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Asking Price: $2,299,000

BBQ Restaurant for Sale with Real Estate

Port Charlotte, FL
Charlotte County

Why work for someone else? Why stay in a job you hate when this opportunity has presented itself! BBQ Restaurant for Sale with the real estate. As you step inside this BBQ Restaurant for Sale, the tantalizing aroma of smoky, slow-cooked meats greets you like an old friend. It's a scent that takes you back to the comforting memories of family cookouts and backyard gatherings. A money-making machine with a total of 15 experienced and well trained staff, this place has been around since 2010. The owner is selling due to a New Career but is willing to offer the new owner fourteen days of training at no additional cost. Who better than to teach you than the very one that made it so successful? Beer and/or Wine in place which contributes to its strong earnings. The current owner of this BBQ Restaurant for Sale created his own rub recipe which will also come with the sale. We Sell Restaurants is available to assist you in becoming the new owner of this fantastic opportunity, and show you just how easy the process is! When you own both the BBQ Restaurant for Sale and the real estate it operates on, you have greater control over your property. You won't be subject to lease renewals, rent increases, or the potential for the landlord to sell the property or change the terms of your lease. This BBQ Restaurant for Sale includes a food truck which can expand your brand's visibility by reaching different locations and events. It's a mobile advertisement for your restaurant, helping to attract new customers and build brand recognition. Food trucks are often in high demand for catering private events, parties, weddings, and corporate functions. This can be a lucrative revenue stream and a great way to showcase your culinary skills. The current owner brings it to farmers market, airport (every 2 weeks), and when there is an air show. Currently asked to go to other events but turns it down so there is a lot of room for growth from just the food truck.Whether you're a BBQ aficionado or a newcomer to the world of smoked meats, we invite you to be the new owner of a culinary adventure that celebrates the timeless tradition of BBQ while embracing innovation and creativity. With a commitment to quality, authenticity, and a passion for BBQ that runs deep in our roots, this BBQ Restaurant for Sale has earned the reputation as a destination for BBQ enthusiasts, locals, and travelers alike.Call today for more information on this BBQ Restaurant for sale with the real estate!By providing your phone number to We Sell Restaurants, you are agreeing to receive text notifications.

Cash Flow $276,259
Revenue $1,798,805

Asking Price: $1,716,000

Pizza Restaurant For Sale In Florida High Sales!

Port Charlotte, FL
Charlotte County

Forget building a new location. Save time and money when you purchase an existing extremely profitable business like this Pizza restaurant for sale with strong sales! This Pizza restaurant for sale has been in operation since 2016 and is ready for a new owner. Take over this operation today and make it yours.Welcome to this local gem, a beloved large pizzeria that offers an inviting and vibrant dining experience. Located in the heart of our community, this pizzeria is a go-to destination for those seeking delicious, handcrafted pizzas and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. This Pizza Restaurant for Sale by We Sell Restaurants boasts a generous 9,000 square feet of indoor space, providing ample room for dining and enjoyment. You'll find a mix of comfortable indoor seating and a spacious outdoor patio, creating options for every preference and occasion.The highlight of our establishment is our expansive outdoor patio. A lush, green oasis with plenty of seating, it's the perfect setting for al fresco dining. Whether you want to soak up the sun during a leisurely lunch or enjoy a starlit dinner, our patio is the ideal spot. On select evenings, they offer live entertainment, including local musicians and bands, ensuring an enjoyable and memorable dining experience. According to data from the National Restaurant Association a small percentage, roughly 5%, achieved sales between $2.5 million and $5 million annually. When you buy this pizza restaurant for sale you will become a part of that statistic! No need to stress about financing because we have resources available. We can get our sources to approve your lending with a minimum amount down. Our lenders are on standby ready to help entrepreneurs like you achieve their dreams or expand their portfolios. Jump on this rare opportunity, which features high sales, full bar, outdoor patio, and so much more because it won’t last long! By providing your phone number to We Sell Restaurants, you are agreeing to receive text notifications.

Cash Flow $746,722
Revenue $3,932,474

Asking Price: $199,000

Turnkey/ Established: Auto & Marine Services Bus.

Port Charlotte, FL
Charlotte County

This established and local Port Charlotte business is for sale. The unit includes $77,000 of equipment and inventory. A new owner will have a tremendous opportunity to take this to the next level. The unit is fully turnkey. Owner discretionary income will be discussed with a pre-approved candidate. We specialize in auto window tinting, car audio-video, auto security, styling accessories, auto detailing and reconditioning services. We are the leading provider of automotive, residential, commercial, and marine window tinting and security film services. This is an ideal business for someone searching for an established local brand with multiple revenue streams and very predictable profits. With special deals from group buying support, the business finds large profit margins for all the valued services we offer. The business has a stable base with a high percentage of repeat accounts. The new owner can leverage his or her marketing/sales/management experience to greatly increase revenues. This award winning “ICONIC” brand is extremely well known, and the franchisor (over 32 years in business) is one of the world’s largest in this brand category.Our customers keep coming back. One of the things that sets us apart from our competitors is that we don't just sell our products and services – we also share our industry knowledge and expertise with our customers so that they can take better care of their equipment.Additional advantages include:- High Gross Profit Margins.- Multiple Revenue Streams: 35 PLUS service lines- Professional and skilled employees.- Family Friendly business hours.- National brand with strong marketing, training, and ongoing support. Contact Charles for detailed information about this business.

