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Blinds & Window Covering Business

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Blinds & Windows Furnishing Business 99.9% of all window covering retailers only offer sales of new product. Blinds Inc. is the only company that is trained, prepared, and excited about the ongoing maintenance of these products after the installation (as well as selling new ones), even if they didn't install them. Blinds Inc. is the only national retailer that offers sales, installation, AND repair. Blinds Inc. is a zero-inventory, high margin, home-based truly mobile service that does not require a lot of employees to be successful. Blinds Inc. is breathing new life into an 'old and tired' industry that has lacked true differentiation for decades. 'If your blinds aren't becoming to you, they should be coming to us!'. Why Blinds Inc. Window coverings are essential to every building: we all forget about blinds, and they don't lead most Pinterest searches but if you don't have them, the 4th of July picnic is going to be a little awkward. Every building, residential or commercial is a potential opportunity for Blinds Inc. Retailers do not offer repairs: the value of repairs cannot be overstated. Offering repairs in an industry that DOES NOT offer them creates so many opportunities for Blinds Inc. franchise owners. Offering repairs and sales adds to customer's value perception, aids in efficient and economical marketing, builds the customer base faster, and repairs are virtually 100% profit Technology: iPads, laser measuring device that Bluetooth the measurements, visualizers to digitally apply their products to a customer's wall, technician arrival tracking like Uber and Dominos, quoting software, automated ordering, AI driven digital marketing, dashboards galore, and 40% conversion rates when requesting reviews by text just to name a few. The window covering industry has been run the same way for 40 years... note pad and pencil behind the ear. They have improved the process and added Best in Class technology in every available element of a Blinds Inc. operation. Technology designed to create a positive impression with the customer and to improve the efficiency of the franchise operator Support Team: Blinds Inc. is led by its founders because there are not ivory towers in their organization, franchise owners have access to those founders every day. Support is provided by industry veterans with decades of real-world experience Household name: Blinds Inc. is on a mission to make a national presence in the window covering sector. Fueled by rapid franchise expansion, a national marketing campaign, and exceptional franchise owners creating memorable buying experiences, Blinds Inc. is only years away from being 'the one to want' Recession resistant: Having weathered the last two major recessions (2001-2004, 2008-2010) as well as the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic (49% growth in 2020). Offering repairs as well as sales gives Blinds Inc. owners an answer to the question, 'What happens when the purchasing of new products dries up?'. As a leadership team, they have weathered the storm, proven the model through those times, and have the knowledge in how to bring a team through the next storm Ideal Candidate Owner-Operator Self-motivated achiever with a great personality Someone who is a great presenter and teacher of information High energy, smart (some math), quick to build rapport Mildly technical, able to lift 20 lbs. overhead for 20 seconds Appreciates systems and process, wants to follow the 'recipe' Wants a mentor to help them through the course of business, they are not interested in an owner that wants to come onboard and be left to work alone Semi-Absentee Well-funded, able to purchase multiple territories. Has a long-term perspective on RIO Willing to learn the business as they are hiring employees. They don't need extended involvement but there needs to be a base of understanding and the ability-willingness to participate if needed Similar personality description as the owner-operator if involved in 'in-field' service Comfortable leading and motivating a team Aggressive growth goals If the owner is not active full-time, a General Manager must be hired to run the day-to-day operations of the business. The General Manager should be experienced in leading a team and managing financials of a business Wants a mentor to help them through the course of business. They are not interested in an owner that wants to come onboard and be left to work alone Business Type: Home Based B2B / B2C: B2B B2C

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