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Asking Price: $400,000

Family Owned & Operated Mosquito Control company

Not Disclosed, NJ
Not disclosed

This firm is a family-owned and operated business that strives to deliver the highest standard of mosquito control. This standard of care is reflected in its client relationships and the fact that it has over 300 5 star google reviews.This firm provides a range of mosquito treatment options using high-quality mosquito products. Its primary treatment is all-natural and “the most environmentally friendly product available for spraying around people, animals and plants.” This product is proven to significantly reduce mosquito activity, by killing pests and disrupting future egg cycles.Detailed surveys are performed during each application. The applications are performed on foot using backpack sprayers. This allows for exceptional attention to detail during treatments, including the ability to check for signs of mosquito larvae. One-time treatments for special events are also offered. Education is a vital part of each visit. Time is spent walking the property perimeter with clients identifying potential breeding areas to be monitored between treatments. All treatments are backed with a satisfaction guarantee for 21 days after treatment. This firm takes enormous pride in its work and its goal is simple:“To provide the best quality mosquito treatment services, resulting in mosquito control and a satisfied client.” What sets this business apart from others is its reputation for offering a wide range of diverse applications and outstanding customer service.This firm has maintained a core of continuing clients who use its control services year after year.A savvy buyer will be able to take advantage of this firm’s reputation and strong customer base. A plan for continued revenue growth may include an aggressive sales and marketing campaign.The ideal buyer will be an individual who recognizes the growth and profitability potential and can provide the resources for it to expand, or a larger company/competitor whose five-year plan includes augmenting its current business.

Cash Flow $81,551
Revenue $325,027

Asking Price: $80,000

Nanny and Child Care Franchise Opportunity

East Orange, NJ
Essex County

- This nanny and child care service is dedicated to providing exceptional care that goes beyond the basics. With the understanding that every family is unique, and displaying the priority of accommodating their individual needs and preferences. The experienced and nurturing nannies are committed to fostering a supportive and engaging environment for children's development. They believe in a holistic approach that encourages growth in all areas of a child's life, including cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. With an emphasis on personalized care and tailored activities, they strive to create a nurturing space where children can thrive, explore their interests, and reach their full potential.- At this nanny and child care service, they uphold a high standard when it comes to the relationship and respect aspect of the job. Each nanny is carefully selected based not only on their experience and qualifications but also their ability to build meaningful connections with both the children and the families they serve. They prioritize open and transparent communication between the nanny and the family, ensuring that everyone's expectations and concerns are addressed. Nannies are trained to actively listen to the needs and preferences of the family, and they approach their role with empathy, patience, and understanding. They respect the values, beliefs, and boundaries set by the family, while also fostering a sense of trust and mutual respect within the caregiver-child relationship. By maintaining a high standard of relationships and respect, these nannies create a nurturing environment where children feel secure, valued, and loved.- With busy work schedules and increasing numbers of dual-income families, the demand for reliable childcare services continues to rise. Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic reaching a “past” status, the work from home environment is on a rapid decline, allowing for a high rise in demand around this field. This provides a consistent and potentially expanding customer base for nanny businesses. This business offers no limit or cap on clients and revenue.- Nanny businesses offer flexible working hours and scheduling options. This flexibility is not only beneficial for the clients who require childcare services but also for nannies who prefer flexible work arrangements or part-time employment.- High and open territory opportunity, with areas located across the United States.

Cash Flow Not Disclosed
Revenue Not Disclosed

Asking Price: $450,000

Profitable Electric & HVAC Contracting Firm, serving Central New Jersey

Not Disclosed, NJ
Not disclosed

This is a full service electrical and HVAC contracting firm. It has installed and serviced electrical and HVAC equipment since 1982. This firm combines extensive licensed contracting knowledge with years of on-the-job experience to provide the best service and finest installations.This company’s goal is simple “To install the best quality equipment & provide outstanding continued service for all electrical and HVAC needs.” This firm takes enormous pride in its work and is not satisfied until the customer is satisfied. This firm offers professional services to its residential and commercial customers in a wide regional area. It has return business year after year from its many customers, some of whom have been maintained for over 20 years. Its wide array of services include maintenance agreements, electrical, heating, air conditioning and pool equipment installations.What sets this business apart from others is its stellar reputation for offering a wide range of diverse applications and outstanding customer serviceThis firm has maintained a core of clients, which has been the foundation for its growth and profitability. A savvy buyer will be able to take advantage of this firm’s stellar reputation and strong foundation. A plan for continued revenue growth may include an aggressive sales and marketing campaign.The ideal buyer will be a larger company/competitor, whose five-year-plan includes augmenting its current business, or an investor who recognizes the continued growth and profitability potential and can provide the resources for it to expand.

Cash Flow $131,838
Revenue $570,975

Asking Price: $2,500,000

Upscale Italian Restaurant & Bar, with Real Estate Available

East Orange, NJ
Essex County

This is an upscale family owned Italian restaurant and bar with a valuable liquor license and owned property for sale. It was established 56 years ago and has remained in the family ever since. Recently, it has been totally renovated to provide a unique and memorable experience for its customers. Each day, the owner is present in order to ensure that every entree is prepared to its impeccable standards. In 2019 this restaurant was voted best in countyThe restaurant has 3 levels with 5,700 square feet of dining space, 3 bars and seating for 258 people including the bar seats. The bar has just opened and business is increasing dramatically each day. A personalized event can be enjoyed in the lower level banquet space. Large parties of over 75 people can be accommodated. It has a large parking lot. In addition, the renovated property is for sale. It includes separate rental income units. The owner believes that customer service as well as fresh products are the key ingredients to being successful. Customers are treated like family. This restaurant's mission is to make memories for customers in the presence of family, good friends, and great food.What sets this business apart from others is: It has the only active liquor license in town. It offers a unique memorable experience. There are no similar restaurants in town or in the surrounding area. As a result, this restaurant has been extremely successful and experienced tremendous growth over a short period of time. This business is well positioned for further expansionA savvy new buyer will be able to increase this growth by taking its successful business model and applying it to its own business plan. The ideal buyer will be an individual or group who has experience in the restaurant industry and recognizes the potential of this unique business.

Cash Flow $382,000
Revenue $2,116,000
$ Owner Financing Available

Asking Price: $2,300,000

Very Profitable Medical Practice with Real Estate Available

East Orange, NJ
Essex County

This Medical Practice takes pride in providing quick, attentive and personal non-life threatening medical care to patients in its community. Patients receive quick quality care without an appointment when its needed most. The patient-centric model of care is designed to satisfy all visitors in need of medical services. Adults and children are always welcome with no appointment necessary. The Center provides a quick, convenient and cost-saving alternative to the emergency room. It is located in a densely populated area. This office has been structured so that a non-physician can own and operate it. Its team of medical professionals include a medical Director and 4Pas, who are committed to providing the highest level of quality care. The Center offers a broad range of medical services to meet the needs of all patients including but not limited to wellness, medical, disease management, pediatrics, dermatologic services, immunizations, vaccinations, physicals, procedures, men's health, sports medicine, on site testing, exams, rapid covid tests and occupational care. Cash flow is very strong and can be increased by 37% simply by increasing the hours of operation. Additional services can also be added to increase cash flow. A savvy buyer will be able to take advantage of this practice's strong cash flow and community reputation for quality medical services The ideal buyer will be an individual or group who has knowledge, interest or experience in quality medical services and an objective to expand these services to a wider population.

Cash Flow $1,144,100
Revenue $3,071,362
$ Owner Financing Available

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