Cash Flow Not Disclosed
Revenue $584,600

Asking Price: $2,750,000

Bar And Grill for Sale With Land Sales Over 1.6 M

Englewood, FL
Sarasota County

Calling all restaurateurs! Take a look at this fantastically unique Bar And Grill for Sale in Englewood, FL. A highly successful independent concept, this opportunity is generating sales of over $1.6 million! Established in 2004, this Bar And Grill for Sale with the real estate is a local opportunity with a loyal customer base that is ready for new ownership since the seller is retiring. After 19 incredible years of soulful melodies, unforgettable memories, and unwavering community support, it's time to pass the torch! This beloved blues bar has been the heartbeat of our community, where blues enthusiasts have gathered to revel in the music that touches the soul. The current owner books artist from all over the country to play at this bar and grill for sale. This blues bar and restaurant exudes an intimate and authentic ambiance. At the heart of this Bar And Grill for Sale outside is the stage, where local and touring musicians come to share their talent and passion. The sound of a soulful guitar riff, the wailing notes of a harmonica, and the powerful vocals that tell stories of love, loss, and life's journey will transport you to another time and place. As the new owner of this Bar And Grill for Sale, you'll have a more predictable schedule with limited hours. This can provide you with better work-life balance, allowing you to spend time with family and pursue other interests during the mornings and days not open. Let We Sell Restaurants walk you through the steps to ownership and learn just how easy it is to become the new owner of this fantastic establishment. It's not just a bar; this Bar And Grill for Sale is a living testament to the power of music and the heart of our town. Are you ready to continue the legacy or bring your unique vision to this incredible space? Don't miss this chance to own a piece of history and make your mark in the world of blues. Contact us today to learn more and take the next step in this extraordinary journey in becoming the new owner of this Bar And Grill for Sale! Currently only open for dinner so a tremendous amount of opportunity if new owner wanted to open more days of the week and/or for lunch. What are you waiting for? This Bar And Grill for Sale won't last long, so be sure to secure your offer. Call or email the restaurant brokers today! By providing your phone number to We Sell Restaurants, you are agreeing to receive text notifications.

Cash Flow $316,715
Revenue $1,261,566

Asking Price: $2,999,999

Wholesale Bakery for Sale With The Real Estate

Punta Gorda, FL
Charlotte County

Are you looking to invest in a thriving bakery business with a solid customer base and the added benefit of owning the property it operates on? Look no further! This turnkey wholesale Bakery for Sale manufacturer for sale comes complete with the land it sits on, offering both a business and real estate investment opportunity.The possibilities are endless with this hidden gem! This FL Wholesale Bakery for Sale is in a great location centrally located between large cities and right next to the express way. The location also has a retail storefront location combining the production of baked goods for wholesale distribution with a front-facing retail space where customers purchase products directly.The wholesale Bakery For Sale presented by We Sell Restaurants is fully equipped with top-of-the-line commercial baking equipment, including ovens, mixers, proofing machines, and refrigeration units. The bakery facility itself occupies 8,000 square feet, featuring a well-designed, state-of-the-art production area equipped with all the necessary machinery and appliances to meet your production needs and more.There is ample room for growth and expansion, whether you want to introduce new product lines, expand the customer base, or explore retail opportunities. Current owners of this Bakery For Sale are willing to give a list of all the accounts they currently serve and have done business with in the past. This building is classified as a manufacturing facility. It is specifically designed and zoned for the production, assembly, or processing of goods on a large scale. For serious buyers, a confidential information package with financial statements, contracts, and further details about the business and property is available upon request. If you're ready to take the reins of a successful wholesale Bakery For Sale operation and secure your place in the real estate market, this opportunity is not to be missed. Contact us today to schedule a viewing and explore this exciting investment opportunity!By providing your phone number to We Sell Restaurants, you are agreeing to receive text notifications.

