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Unleash Your Potential with Central Bark! Today’s Pet Industry is a $123 Billion+ industry and growing! If you love dogs and have the entrepreneurial spirit, passion, and business acumen, now is the best time to own a franchise! As one of the nation’s largest networks of day cares for dogs, Central Bark goes beyond a traditional doggy day care with our unique Whole Dog Care philosophy and enrichment focus that combines decades of dog experience with the latest dog behavioral science. Learn more.

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Central Bark
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2024

Minimum Cash Required $100,000
Net Worth Required $500,000
Total Investment $522,474 - $1,039,974
Franchise Fee $49,000
# of Existing Units 35
Franchising Since 2004
Training & Support Yes
Home Office Location Milwaukee, WI
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Central Bark - Franchise

About Central Bark

Multiple revenue streams drive a $767,776 AUV1

Central Bark owners benefit from decade’s worth of extensive focus on individual and systemwide unit economics, which helps take guesswork out of managing costs and delivering a quality product. Our businesses are not limited to only day care and sleepovers. As a Central Bark franchisee, you benefit from multiple revenue streams that provide a time-tested way for you to reduce risk and allow a more predictable cash flow from a variety of sources:

Enrichment Dog Day Care
Dog care based on canine behavioral science makes for healthier dogs and happier owners.

All day care dogs attend at least once a week, promoting better socialization, safety and predictable revenue.

Easily generate revenue without the need for overnight staffing.

Cross-sell customers with full-service dog grooming.

Retail Market
Make it easy for dog owners to pick up food, treats, toys and more at check out.

Training & Enrichment
Foster life-long customers with training and socialization for puppies and beyond.

Brand Differentiators

At Central Bark, we reimagined doggy day care to focus on Whole Dog Care and Enrichment backed by the latest in canine behavioral science and technology. Our personalized Whole Dog Care approach relies on the latest science-based methods to meet a dog’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. This allows our franchisees to provide a higher level of care for our dogs while simultaneously creating better opportunities for growth and profitability.

Backed by Science

Central Bark relies on the latest in canine behavioral science to develop activities that enrich dog’s whole health while promoting comfort and relieving stress. We feature flexible play groups tailored to individual dogs so they can learn and play while evolving their socialization skills.

One-Day-Per-Week Attendance Policy

We require all dogs to attend day care at least once a week because we know that consistency and continuity promote safety. This regular weekly schedule helps dogs feel more comfortable, confident, and social, creating a safer day care environment for all. Furthermore, it allows franchisees to build out revenue predictability.

Low Dog-to-Staff Ratio

We keep our dog-to-staff ratios low to help ensure the safety of every dog in our care. It helps us give more individual attention to each dog because we have more time to get to know them. Plus, we always supervise play - whether it’s a group of two dogs or 12 dogs, we never leave them unattended during group play.

Proprietary Training

Central Bark trains all its staff through our exclusive Central Bark Training program, which incorporates the latest in behavioral science and dog training principles that only focus on positive reinforcement. Each team member is required to go through comprehensive training in canine first aid and CPR.

Unmatched Marketing & Support

Our marketing reflects our company-wide commitment not only to caring for amazing dogs, but also to the communities we serve. Carefully planned and created, our world-class in-house marketing, advertising, social media, SEO, and public relations is built around your local Central Bark and supported by our corporate marketing staff and agency partners. Our campaigns are reinforced by ongoing social media and rotating seasonal promotions. Additionally, you’ll benefit from one of the most robust marketing and creative libraries in our industry featuring imagery, video, logos, ads, flyers, brochures, coupons, social media, digital media, and much more.

End-to-end support

Second only to dogs, we also love our franchise owners. As a Central Bark franchisee, you’ll receive ongoing, personalized support from our team as well as access to our resources. Download flyers, ads and more through our marketing hub. Complete training through Central Bark University. Connect with other owners through our franchisee network. Whatever you need, we’ll be there to point you in the right direction.

Why Choose Central Bark?

Why Us

At Central Bark, our business is built around the dogs we care for, but by utilizing the latest in canine behavioral science and technology, we’re helping our franchisees and their employees work smarter and more efficiently.


From area location to zoning approval, this one-of-a-kind pre-training coaching program holds your hand through every detail of your new business start-up.


Fast track opening and build-out is a one-stop-shop designed to take months off the opening process.

Bark Your Territory

A simple, fast, and convenient process that provides the full complement of interior and exterior signage.

Doggy Socialization Management Matrix

Fondly referred to as the “Matrix”, this human resource module supports you in training, managing, and retaining your hourly employees in a way that empowers them.

The Tailend

We have created this versatile and proprietary back-end communications tool for our franchisees as a vehicle for them to stay connected as a system. It allows franchisees to collaborate, share ideas, interact with corporate staff, complete ongoing training, and work together toward store profitability and growth.

Central Bark University

Through Central Bark University, we are constantly learning and developing training tools for our franchisees, our dogs, our customers, and the communities that support us.

Central Bark Cares

Our franchisees all work with local dog shelters, rescue groups and a wide-range of other dog-related organizations in order to continually give back to the dog communities in which we operate.

Training & Support

Before you open your CENTRAL BARK facility, you and/or your manager must attend, and complete to a 10 day training program on the operation of the Franchised Business at our designated training center or virtually, You (or your Managing Owner) will complete all phases of the initial training program and all other activities needed to help assure a successful opening and ongoing Central Bark. You may also send managers or other key personnel to the initial training program. BVF also provides you (or your Managing Owner) with opening assistance for a period of 5 days, typically commencing at least 2 days prior to the scheduled opening of your Franchised Business. After the opening of your Franchised Business, Ongoing support in operations, marketing, sales, continuing education are available.

  • Training and Support
  • Financing Available
  • Multi Units
  • SBA Approved


The Beginning In 1997, Jackie Jordan opened the first Central Bark when the idea of a “day care for dogs” was still consistently met with skepticism. Years ahead of her time, Jackie set out to give parents a place their “4-legged children” could play, socialize and, most importantly, be safe and happy. Jackie understood that for many, dogs were moving from the back porch and into the house – as true members of the family. She also recognized that dog owners were struggling with caring for their “family members.” Life was becoming increasingly complicated, dual-working families were the norm and extended commutes were more the rule, rather than the exception. The idea for doggy day care was created for those families and their dogs. Seven years later, with three successful locations and aspirations of franchising the concept, Jackie received a phone call from Chris Gaba, also a successful doggy day care owner in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Having read about Jackie in a feature article in Newsweek magazine, Chris suspected she may be the kindred spirit he had been hoping to partner with for years. As it turns out, she was! Now, more than three dozen facilities later, with many more in the works, Central Bark is seeking to grow with the right franchise operator who shares the same passion for dogs and serving their local community.

Ideal Candidate

The Ideal Franchisee

Why Central Bark is the Right Fit for You

Walk into any Central Bark and you experience a feeling that is uniquely ours. For us, the “dog” really is the bottom line. Combine that with our industry-leading expertise, our purpose-driven mission, and a dedicated family of franchise operators and you’ve got a winning combination that encourages people to bring their dogs back again and again. As a Central Bark franchisee, you’ll spend your days working with dogs, engaging with their owners, and building relationships across your local community. At the same time, you’ll be developing your team and instilling in them the value of hard work while also providing them a path for growth and development.

Are we a match? Are you the next Central Bark franchisee?

The ideal candidate has:

  • $200,000 minimum liquid capital
  • $500,000 minimum net worth
  • Love for dogs
  • Ability to closely follow systems
  • Passion for entrepreneurship
  • Great customer service skills

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