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Asking Price: $230,000


Boca Raton, FL
Palm beach County

Tremendous opportunity to own 1-5% of 2 oil wells to be drilled in Nevada . The wells will be drilled next to THE MOST SUCCESSFUL OIL WELL drilled in the last 60 years in the U.S. It produced over 4,000 BARRELS OF OIL PER DAY FOR OVER 7 YEARS before production started declining . These 2 wells are in between properties that produced on one side , over 22 MILLION barrels of oil , on the other side just over 10 MILLION barrels . The men behind the 10 years of research on this project includes a man considered the #1 geologist in the country who founded the BAKKEN oil fields in North Dakota !!! Another is considered by many to be the #1 oil man of all time in Texas. The potential returns on this project are absolutely HUGE , all incredibly extensive research has everyone involved very confident these 2 wells should produce at least the same 4,000 BARRELS PER DAY if not more. They are absolutely convinced Nevada has more oil than Kuwait , plus the underground composition in Nevada is found in only 1 other area of the world , THE Middle East . Should the 2 wells combine to produce just 1,000 BOPD ( barrels of oil per day , 500 each ) using an avg oil price of $80 , a 2% owner would make approximately $35,000 a month . The #'s are big and they are real . Should the 2 wells combine for the same 4,000 BOPD the nearby well produced by itself , a 2% owner makes approximately $140,000 A MONTH , you are looking at life changing money . As oil prices go higher ( I am convinced we will hit $125 in 2024) your monthly check gets larger . I have a ton of info , plus you can visit the well site . Bob 201-233-9652

Cash Flow $300,000
Revenue $10,000,000

Asking Price: $1,799,000

Landscaping Excellence - Profitable Company in WPB

Not Disclosed, FL
Palm beach County

This successful landscaping business for sale is an established and profitable enterprise that offers a range of landscaping services to residential and commercial clients. Here is a description of what this business entails:Strong Reputation: A successful landscaping business will have a strong and positive reputation in the local community. It should be known for its high-quality work, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Positive online reviews and word-of-mouth referrals are common indicators of a good reputation.Diverse Service Offerings: The business should offer a wide range of landscaping services, including lawn care, landscape design and installation, irrigation systems, tree and shrub care, hardscape construction (e.g., patios, walkways, and retaining walls), and regular maintenance services. This diversity helps attract a broad customer base and ensures recurring revenue streams.Skilled Workforce: A landscaping business often relies on a team of skilled and experienced employees, including landscapers, designers, maintenance crews, and possibly arborists or irrigation specialists. The expertise of the workforce is crucial to delivering high-quality services.Established Client Base: A successful landscaping business should have a solid and loyal client base, including both residential and commercial clients. Contracts for regular maintenance services can provide a steady income stream, while one-off projects like landscape design and installation can bring in substantial revenue.Equipment and Resources: The business should be well-equipped with a variety of landscaping tools, vehicles, and machinery necessary to perform the services efficiently. Well-maintained equipment is crucial for productivity and safety.Financial Stability: A profitable landscaping business should have a healthy financial history, with consistent revenue and profitability. A potential buyer should review the financial statements, including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements, to assess the business's financial stability.Licensing and Permits: Ensure that the business has all the required licenses and permits to operate legally in the area. Compliance with local regulations is essential to avoid any legal issues in the future.Strong Vendor Relationships: The business should have established relationships with suppliers and vendors for landscaping materials, plants, and equipment. These relationships can often lead to favorable pricing and reliable supply sources.Marketing and Branding: Effective marketing and branding efforts are essential for attracting new clients and maintaining the existing customer base. A successful business may have a professional website, social media presence, and marketing strategies in place.Growth Potential: A desirable landscaping business for sale should have opportunities for growth and expansion. This could include expanding into new service areas, entering into new markets, or increasing the range of services offered.Documentation and Records: The business should have organized and up-to-date documentation, including contracts, client records, employee records, and financial records, which will be essential during the due diligence process.This well-established and profitable landscaping business can be a lucrative investment opportunity for those with an interest in the industry.

