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Asking Price: $49,000


East Hartford, CT
Hartford County

We are providing unparalleled international Investment Bank Registrations and Visa, MasterCard® Private Label Program's to the World.Create your own Investment Bank, Fintech or Blockchain Bank including your online banking platform, API keys, your Visa, MasterCard® private label program and your digital payment facilities in a matter of days, not months or years!Enjoy World-Wide Multi-Currency Payment Processing And Online Banking Services Under Your Own Brand, Without License Requirements And Without Bureaucratic 'Red Tape'.Our Platinum Investment Banking package is only $49,000 including the following all-inclusive services:Certificate of Investment Banking/Trust LicenseCertificate of Good StandingArticles of IncorporationThe BY-LAWSTrust DeedApostilleRegistered Agent Fees for year 1Our Service Fees for year 1Correspondence Bank account with your sole signaturesIncluded in the sales price is a highly professional Private Placement Memorandum for each entity Reg. D 506c, which you can use to raise capital.We further include a professional Trust Agreement and Declaration of Trust (36 pages).Included is your private label e-wallet electronic payment system.Included is your professional corporate logo design.Included is your Trademark registration for your new financial entity to protect your brand.Included is your domain name registration for your financial entity.Included in your Investment Banking package is also assistance for the acquisition of your own SWIFT.We establish Investment Banks, Offshore Banks, Investment Funds, Real Estate Funds, Credit Unions, Capital Trusts, including your own private label Mobile Banking Platform, your own API, your own SWIFT code, yet without the bureaucratic 'red tape'...*Highlights*- We are a team of experts in creative investment banking and capital trust establishments. Under this transaction, we are offering intellectual property by establishing investment banks, credit unions & capital trusts or licensed investment funds.- The investor would get a registered business that can operate as investment banks & real estate trusts which are fully authorized to collect money from the general public and invest in different types of businesses for own account and/or for third parties.- These kinds of investment banks & real estate trusts are ideal for capital raising, purchase and management of real estate of all kinds, including shopping centers, office buildings, hotels and apartment blocks as well as for e-wallet and electronic payment solutions.- In simple terms, we establish investment banks, offshore banks, investment funds, real estate funds, credit unions, capital trusts, including own private label mobile banking platform, API, SWIFT code and sell it as an intellectual property.- Intellectual property included in the sales price is a highly professional private placement memorandum under SEC Reg. D 506c (approx. 220 pages), which you can use to raise capital for your newly established financial institution. We further include a professional trust agreement and declaration of trust (36 pages)and assist the investor with opening correspondence bank accounts for investor's new credit union & capital trust, with you as the sole signature and beneficial owner.- We work with 300 correspondence banking partners, which we will use to establish a correspondence bank account for your new financial entity. In addition, investor can open correspondence bank accounts anywhere in the world.- Our mobile banking technology solutions enable investor's future banking clients to open a bank account from anywhere. In a matter of seconds, with seamless interaction.- Investor's new financial entity can be structured to enjoy 30 years tax free status.Contact us for a confidential consultation:

Cash Flow Not Disclosed
Revenue Not Disclosed

Featured Listing
Asking Price: $305,000

Pet Services Franchise w/High Net: Semi-Absentee

Hartford, CT
Hartford County

Since 2015, this business has been offering the best healthy grooming experience and essentials for pets without the Owner needing to leave their home. With an average net of $200k /truck, this six-truck market has the potential for $1.2mil/yearly net. This business is SBA registered and approved.Three Possible Roles for the Franchisee: •Absentee Investor - Franchisee acts as “Investor” - Corporate will set up and manage the business for the Franchisee.•Semi-Absentee (Part-time and can keep your job) – Franchisee will manage a manager, run the budget, proforma, and oversee the company. Corporate will train the Manager to run the business for the Franchisee.•Owner-Operator (Full-time) – Franchisee will run the day to day of business. This includes marketing, hiring, and managing employees, goal setting, and achieving CEO role/Manager.The Pet Industry is the fastest growing industry in America. Services include:•Dog and Cat Grooming•On-site Grooming Assessment•Brush•Bath with Premium shampoo and conditioner•Towel Dry Face•Hand Blow dry body•De-shedding Treatments•Clip & Hair Cut•Eye and Ear Cleaning•Nail Trimming or Dremel Trimming•Final Brush and Fluff•Fresh Breath TreatmentWhat you need to know:•FDD shows average Net Income $263,000•High Demand for services (Bookings are months out!)•Area Developer Model - Franchisee owns the entire market.•Over 140 trucks operating across the country•Small flex Business space•Very Strong ROI•Fast to start and ramp up.•Scalable!•SBA registered and approved.

