Company Overview TruView Business Advisors is a boutique business brokerage and advisory firm located in Houston Texas that specializes in business sales and acquisitions for small to medium size businesses.

Services Offered

1. FORMAL VALUATION OF THE BUSINESS and/or APPRAISAL: We prepare a third party Cash Flow & ROI analysis to specifically justify the highest possible asking price. We also ensure that you are not underpriced or overpriced so that you can accomplish your goal of selling your business. 2. MAXIMIZE AND JUSTIFY THE SELLING PRICE: We utilize tools such as Analysis Software, Comps, Business and/or Land Appraisals, Detailed Demographic Information, etc. A key to selling a business for the highest price is being able to justify the selling price in a way that is understandable by a buyer and their advisor. 3. PREPARE INFORMATION NEEDED FOR THE SALE: Lease review, Lease transfer and Sub-lease requirements, Tax returns, FF&E Details, Franchise Agreement, Review of Asset Allocation issues. It must get through due diligence to be able to close escrow and we begin that process prior to even taking the listing. 4. PREPARE BOUND MARKETING PRESENTATION: Goal of Answering Key Questions so that Buyer will want a Meeting with the Seller. We focus on Upside Potential, Business Details, and Defending the business defects. 5. MARKET THE BUSINESS FOR SALE: Your ad will appear on over 100 National Business for Sale Internet Sites, Newspaper Sites, Street Journal, etc. We utilize National and Houston Buyer Pools. The goal is to generate many buyers and not just one buyer. 6. SCREEN BUYER PROSPECTS: All potential buyers sign a non-disclosure statement and are screened for the ability to purchase the business. 7. ANSWER THE QUESTIONS ALL BUYERS ASK: Why are they selling? How do they justify the price? Is the income verifiable? What is the upside potential? Is the seller willing to carry or is financing available? Will it pay me a fair salary & still pay the debt service? 8. SHOW THE BUSINESS: Prepare Seller for all Meetings with Pre-Screened Buyers. 9. ASSIST IN NEGOTIATIONS AND HELP WITH PURCHASE AGREEMENT: Representing Your Interests as the Agent for the Seller Only. We handle all Negotiations which are often Detailed & Confidential. We can refer you to the most reasonable and competent local attorneys and other professionals as needed. 10. ASSIST IN DUE DILIGENCE: Contingency Sign Offs, Timing Issues, Franchisor and Landlord Issues. 11. ASSIST IN FINANCING: Qualify Business & Buyer, Promissory Note Terms, SBA & other sources. 12. ESCROW & CLOSING: Review Escrow Docs, UCC Searches, Escrow Instructions, Notes, Loans, etc. 13. ORDERLY TURNOVER PLAN: Help with Licensing, Tax Bonds, Utilities, Business Services, Banking, Entity Formation, Accounting, Legal Services, Insurance, Franchise Requirements, Training Plan etc.

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Why Choose TruView Business Advisors? TruView Business Advisors is your ideal buyer’s favorite business broker. If you want to sell anything, you’ve got to see the world from your buyer’s perspective. It’s essential to understand exactly what they stand to gain and what’s important from their point of view. This will help you sell your business more quickly, for a higher price, and with a better rate of success. Unfortunately, most business brokers have never been in the position of buying a company themselves. That’s a part of what makes TruView different. Our founder Jason Ward has inquired about hundreds of businesses for sale (with the intention of buying, of course). So he has seen the good, the bad, and the downright ugly side of this industry from your prospective buyer’s perspective. Confidentiality when it matters most. An astonishing number of otherwise competent business brokers routinely send confidential information about businesses without vetting buyers or even talking to them on the phone. On numerous occasions when Jason Ward was in the process of inquiring about businesses, he received the seller’s tax returns without their Social Security numbers redacted – over unsecured email. Besides the obvious privacy issues, confidentiality is so important to safeguard your business operations. Even if your business is profitable and successful (as most businesses for sale are), it doesn’t change the fact that employees, customers, and vendors will assume the business is failing or going out of business. As a result, they may leave, cancel credit terms, or find another business to patronize – killing your chances of a seamless exit. Believe it or not, an alarmingly large percentage of business brokers are not educated about business basics. As a certified public accountant, our founder is an expert at analyzing financial statements, identifying profit leaks and opportunities for improvement, and valuing businesses. He is also required to follow a rigorous Code of Professional Conduct that requires integrity, objectivity, due care, and competence, while maintaining client confidentiality. A Business Brokerage With a Mission and Purpose. Your business is more than its P&L statement. After all, you’ve put your heart and soul into your business. No matter what your reason for selling – whether it’s to cash out and do something new, enter into retirement, or health concerns – it’s bound to be a time filled with mixed emotions. While maximizing cash flow is certainly a primary goal in every transaction, at TruView we embrace a 360° strategy that is not all about accepting the first full-price offer. TruView’s unique partnership with business owners allows us to market and promote your business to attract maximum value while aligning buyers with your philosophical values for long-term success. Ultimately, we want everyone to win – including you, your employees, and even your customers. If you want the same thing, then TruView is the right business brokerage for you! Contact Us Today TruView Core Values Confidentiality In this largely unregulated industry, confidentiality is king! That’s why it is our number one priority. Besides being the right thing to do, maintaining strict confidentiality standards positions your business as highly desirable for buyers. It says, “This business does not send sensitive information to every looky-loo in the market. We only want serious inquiries from qualified buyers who play by our rules.” Capability This industry is like the Wild West – every cowboy with a six-shooter can be a bandit or a sheriff. We certainly aren’t the oldest or largest business brokerage firm doing business in Houston, Texas, but we strive to be the most capable. Our ability to merge extensive first-hand experience with the ideas of talented professionals, along with technology and training for our staff, ensures accountability and competence at every level. Our aim? To sell privately held businesses for maximum value without sacrificing confidentiality. Creativity Selling businesses takes creativity and gumption. The way we list and market your business is simply different than any other. Additionally, we utilize innovative technology to ensure your objectives are met. Here’s What You Get With TruView: Custom strategy for success - Each business we sell has a unique team of top-notch talent working to maximize your profit based on a thorough analysis of financial, marketing, legal, and banking needs. Rapid success marketing plan - We can achieve speed and traction by marketing your business in a unique way to millions of buyers. 6,600 referral partners - TruView utilizes co-brokering to sell your business in an even more efficient and effective manner. Strict confidentiality - No one will hear a peep until the deal is done. We utilize the latest technology for optimal security including virtual data rooms, online NDAs, and video/digital website marketing. Trained, certified business advisors - Our team holds membership in multiple associations such as IBBA, TABB, and ABBA. Integrity the TruView way - We specialize in never sugarcoating the facts. You’ll always receive honest advice and guidance towards optimal yet realistic goals.

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Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Texas



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