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Asking Price: $145,000

Own Absentee Run Oil Wells / Make $250K Year

Los Angeles, CA
Los angeles County

Great opportunity to own oil wells on a 13,000 acre ranch in Maverick County ,Tx. The property has been producing oil and natural gas since the 1920's, and at one time provided the entire county with natural gas. One of the largest oil companies in the world, Halliburton, has identified for ESCO OIL, 25 old natural gas wells drilled between 1930- 1990 which all drilled down to 6,000ft in order to capture the huge supplies of natural gas. On the way down, the drilling companies drilled right through large amounts of oil at around the 3,000 feet depth, and no one has ever gone back into the wells for the oil Until now. Because the well has already been drilled, the cost is much cheaper, plus they have the drilling & well logs showing all the oil. There are no maybes , possibly, could be ...... THE OIL IS THERE.Halliburton, NuTech & Esco oil , all agree each well has approximately 250,000 barrels of oil waiting to be produced so this is as good as it gets. With oil currently $92 a barrel on it's way to $125 , this is an absolute no brainer to own. Estimates are the well will produce on the low end 50 BOPD ( barrels of oil per day ) , high end 150 BOPD . Using an avg oil price of $90 a barrel over the next 10 years ( it will be higher ) , if the well produces the low end of 50 BOPD , a 20% owner of the well makes approximately $20,000 A MONTH , getting your entire $140,000 back in just 7 months !! Should the well produce in mid range estimate , 100 BOPD , a 20% owner would make approx. $40,000 A MONTH , getting all your $ back in just 3-4 months . Should the well come in at the high estimated production level of 150 BOPD , using the $90 avg oil price, a 20% owner would make approximately $60,000 A MONTH !!! As the price of oil goes higher , your monthly checks get larger . Add in the TREMENDOUS tax write-offs you get with oil well ownership ,and this is an absolute must own. I am in this one personally and I suggest all of you get in while it's still available ( just 20% remaining for sale ). You can buy 10% ownership for just under $71,000 , those in on this well will have right of first refusal for the next wells which is huge . As always, when the work starts in the first half of Oct., I will be traveling to the well site to meet with the company and watch them work on your well. I strongly encourage all of you owners of the well to join me , you will LOVE it . I fly into and stay in San Antonio , the next day we drive to the well site in Eagle Pass, Tx. and stay for 4-6 hours . As I said, everyone loves seeing them work on YOUR oil well .Call me ASAP , this is just about sold out . I am absolutely sincere when I say this one is as conservative as it gets with oil well ownership , yet the returns can be TREMENDOUS . THE OIL IS 100% THERE. Call me to buy in , more info , questions ..... Bob*** This is not an offer to buy or sell securities ****** Neither Halliburton or NuTech is an owner / operator of this well . They were brought in to analyze the well and give an opinion on the amount of oil in the well , both agreed there is a substantial amount of oil in each well , enough to make it a very profitable well.***

Cash Flow $250,000
Revenue $5,000,000

Asking Price: Not Disclosed

Global Wetsuit & Surf Brand - 100% Growth YOY

Not Disclosed, CA
Not disclosed

This niche action sports product company features a proprietary line of specialty products, including wetsuits, surfboards, and beach apparel. The company has experienced over 100% year-over-year revenue growth since 2018 across its wholesale, retail, and online sectors. This well-known brand is recognized as the go-to choice for value-driven and quality-minded consumers in the surf market. This globally recognized brand would provide a shortcut for action sports companies to add new products to their existing lineup or expand existing channels of revenue. This would be an ideal fit for a large retail outlet that would like to add an in-house product line to increase margins and revenue or a brand in a related industry that would like to enter the $3.97 billion billion surf market. The company has affiliations with professional athletes, and its products are recognized for their high-quality, good value, and on-point designs.Growth could be rapidly accelerated with an additional infusion of working capital to expand capacity. The current location is a 9,000 square foot leased retail/office space and a 9,000 square foot local off-site warehouse facility in California, but the warehouse facility could be relocated anywhere in the USA without affecting operations. The owner is planning to retire, though he would be willing to stay involved for a negotiable period of time as CEO until a suitable replacement has been found.This is an established business. This is not a new franchise or start-up opportunity. NEXT STEPS: If you’re interested in this business, please fill out the contact form, and we will email you an NDA to e-sign. Please look for an email with the subject 'Morgan & Westfield - Global Wetsuit & Surf Brand - 100% Growth YOY”. You can access more information on this business after e-signing our NDA.