Cash Flow $1,200,000
Revenue Not Disclosed

Featured Listing
Asking Price: $435,000

Semi-Absentee: B2B/B2C Home Improvement Franchise

Hartford, CT
Hartford County

This is a 15-year-old Eco-Friendly B2B/B2C Spray Foam Insulation Application business that specializes in uniformed spray foam insulation and has an average yearly net profit of $500,000 per unit. This company focuses on providing all types of insulation – including Residential Insulation, Commercial Insulation, New Construction Insulation, and Crawl Space Encapsulation, increasing energy efficiency for their customers. SBA Registered and Approved. Highlights:• Average net $500,000 (FDD Item 19)• Single Unit: $250,000; Multi-unit: Up to $1,000,000 for largest markets• One Franchisee per Market - Franchisee owns the entire DMA• Franchisees can Open in any Market - not just where they live.• Absentee/Investor Ownership – Corporate Management and Development for Franchisee.Corporate will help you with all aspects of finding and setting up your shop. These shops operate out of a 2000 sq. ft. space and are designed to ramp up very quickly with corporate help, allowing you to operate a truck in each territory, at a much quicker pace than if you were left to scale the business alone. Additional Business Highlights:- High Net Profits Business- Few Competitors in the Local Market- Few Employees to Manage- Site Selection Assistance & Lease Negotiation Assistance- National Call Center- Advanced digital sales process

Cash Flow $1,500,000
Revenue Not Disclosed

Asking Price: Not Disclosed

$2.9M Specialty Custom Manufacturer For Sale

Not Disclosed, CT
Not disclosed

Discover this $2.9M Hidden Gem - Your Path to Profitability!Step into the world of precision and control with a highly profitable specialized manufacturer that dominates applications requiring top-notch mechanical and electrical precision. Boasting end-to-end solutions, from raw material procurement to electrical testing and distribution, this exceptional company has become the go-to expert for piezoelectric ceramics used in ultrasound applications.What sets this company apart from the competition? Their unwavering commitment to quality and prompt delivery combined with their unique electroless nickel plating capabilities truly make them a cut above the rest. Unlike other manufacturers, they don't settle for standard products – every piece is custom-made to meet the unique specifications of their valued customers.Existing products can also be easily modified to fit specific requirements, showcasing their flexibility and dedication to meeting individual needs.With more than six decades of expertise in the field, this company has mastered the art of delivering complex, high-skill-level services that many larger organizations overlook. Their strategic focus on niche areas has positioned them as a true industry leader, addressing critical needs within medical ultrasonic, liquid level measurement, industrial NDT ultrasonics, micro positioning, flow metering, and sonar markets.This is a golden opportunity for potential acquirers seeking a thriving business with a proven track record in quality, precision, and client satisfaction. Don't miss out on this chance to revolutionize your portfolio and unlock untapped potential. Embrace the future of success – invest in this specialized manufacturer today!PRE-QUALIFIED BY SBA LENDER