Cash Flow $485,934
Revenue $974,280

Asking Price: $179,000

Mobile Pizza Business for Sale in South Florida

Boca Raton, FL
Palm beach County

If you're seeking a Pizza Business why not a Mobile Business. Go to your customers and avoid the high costs of a brick and mortar pizzeria We present an incredible opportunity: a Pizza Business for Sale with Trailer, making it an ideal investment for those aspiring to join the thriving mobile food service industry! Here is your chance to own a Mobile Pizza Business for Sale and food trailer with none of the buildout costs! The current owner does sales of $150,000 a year, with no advertising. Operating a food trailer generally involves lower operating costs compared to a traditional restaurant. You have fewer overhead expenses such as rent, utilities, and property maintenance. Monthly rent for storage of the food trailer is $235 a month. Labor expenses are very low. The owner operates the trailer with one other employee. This Mobile Pizza Business for Sale is a state of the art mobile kitchen that comes equipped with all the necessary amenities to kick start your culinary venture. It provides plenty of space for food preparation, cooking, and serving. The trailer's exterior is eye-catching and customizable, allowing you to brand it according to your unique style. This Mobile Pizza Business for Sale and Trailer for Sale has everything you will need and more! This Food Trailer features a wood fired pizza oven, Mega Top sandwich cooler with refrigeration, pizza rack, prep table, and more. Additionally, the owner is willing to include a two-door slider commercial cooler, chest freezer, stand up freezer, and Hobart 20 QT Mixer. The woodfired oven runs on propane and has generators to function the power in the truck. The truck is 18 feet and is fully licensed, so a new owner can operate immediately. With a very simple menu, this pizza food truck can operate effective and make pizzas in minutes! The Mobile Pizza Business for Sale uses only the finest & freshest local ingredients. The owner uses shell crust and cooks the pies in the wood fired pizza oven. A new owner can save costs and make the dough from scratch. The food trailer works many different type of events including food truck parties, off site catering and corporate events. An advantage of a food trailer is how mobile they are. A food trailer will allow you to reach a wider audience by moving to different locations. You can take advantage of events, festivals, local gatherings, and high-traffic areas to maximize your customer reach when you own this Mobile Pizza Business for Sale. The aesthetics of the Food Trailer for Sale is a visual masterpiece, with a design that's not only attention-grabbing but also customizable to reflect your unique branding and style. The trailer's vibrant appearance and professional aesthetic are certain to attract a steady stream of customers wherever you choose to park this food trailer. With its fully equipped kitchen, established brand presence, you'll be well-equipped to make a mark in the competitive food industry. Don't miss out on this chance to own a mobile kitchen that has the potential to bring your culinary dreams to life. Contact us today to arrange a viewing and take the first step toward becoming a successful food trailer owner of this Mobile Pizza Business for Sale. By providing your phone number to We Sell Restaurants, you are agreeing to receive text notifications.

Cash Flow Not Disclosed
Revenue $150,000

Asking Price: $199,000

Healthy Choice Options Restaurant for Sale

Delray Beach, FL
Palm beach County

Profitable Restaurant for Sale in Florida. This healthy choice option fast casual restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. Location is well established and ready for the new owner to be successful on day one! Nets in excess of $75,000to owner/operator! Currently serving lunch and dinner, this healthy choice options Restaurant for Sale is a money maker for the owner. The owner works only 10 - 15 hours weekly. Sales in 2023 are on track to be more than $900,000. These sales will net more than $ $50,000 for the semi-absentee owner. An owner operator can expect to net almost $80,000 annually, even more when the road construction nearby is completed in the near future. This Restaurant for Sale by We Sell Restaurants is a located in a strip center that sits on a very busy corner. So busy that the road is currently under construction to be widened. This construction has certainly effected the current sales, but the future is much brighter. The restaurant has excellent visibility from the street. The location is 1,700 sq ft and rent is $8,434 a month including all CAMS, and taxes. The restaurant seats forty guests inside and another 24 on the outdoor patio. The five-mile population is 145,000 residents with an average household income of $115,000 annually. The population is expected to grow by 10% in the next few years. The lease expires on December 31, 2026, and there are two five-year options attached. WOW, what a deal! We Sell Restaurants is offering this Restaurant for Sale Turnkey and Fully Equipped. The location comes with everything you need to continue with the well-established sales and profits that have become the norm at this restaurant. Equipment includes an 18 foot exhaust hood, six-eye burner, flat-top, two fryers, walk-in cooler, walk-in freezer, commercial refrigeration throughout and much more.. The dining room has seating for up to 40 guests and the patio seats 24. As the restaurant is on the endcap of the strip center there is a great area designated for curbside pick-up. This option is very popular. This is Delray Beach's premiere healthy restaurant that is completely gluten free. The restaurant offers choices for people with Celiac disease, vegans, vegetarians, nut allergies, keto, paleo, and health-conscious diners. The recipes make sure that taste is not sacrificed. Guests enjoy the fresh & natural ingredients used to make the food taste great and good for you. You can taste the difference when 100% pure and healthy ingredients are used. All recipes will transfer and the seller is offering two weeks of training at no additional cost. By providing your phone number to We Sell Restaurants, you are agreeing to receive text notifications.