Cash Flow Not Disclosed
Revenue $4,775,258
$ Owner Financing Available

Asking Price: $425,000

Search Engine Compares Open Sources For Coding Use

San Jose, CA
Santa clara County

Our client’s website is a directory and search engine which helps people find and compare open-source projects to use in building software. The website helps software engineers find the right open-source project to solve their problems. Finding the right open-source software to solve a software engineering problem is often extremely difficult using GitHub or Google. Our client’s website also helps engineers compare various options across several key metrics to determine which open-source project will best solve their problem.At its most successful month the website had 1,700,000 unique users and $19,400 in passive advertising income revenue and a monthly growth rate of 7%.The website provides a faceted search and browse feature with autocomplete which allows users to see open-source projects that are useful to them. The site accomplishes this by combining topics which describe each project under development, so users can filter down into more specific lists of projects to find the project they need. The site uses a machine learning model created to add topics to projects that don’t have topics on GitHub. This is important because more and better search results are created through this process, along with lists of relevant open-source projects gleaned from a huge resource of open-source projects.The site provides human manual categorization of the most popular 7,000 topics, such as putting the topic “reactjs” into the category “Web User Interface”. This helps users find what they need. This categorization is utilized throughout the site, in the directory user interface, the search, the alternatives, and many other places. These categorizations were hand categorized by the owner of the website who has 25 years’ experience in software engineering. A drag and drop tool can be used to continue updating categories. The site utilizes extensive manual and automated canonicalization; i.e., the process for converting data that has more than one possible representation into a 'standard', 'normal', or canonical form. The result for users is that if they search for or look at a list of similar and duplicated topics, (such as, for example, any of 'crawler’, 'crawlers', 'web-crawler' or 'web-crawlers') by viewing those topics, a user will see results which map to one single topic since all those terms really mean the same thing.The site collects and combines package manager metadata from around 30 package managers with project metadata from GitHub. This allows users to see key metrics of the open-source projects to decide which resource best solves their problem. The site provides alternatives to the project users are viewing and a user interface making it easy to compare the various alternatives. This uses advanced lemmatization and string-matching algorithms. On a high level what is done is to match parts of words with other parts of words inside the description of the project. So the description is taken from project Foo, and the algorithm looks and sees if there are partially matched topics in that description that map to something in the list of 7,000 topics hand categorized and canonicalized. These are matched against different root word forms and partial string matches on various positions to map many variants that don’t match one for one but mean the same thing. It has extensive unit tests to ensure the quality of the algorithm is exceptional.NDA is required to secure comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) crafted by ProNova Partners.

Cash Flow $5,249
Revenue $12,140
$ Owner Financing Available

Asking Price: $280,000

Hand Made Hats eCom Brand - Poised For Growth

Not Disclosed, CA
San francisco County

For sale is an eCom brand with 8 years of history selling to women, ages 25-70, with a focus on high quality hand made hats that support both fashion and function. Designed and produced in the USA, this brand is defined by heritage, quality materials & craftsmanship.The foundation of the products begins with the history of hat making and connecting with its roots, dating back to 1860. The business strives to source the finest materials from as close to their origin as possible. Their factory raises the sheep, sheers and scours the wool, drum dyes the wool and prepares it for hat blocking. They partner with and trust their skilled artisans to execute the designs with the utmost care and attention to detail. Throughout the 8 years of hat making, the business has showcased their hats around the world in retail shops and on celebrities.Highlights & Key Assets:o Shopify brand featuring a custom website that aligns with eCom best practices (website uniquely designed to capture more leads and push customers deeper into the funnel)o Email flows via Klaviyo (setup by a team of experts) and app/mobile integrationso USD $149 average order valueo 34% customer return rateo US made product with 6-8 week production turno Sold in 65 retail stores - Long standing relationship with showroom and wholesale partnerso 3PL/ Distribution center integrationo Manufacturer partnershipo Product design documentso Ownership of previous hat designs o Factory patented adjustable sweatbando Custom made hat block proprietary to the businesso Supplier agreementso Wholesale agreementso Wholesale Zoho campaignso Klayviyo account with 12,095 active email profileso Brand identity assetso Site content / branding & creative assetso Custom made e-commerce themeo Google workspaceo Google Analytics, Ads, Search Console, Google Business Profileo The company has not taken on any capital and has not diluted the brand’s equity