Cash Flow $828,742
Revenue $2,899,714

Asking Price: $275,000

Asian Concept Franchise for Sale

West Hartford, CT
Hartford County

Here's your chance to take over a money-making Asian Concept Franchise for Sale store in Hartford, Connecticut today! SBA Lending Available for Qualified Buyers. Are you ready? It will be worth every penny - just think of all those dollars that will be rolling into YOUR pocket from the beginning! $893,000 in sales are generating $80,000 for an owner operator! This Asian Concept Franchise for Sale is getting rave reviews, and had over $1 million in sales for 2022 which gave an owner six-figure earnings for 2022! An on-site owner/operator could easily get these sales back to where it was an enjoy those great earnings! The use of their trademark, processes, and systems are part of the success of this Asian Concept Franchise for Sale offered by We Sell Restaurants. Royalties are 6% and are charged on sales. The marketing to promote this brand across the country is 1.5% of sales. This franchise is an easy to operate concept that the customers love, which is why this business delivers $80,000 and sales of $893,000. The reasons for buying this Asian Concept Franchise for Sale include verifiable results, the security of existing cash flow and a turn-key location. This 1,330 sq ft square foot store has a proven track record. The lease rate is $7,936.07 per month all in, which includes both the base rent plus CAMS, taxes, and insurance charged by the landlord. The assignable lease terms are valid through 2029 which includes the initial lease term as well an additional 5-year option to renew. The other benefit of buying an existing Franchises for Sale like this one is the opportunity for lending. Our SBA and conventional lenders have already approved the business based on the strong cash flow and proven results. Bring just 20% to the table and your own good credit and experience. You’ll own this Franchises with payments spread over a ten-year term with market rates. Buying into a brand like this can be an excellent investment with the support and training available. The Franchisor will provide you all of your needs, including two weeks training directly from the franchise brand. You also get access to valuable resources that are constantly updated, and have support team built in. Contact us today to make your mark in the restaurant industry. This Asian Concept Franchise for Sale is a profitable location that won't last long! By providing your phone number to We Sell Restaurants, you are agreeing to receive text notifications.

Cash Flow $80,860
Revenue $893,643

Asking Price: $140,000

Property Damage/Restoration Company - High Profits

Hartford, CT
Hartford County

This is a high cash flow, proven and recession-proof “B2B” and “B2Consumer” company. Still plenty of room for additional and extensive growth in this large and protected territory. The business consistently delivers excellent profit margins and high earnings. This executively run business provides property damage: primarily dealing with fire, water, storm repair, content clean-up / remediation and mold removal. 14,000 people in the US experience a water damage emergency at home or work each and every day. Fires cause $7.9 billion in property damage per year. As the new owner, you will oversee the financial management and, market building relationships and networks in the community. This needs-based service business is highly scalable with continued growth potential. The new owner will need to have an ability to leverage existing relationships with national and regional insurance companies and preferred vendors. Service premiums are pre-paid and substantial. The parent franchise company reviews and collects all insurance invoices for its partners. Full training and ongoing corporate support are included. Additional Business Highlights Include: - Owner friendly business hours, Mon - Fri, 9 - 5. - Repeat customer business. - High gross profit margins. - Professional, skilled employees. - Technology driven. - National Insurance Accounts. Contact Jeff for detailed information about this business.

Cash Flow $800,000
Revenue $2,500,000

Asking Price: $1,100,000

GREEN Products: Profitable Contractor Business

New Haven, CT
New haven County

The sale price includes vehicles, equipment, and inventory. This is a local contractor services business with high net profitability. We provide a truly “GREEN” home services business that truly saves the customers money immediately, increases comfort, and helps the environment. Our proprietary products have a 30 year life giving our clients real peace of mind. Most estimates are closed on the initial call. Our services reduce the clients carbon footprint and energy consumption. This company specializes in increasing energy efficiency by providing all types of insulation – including: Residential Insulation, Commercial Insulation, New Construction Insulation and Crawl Space Encapsulation. Delighted customers save on their utility bills, experience increased comfort and air quality all while knowing that they are reducing their carbon footprint. Our local reviews are excellent. Superior equipment, tools and technology educate and instill confidence with customers as well as help the new owner effectively manage employees, operations, inventory management and financials. The new owner’s role is to provide customer estimates; manage small team of trained technicians; establish relationships with customer referral sources like realtors, HVAC repair professionals and builders, etc.; manage financials; set strategic direction; and oversee operations. There is also an option to run this business utilizing an absentee management company. Additional Business Highlights Include: - High customer retention – warranty/service plans generate recurring revenue. - Highly profitable business. - Customized Dashboard. - National Call Center - Advanced digital sales process. - No experience necessary – Corporate office provides full training and ongoing support. Contact John for detailed information about this business.