Cash Flow $77,739
Revenue $914,673

Asking Price: $239,000

Restaurant for Sale in Boca Raton, Florida

Boca Raton, FL
Palm beach County

Fast Food Restaurant for Sale in Palm Beach County, Florida serves college students, office workers, and families of affluent community. Scalable and easy to operate. The seller is motivated, and all serious offers will be considered. This one will not last long! The Restaurant for Sale is located on a busy North/South highway that dissects the entire state. The location was built out just this year and spared no expenses. The concept is easy to operate and produces great margins. Menu specializes in Nashville Hot Chicken. The menu is simple, the equipment package is streamlined, and the equipment is all brand new. The restaurant opened in May of 2023. Sales in June were $50,576, July sales were $69,404, and August was $67,539. These are three of the slowest months for business in South Florida. The rent is less than 6% of gross sales. Will be even better in season. If you can operate this concept with industry average expenses - 33% food cost and 27% labor cost - this will be a cash cow for an owner operator. A pro-forma has an owner operator netting $122,954 in the first year of business. Trademarks and logos will transfer with sale. The Restaurant for Sale offered by We Sell Restaurants is in affluent Boca Raton, Florida. Located on a very busy strip of highway the restaurant is close to office building, universities, and affluent communities. The restaurant space is 850 square feet and seats seven guests inside and six guests outside. The lease expires on July 1, 2027, and there is a five-year option attached. The monthly rent is $4,108 and this includes all CAMS and taxes. The restaurant was recently remodeled to accommodate the current concept. The QSR has two tables inside and two tables outside. Total seating for 13 guests. Included in the sale is a sound system for th front of house and a camera system for security. A back up internet and phone system in place in case power is lost. Much of the business is delivery and pick-up. Third party delivery services are used, and the percentage paid to these services is very low. Between 18% and 20% of sales is paid in fees. In-house customers are able to order through a kiosk and the POS system is Toast. The menu is displayed on a two-screen digital menu board. The exhaust hood is ten feet in length. Under the hood sits three fryers. There is a bun toaster that butters the buns and a Metro heated shelving unit to ensure pick-up orders are kept at the correct temperature. The refrigeration at this Restaurant for Sale is all commercial grade and sufficient for high volume. The menu is simple. The offerings include Chicken sandwiches, tenders' wings, French Fries, Macaroni and Cheese, and Cole Slaw. There are a variety of sauces and spice levels to chose from. The menu will transfer along with all recipes. The owner of this Restaurant for Sale will train for two weeks to insure a smooth transition of ownership. The seller of this Restaurant for Sale is offering seller financing to qualified candidates. Please contact me today By providing your phone number to We Sell Restaurants, you are agreeing to receive text notifications

Cash Flow $122,954
Revenue $825,000

Asking Price: $499,900

Turnkey/Profitable: Three Income Brands in One

West Palm Beach, FL
Palm beach County

This established growth company (Three Distinct Revenue Brands Under One Roof) is for sale. It is an exceptional business which is turnkey, executively owned and operated. Strong predictable and recurring revenues and only a small square foot office/warehouse space needed to run operations. The sale price includes 3 wrapped work trucks and an extensive equipment package (TAX RIGHT OFF: “section 179 IRS Tax Code”, Federal Tax Equipment Write-Offs). This company is part of a $129 Billion Dollar Industry. The business provides (3) distinct services to homeowners and local businesses. Superior customer service reviews and a positive culture and core values drive excellence in this organization. Included is a large territory serving multiple counties. The business has superior operating systems, high functioning organizational structure and tenured support staff. No prior experience needed as the parent franchise company will provide formal training and assistance with the transition of new ownership. Additional Key Business Insights: - Customized KPI Dashboard. - Call Center. - Digital Sales Process. - Supported by Professional Marketing Company providing PPC, SEO, Email, social media, and Website Design services. - Recurring customer base. - Multiple revenue streams of recurring income. Contact John for detailed information about this business.