Cash Flow Not Disclosed
Revenue $211,001
$ Owner Financing Available

Asking Price: Not Disclosed

Tech Leading-Edge Fast Growing WISP Internet Serv

Sacramento, CA
Sacramento County

With the ever-increasing demand for internet speed and connectivity, there is a race taking place among the major ISP’s within the more densely populated metropolitan areas in unrolling ultra high-speed and ultra-wide band internet connectivity.While there are a number of regions across the US with a footprint for services from some of the major providers, within a disproportionate amount of these regions connectivity can be labeled as marginal at best. The areas of the Country which are not quite metropolitan and bordering well populated rural communities are in a position that independent quality broadband internet providers (WISP’s) can create a significant demand and following within these regions. We are representing a Wireless Internet Services Provider (aka WISP) who has been in the ISP space for 20 years and has created a presence and capability for broadband services, and far-and-ahead leading the connectivity race within their region based on: internet speed and capability, connectivity, overall footprint, and internal management platform for managing operations and clients.Additional Bullet points on the Company: -Fast growing uniquely positioned WISP -Premium differentiated offering adding a remarkable ~100 (and increasing) new customers per month (after churn)-Leading WISP within the NorCal with NO real and direct competitor-Strong profit margins with Monthly Recurring Revenue and no DEBT-Automated systems related to bringing on clients with little need for CSR oversight -Proprietary network optimization solution to optimize all levels of network technology consistently and reliably increasing network speeds by 4x-5x current / listed capacity-Software solution may or may not be included in a sale which can be deployed nationwide to increase capacity (and profits) for WISP’s nationwide-WISP with proprietary and unique solutions to compete with multi-billion dollar ISP, with a foundation and untapped market and tech which is now, today primed and ready for wide scale deployment and unprecedented growthWith the current foundation and technologies available to the Company (hardware and software) coupled with the Company’s service offering, the Company is growing at a fast rate with a network reach to connect to nearly 700k users. NDA is required to secure comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) crafted by ProNova Partners.

Cash Flow $3,700,000
Revenue $6,100,000
$ Owner Financing Available

Asking Price: $299,000

Established Digital Marketing Business

Not Disclosed, CA
Alameda County

Established Digital Marketing Business with Recurring RevenuesTransworld Business Advisors of Fremont DRE# 02194963 presents:Established in 2000, this highly successful business offers a full range of digital marketing services for clients in the San Franciso Bay Area and beyond. Company’s offerings include web design, web hosting, SEO, social media marketing, paid Ads, and other a la carte services. A large percentage of the company’s revenues are recurring in nature.The company is always innovating and offering new services, leading to a suite of offerings that is unique in the industry. The owner runs the business from his home office as there is no longer a need for a physical location. There are currently 3 full-time employees and 3 independent contractors.The company’s SDE until 2021 was in the $140K range, however Covid’s impact and the owner cutting down on his hours significantly (due to illness) has led to a ~20% decline in the business in the last 2 years. Nevertheless, the business continues to have significant upside potential due to the ever-increasing demand for its services. The combination of recurring revenue model, upside potential as well as loyal and well-trained staff makes this an ideal acquisition for a growth-minded buyer. The buyer will also have an opportunity to raise prices, as the company’s offerings are significantly underpriced relative to the competition.Some seller financing may be offered to qualified buyers at the sole discretion of the owner.Agent: Shailendra Gupta DRE# 02169356

Cash Flow $121,039
Revenue $621,043
$ Owner Financing Available

Asking Price: $650,000


Not Disclosed, CA
Orange County

Listing # - 5352 DZFor sale is a highly profitable eCommerce business specializing in the online auction of sought-after Asian collectibles, including ceramics, porcelains, metals, scrolls, jades, bronzes, wood carvings, Tibetan arts, clay teapots, and various vintage items such as non-graded coins (sold 'as is'). This young yet well-established business, recognized with the prestigious 'Top 10%' award from a major online auction platform, consistently attracts both buyers and sellers, ensuring a seamless flow of sales and inventory replenishment.Sales transactions are carried out through the online auction platform, including pre-and post-auction sales. All shipments are handled by a reputable third-party logistics company that oversees the process from the company's warehouse to final delivery. The business model's simplicity, with 'as is' sales and streamlined logistics, makes it easy to run, free from traditional liabilities such as product damage or warranty concerns.With a reliable procurement operation and a steady supply of products from Asia, the company obtains high-quality estate consignment products, primarily free of reserves, guaranteeing excellent throughput and high profitability.In 2022, its first full year of operation, the business generated over $500k in profit, a testament to the current owner's talents and dedication. Due to a family decision to pursue other interests, this streamlined and highly profitable venture is now available for a new owner.The seller is committed to a smooth and successful transition, offering comprehensive training covering all aspects of the business. This thriving business, distinguished by its remarkable profitability, growth potential, and ease of operation, stands as a truly unique opportunity, ready for passionate new ownership.Don't miss out on this extraordinary chance to embark on a rewarding journey with this highly profitable eCommerce business, offering real, tangible products with a steady and stable supply. Contact us now to explore this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Cash Flow $528,620
Revenue $870,000

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