Cash Flow $176,330
Revenue $1,928,957

Asking Price: $899,000

Wood Fire Pizza Restaurant For Sale Punta Gorda

Punta Gorda, FL
Charlotte County

Calling all restaurateurs! Take a look this Pizza Restaurant for Sale in Punta Gorda, FL. A highly successful independent concept, this opportunity is generating sales of over $1,600,000.00 and earnings of over $220,000.00 for the current owner. Lending available! Established in 2020 they serve not only food but also Beer and/or Wine Step into the world of culinary excellence with this well-established wood-fired pizzeria. Nestled in a vibrant neighborhood, this Pizza Restaurant for Sale has been delighting customers with its authentic flavors and traditional cooking techniques. Now, it's your chance to own and further build upon this thriving pizza paradise. Wood-Fired Artistry: The heart of the pizzeria lies in its custom-built, imported Italian wood-fired oven. This masterpiece infuses each pizza with a distinct smoky flavor, creating a crispy, charred crust that is truly irresistible. Customers are captivated by the theater of the open kitchen, as skilled pizzaiolos expertly craft pies to perfection at this Pizza Restaurant for Sale presented by We Sell Restaurants. Unmatched Ambiance: Step inside and be embraced by the warm and inviting atmosphere. The rustic décor, coupled with the aromatic scents of freshly baked dough and simmering sauces, transports guests to the Italian countryside. The Pizza Restaurant for Sale has a thoughtfully designed seating area that ensures a comfortable dining experience, fostering a sense of community among patrons. Menu that Wows: The pizzeria offers a diverse menu that caters to all taste buds. From classic Margherita and Napoletana varieties to creative gourmet creations, each pizza at this Pizza Restaurant for Sale is crafted with the finest, locally sourced ingredients. Complemented by a selection of delectable appetizers, salads, and desserts, the menu promises an unforgettable culinary journey. Loyal Customer Base: With a proven track record and a passionate following, this Pizza Restaurant for Sale has garnered a dedicated customer base over the years. Positive online reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations have contributed to its stellar reputation, ensuring a steady flow of customers seeking an authentic wood-fired pizza experience. Growth Potential: This turnkey operation offers ample opportunities for expansion. Capitalize on the restaurant's well-established brand by exploring catering services, delivery options, or even opening additional locations. The Pizza Restaurant for Sale's prime location in a bustling area ensures a steady stream of foot traffic and a strong customer base. Detailed financial information, including revenue, expenses, and profit margins, will be shared with serious inquiries. This wood-fired Pizza Restaurant for Sale is ideal for an aspiring entrepreneur with a passion for culinary excellence or an experienced restaurateur looking to expand their portfolio. Take the reins of this thriving business and continue to deliver an authentic and memorable dining experience. By providing your phone number to We Sell Restaurants, you are agreeing to receive text notifications.

Cash Flow $385,480
Revenue $1,609,738

Asking Price: $2,750,000

Iconic Sports Bar for Sale Includes Real Estate

Port Charlotte, FL
Charlotte County

This Iconic Sports Bar for Sale in Port Charlotte includes Real Estate is ready for a new owner, and that new owner looks a lot like YOU! Bring your offers to this established business that is sending the current owner home with over $400k year after year on annual sales over $3 million Don't delay on acting on this established Bar for Sale that includes Real Estate. The Restaurant Brokers know that deals like this don't go on the market every day! Not only do you get an open and operating business that is generating income, but you also get a business that is in a prime location with real estate! Port Charlotte is on the up-and-up and businesses in this area are doing nothing short of thriving! How about these statistics: Live Bands, Catering and Banquet Room, Pool Tables, Dart Boards, Karaoke, and Liquor monitoring system. This bar is well known in the community and has an incredible following dedicated to providing an unparalleled sport viewing experience. This well-established establishment has become a beloved destination for sports enthusiasts, creating a strong foundation for its future success. Welcome to an exceptional opportunity to acquire a well-established restaurant along with its accompanying real estate. This Bar for Sale presents a rare chance for entrepreneurs or investors to own a thriving sports bar and grill business while also securing the valuable land it occupies. Located in a prime location, this restaurant has earned a stellar reputation and a loyal customer base, making it an attractive investment proposition. Contact We Sell Restaurants today to find out the many lending options available! Searching for a business that you don't have to shell out all your capital at once? This one is it! The Restaurant Brokers have the most lending resources and can get you approved in just two weeks - usually less! This Bar for Sale is already pre-approved for an SBA loan for a qualified buyer. We help you find the restaurant of your dreams AND help you with the resources to make it happen! Let's get you on the fast track to owning this Bar for Sale today! This is an A , home run listing. Need more convincing? When you buy this Bar for Sale you will be the new owner of a fully established and operational business where you are your own landlord. The staff are seasoned and trained, and management is already in place! The current owner is selling due to retirement, after owning the location for many years. He will stay on board after closing to provide two weeks of training and an easy transition to new ownership. There you have it, the ideal Bar for Sale that is ready for YOU to take the reins! Bring those offers today! By providing your phone number to We Sell Restaurants, you are agreeing to receive text notifications.

Cash Flow $631,772
Revenue $3,172,478

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