Cash Flow $745,050
Revenue $2,013,640

Asking Price: $650,000

Custom Kitchen & Bath Remodeler-Showroom

Not Disclosed, FL
Palm beach County

Very profitable family-owned custom remodeler of kitchens, baths, closets, flooring, and blinds with a spectacular showroom located on a high-traffic avenue in Boynton Beach, FL, attracting intense walk-in traffic that drives most of the sales. Exceptional customer satisfaction levels permanently generate word-of-mouth referrals. Very little marketing is being done. This 6-year-old business represents only high-quality brands like Decoci (cabinetry) Hunter Douglas (blinds), Viking, Miele, Silestone, and Top Zero. Italian materials and USA manufacturing. Top-of-the-line hardware and accessories. All installations are performed by experienced certified subcontractors. Very little overhead, with only one full-time employee. The seller expanded to manufacture the custom cabinetry and now needs to sell because of excessive commuting and lack of time to run both businesses. The seller will train buyer extensively to ensure a smooth transition and will continue to supply buyer with high-quality products. The seller is also willing to provide some financing to a very qualified buyer. This business will certainly qualify for the E-2 Visa. All prospective buyers will be asked to provide BIO and proof of financial capability. For more information on this business for sale contact listing agent Fernando Mello at 305-405-8145. Please refer to listing #2201599988.

Cash Flow $313,117
Revenue $1,013,608
$ Owner Financing Available

Asking Price: $299,900

Parking Lot Service – Striping & Seal Coating

West Palm Beach, FL
Palm beach County

Almost every “brick and mortar” business has a parking lot and parking lots lose their luster and curb appeal fairly quickly. This sale price includes a box truck, 4 striping machines, a drone, stencil kits and all the additional equipment assets needed to run this successful business. This parking lot – striping company has no organized competition. The average ticket last year was $2800.00. Typically, we will take a customer call and have the job completed within 7 days. We have solved this problem affordably. The demand for our services is very high. In fact, large property managers as well as well-known national chains seek us out for our services. We contract with these organizations to bring them professionally managed striping services. Our proprietary products and services surpass the local ma and pa’s. The quality of our products is far superior to what is available on the open market. We contract with these organizations to bring them professionally managed striping services. In addition, our maintained parking lots make our customer's building really stand out. Because of this we have excellent reoccurring revenues. Virtually all public and private property owners and managers with existing asphalt assets require these services regularly. This business can be run semi-passively and managed through a general manager. Included in this sale is FF&E, inventories as well as extensive training and ongoing support.Additional Business Highlights Include: • Highly profitable business. 50% NET MARGINS• Few employees to manage.• No experience necessary – Corporate office provides full training and ongoing support.

Cash Flow $501,900
Revenue $1,003,800
$ Owner Financing Available

Asking Price: $78,000

Premiere Hair Salon in High End Area

Not Disclosed, FL
Palm beach County

Premier, elegant, full-service hair salon, located in the exclusive area of North Palm Beach County. Established 33 years, serving a clientele who value quality services in a sophisticated setting. Uniquely designed salon combines a modern and chic style. The salon has a beautiful reception area, four stylist stations, four color stations, two shampoo stations, and a color room with a washer and dryer. The monthly rent is amazingly reasonable at $1,268 a month and the buyer may obtain a long-term lease and renewal options with the landlord. This is a great opportunity for a stylist to have their own salon or for someone wanting a second location in an exclusive area. The salon has been priced to sell so it won't last on the market. The buyer must have the capital and good credit to qualify with landlord. This Florida based company for sale is offered by Transworld Business Advisors, the number one business brokerage in the world. With local presence AND global marketing reach, Transworld Business Advisors provides main-street and lower middle market business owners and buyers with transaction expertise. Inquire for more details and learn how you can buy a business for as little as 10% down on qualified SBA listings or how to use creative financing options to get a deal done! Get added to our buyer list today to receive notifications as businesses with your criteria hit the market! For more information on this business for sale contact listing agent Max Crescenzi. Please refer to listing #6401-244023. Thank you!

Cash Flow Not Disclosed
Revenue Not Disclosed

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