Cash Flow $1,270,000
Revenue $3,300,000

Asking Price: $467,500

(Advanced) Modular Wall Containment Company

Hartford, CT
Hartford County

This unique business has virtually no local competition. We install proprietary and state of the art containment systems in a wide variety of industry settings including: Hospitals, Laboratories, Restaurants, Universities, Malls, Airports, etc. We make temporary construction walls available for any of our client’s projects. Dust and contaminant systems are essential and mandatory by law. For our customers the benefits are great. The best part? It’s rentable, giving the client a budget-friendly option suitable for their temporary project needs. We offer the perfect solution for our client’s next project. This is a high margin, recession-proof business. Excellent profit margins and high earnings. This is an executive model type of business in which the owner primarily markets, builds relationships and manages the business. This service business however is very scalable so you can manage to any volume you are most comfortable. We specialize in business-to-business clients (strong referral business). National and regional accounts are in place. We have numerous preferred vendor accounts in place. This is an executive model business where the owner’s primary focus is management, marketing and relationship building. Full training and ongoing corporate support will be included with this sale. Contact Michael for detailed information about this business.

Cash Flow $1,275,640
Revenue $2,635,100
$ Owner Financing Available

Asking Price: $119,000

Profitable Retail Shipping Center in Connecticut: Your Turn-Key Ticket to Success! 52790

Not Disclosed, CT
Fairfield County

For over 25 years, this retail shipping center has been the go-to destination for individuals and businesses alike. Here's why this opportunity is a game-changer:Immediate Cashflow with Lower Investment: Unlike starting a new franchise from scratch, our established location offers you immediate cashflow and recurring revenue. You can start making a profit right away, all while enjoying a lower investment requirementTurn-Key Excellence: This well-established business is a true turn-key operation, ready for you to take the reins and start earning profits from day one. No need to worry about lengthy setup processes or expensive infrastructure investments.Recession Resistance: In today's uncertain economic climate, you need a business that can weather any storm. Rest easy knowing your investment is secure.Unleash Your Growth Potential: By expanding already profitable mailbox rentals and offering high-quality packing and shipping preparation services, you can tap into a world of untapped opportunities. Best of all, these expansions require very little incremental cost, maximizing your profit margins.Take advantage of flexible payment terms, requiring only $45k down and $2,319 per month for three years. This is your chance to seize the reins of a successful retail shipping center and embark on a journey towards financial independence.Sunbelt Listing ID: 52790

Cash Flow $74,010
Revenue $417,580
$ Owner Financing Available

Asking Price: $1,700,000

Profitable Facilities Maintenance Service Company

Not Disclosed, CT
New haven County

This is a unique facilities management firm. It has extensive experience in the facilities maintenance industry. The company’s focus is capital project management. It does regular facility maintenance as well as remodels, etc. for its long term customer base. Here is a short list of services: HVAC, Plumbing, Carpentry, Drywall, Electrical, Flooring, Masonry, Painting and Project Management.Nationally they have built strong strategic relationships with quality, licensed and insured service providers who have worked in the retail arena for many years. They are committed to provide quality service and excellence through diversity.This company’s mission is simple: “To deliver superior service to all customers. This firm recognizes and values the importance of forging long-term relationships, which helps them better understand customer needs.”They serve a number of Fortune 1,000 companies (Big Box retail, Small Box retail, restaurant Chains, Medical Facilities, Industrial Buildings, large Office Buildings), as well as other types of customers, including property management companies. Recurring revenues are a high percentage of sales each year. The primary geography served is eastern New York and Connecticut.This firm is commercial and industrial focused and this accounts for over 90% of sales each year, but also does do a a handful of residential jobs each year as well. The company provides turnkey single-source solutions for all capital project needs. They conduct site visits, outline the project scope, and get it done by delivering on time and within budget. They believe communication along the way is vital to maintain a successful relationship.What sets this business apart from others is its wide range of facility management services and outstanding customer service. As a result, this firm has experienced significant growth and profitability over the last 10 years. The company’s strength is that one call does it all. They perform all services any customer needs with a single call, no matter the service or trade required.A savvy buyer will be able to take advantage of this firm’s strong foundation of multi-faceted experience and knowledge in the area of facility management solutions.The ideal buyer could be a larger company/competitor that offers similar services and whose five-year-plan includes augmenting its current business or a private equity group who recognizes this potential and can provide the resources for it to expand, or an entrepreneur who has the capital and expertise to take this company to the next level.

Cash Flow $675,991
Revenue $3,821,468

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