to the importance of your goals.  If you have prioritized all your goals, you will be better able to deal with conflicts without feelings of guilt.  Remember to always expect the unexpected.

Set aside some time each week to go over your goals and determine action steps that need to be taken during the coming week.  Group common tasks together.  For instance, try to set aside a specific time each day to make and return phone calls.  This will help eliminate some interruptions.   

Difficult people are everywhere.  They can be negative, irritating, seemingly impossible to manage, and can create stress for everyone around them.  Sometimes it seems easier to avoid or work around difficult employees, but this is never a good long-term solution.  If you learn to assess the person’s behavior and listen with genuine interest, it is possible to effectively manage every difficult person.  Never avoid difficult management situations.  However, if an employee becomes too difficult and affects other employees, you may have to let that person go.    

As an employer, you must ensure the mood of your employees is consistently upbeat.  Some ways to help accomplish this are to treat all employees equally, giving each personal attention as required, keeping your promises, being consistent, and acting positively.  Set a good example, stay calm,  provide opportunities for employees to meet with you to exchange ideas, and make sure all of your goals are clearly communicated and understood. 

Don’t forget to do things outside of work.  While it is very important to work hard to make your business successful, we all need balance in our lives.  Exercise, go to a movie, or plan regular evenings out with a friend or loved one.

It is great to have a business you enjoy going to every day, and it will likely be more profitable because of your happy and positive attitude and unlikely you will experience burnout.

  • Author: Pat Jones
  • Title: Business Owner - Business Broker
  • Company: Pat Jones Business Brokers
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  • Date: January 16, 2020
  • Category: Buying a Franchise or Business
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