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The Love Rewired Academy Coach Training franchise program is a specialized business solution, giving you everything that you need to set up your own, online six figure coaching business, whilst benefiting from our reputation as one of the top coaching companies in the world in the relationship, dating and love niche. Learn more now!

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Love Rewired Academy

Love Rewired is an internationally acclaimed dating and relationship coach training program, and this system won relationship expert of the year 2019/2020 with unrivalled success rate for client results. Launched in 2018 the company hit six figures within the first 6 months of trading using a simple, actionable and easily scaled online business format and has gone on to seeing year on year growth ever since. The dating niche, combined with online coaching is a pandemic proof, and fast growing area of business, giving the franchisee a risk free start up opportunity that is set to expand and grow in the coming decades. 

In March 2020, world-renowned love coach Kate Mansfield opened the doors to the Love Rewired Coaching Academy, an innovative new school launching an industry-accredited transformational, relationship coach-training franchise opportunity. Kate is on a mission to impart her knowledge and wisdom – to help transform the love lives of men and women around the world and to train a community of coaches in the unique 'Love Rewired' trademarked system, accredited by the industry leading Association for Coaching board.

Take this opportunity to join in with her bold vision and help to create an amazing community of people dedicated to helping themselves and others to find LOVE in everything that they do in this exclusive coaching program – the Love Rewired Academy! 

After 10 years of achieving phenomenal success with her clients, Kate Mansfield received numerous requests from her clients to train them as coaches in her unique system that has so far helped over 1500 men and women to find and keep a loving, healthy relationship – with themselves, and then inevitably with a partner. Having achieved huge success with her first intake of students, the Love Rewired Academy is now available to the rest of the world! Kate created LR® to share the culmination of knowledge gained over two decades of personal work, combined with an in-depth analysis of her most profound cases and stunning turnarounds, to bring about rapid and lasting change in the area of love, dating and relationships for her clients. The work that we do at Love Rewired Academy teaches a unique combination of therapeutic practice, mindset coaching, spiritual work and practical development to create a business in a box that gives you every single ingredient needed to get you from zero, to a profitable six-figure online coaching business in a niche that has a proven and fast growing market. 

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