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Serving the business community for over 40 years, Minuteman Press’ customer service driven business model provides digital print, design and promotional services to businesses. Today we are much more than just print, we can provide anything you can put a name, image or logo on!

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Minimum Cash Required$50,000
Financing AssistanceAvailable
Year Founded1973
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Minuteman Press International

About Us
Minuteman Press locations have remained open and operating through the COVID-19 pandemic. Print is an essential industry and is supporting local hospitals, doctor's offices, grocery stores, government groups, and more.

As a Minuteman Press owner you do not need any experience to own and operate a center. Our owners are business people, who are alert to the needs of their business community and enjoy a long term repeat relationship with their clients by providing excellent quality and service.

What We Do
Great customer service is invaluable and has a direct relationship with repeat business and referrals. With our line of products and services and our method of working with and helping business people, it has never been easier to stand out. We do this through a variety of ways depending on what our customers are looking for. Think about a brand new business just starting up, a business planning to grow and retain customers. They all need a full marketing and brand awareness campaign to get noticed. Minuteman Press has the programs that deliver results to ensure repeat business from clients.


What Are We Looking for in a Franchisee?
You do not need any prior experience to own and operate a Minuteman Press franchise. We are looking for individuals who enjoy working with like-minded business owners and we are alert to the needs of their business community.

Minuteman Press’ training program will focus on business management, marketing, customer service and much more. You will also learn our proprietary pricing and management software.

There will also be onsite training where our local representatives assist in everything from setting up the location, hiring employees to starting the marketing programs.  A local office will provide continued onsite assistance. 

Learn More Today
Learn more today how you can achieve your goals while helping businesses reach theirs. Please fill out the from below to learn more about Minuteman Press and take a no obligation look at this exciting opportunity. 



I have been a Minuteman Press Franchise owner for 20 years. I’ve owned two different Franchise locations. First in Fremont, CA from 1995-2001 and currently in Reno, NV. Minuteman Press International has created a "blueprint for success" which charts a course to growth and independence in these troubled economic times. It is a good feeling to know that you are in control of your own business; if you follow the Minuteman game plan you will be successful! Several reasons why Minuteman Press is continually rated number one in category by Entrepreneur Magazine include: experienced, professional support; management software; capped royalties; product discounts; help in finding a qualified buyer when you are ready to sell your business. Contact your local Minuteman rep today!GaryHarmon , Sparks, NV
"Printing is dead." That is what was sometimes heard during a year-long research period while taking the journey into business ownership. In July of 2013, after looking into different business opportunities and franchise operations, we purchased a Minuteman Press. We have found that Minuteman Press International offers their franchisees some of the best support in the franchising world. With Minuteman Press International as a partner, we have access to and assistance with: retail software systems, marketing programs, beneficial trade partners/vendors, industry knowledge, and much more. When entering the world of entrepreneurship, there are, of course, no guarantees. The growth and success of your business operation is ultimately up to you. But when we elected to start our own business, we chose to partner with Minuteman Press International. Minuteman Press International, along with our research, showed us that printing is not dead. To the contrary, advancements in digital technology can be leveraged to develop sales and grow your business. Look around and take note of all that you see daily that has been generated from some type of printing process. Printed material remains a potent and critical component of the business world. This knowledge, along with Minuteman Press International’s assistance and your hard work, can help you become a successful business owner.Aimeeand Trent Platoff , St. Louis, MO
We are entering our third year and I continue to be amazed at the high level of support Minuteman Press provides to their franchisees. The culture and infrastructure is set up to encourage successful growth of your business. The collaborative support comes in many ways: - Regional team whom we see monthly, on average; - Assistance in setting realistic stretch goals, as well as ways to evaluate and improve our metrics; - Capping the royalty fee when the monthly sales goal is met; - Corporate team focused on driving marketing and profitability; and - A superb software system. Minuteman Press continues to exceed my expectations as a franchise owner in a business that was new to me a few short years ago. AnneMyers , Myrtle Beach, SC

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Press Releases & Awards

1/30/2023 - Minuteman Press International Earns Entrepreneur 2023 Number 1 Printing and Marketing Franchise Ranking, Celebrates 50 Years in Business
1/18/2023 - Minuteman Press Franchise in Fairmont, Minnesota Celebrates 5 Years
1/10/2023 - Million-Dollar Owner Mike Geygan Retires & Reflects on Over 31 Years in Business After Selling Minuteman Press Franchise in Lebanon, Ohio
1/3/2023 - Minuteman Press Franchise in Huntington, NY Celebrates 45 Years, Achieves Record Monthly Sales
12/12/2022 - Minuteman Press Franchise in Bloomington, MN Celebrates 15 Years in Business
12/5/2022 - Minuteman Press Franchise in Windsor, Ontario Moves to New Location and Celebrates Grand Opening
12/1/2022 - Minuteman Press Franchisees Dawn and Dean Seifert Celebrate 15 Years in Youngstown, Ohio
10/25/2022 - Brandon and Nikki Jasper Buy 44-Year Kettering Business Schuerholz Printing, Convert to Minuteman Press Franchise
10/6/2022 - Minuteman Press Franchise Owner Steve Edman Celebrates 15 Years in Houston
10/3/2022 - 41-Year Business Contact Printing Sold and Converts to Minuteman Press, North Vancouver
9/20/2022 - Minuteman Press Franchise in Cherry Hill, NJ Celebrates 30 Years in Business
9/12/2022 - 38-Year Minuteman Press Franchise in East Northport, NY Emerges from Pandemic With Record Sales Growth
9/1/2022 - Angila and Scott Allen Celebrate 5 Years and Business Expansion With Open House at Minuteman Press Franchise in Brookfield, WI
8/2/2022 - Minuteman Press Million-Dollar Owners Thomas and Denise Batliner Share Keys to Business Growth in Louisville, KY
7/27/2022 - Minuteman Press Million-Dollar Circle Member Michael Levy Grows Sales for Levittown and Farmingdale Franchises
7/27/2022 - Chris McGroder Celebrates 8 Years, Shares Insights on Building Her Minuteman Press Franchise in Concord, N.C. into a Million-Dollar Business
7/8/2022 - Minuteman Press Franchise Owners André and Cindie Nel Grow Business in Costa Mesa, CA
6/21/2022 - Spokane Natives Christy and Scott Johnson Buy 32-Year Business Plese Printing and Marketing, Rebrand as Minuteman Press – Spokane
6/16/2022 - Minuteman Press Syosset, NY Employee Todd Brown Hits 50 Years in Printing
6/16/2022 - 25-Year Independent Printing Business Custom Printing Converts to International Minute Press Franchise in Nampa, Idaho
6/16/2022 - Rebecca and Kirk Treece Open Minuteman Press Franchise in Missoula, Montana
6/16/2022 - International Minute Press Franchisees Kim and Bob FitzGibbons Share Post-Pandemic Growth Strategies in Meridian, Idaho
6/16/2022 - Steve Brunk Continues Track Record of Success in Florida, Grows Minuteman Press Franchise in Port St. Lucie
6/16/2022 - 35-Year Printing Business SprintPrint Converts to Minuteman Press Franchise in Madison, Wisconsin
6/16/2022 - 38-Year Printing Business Avante Print Center Converts to International Minute Press Franchise in Mesa, Arizona

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