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Los Angeles, CA
Los angeles County

Great opportunity to own a piece of 2 oil wells in Nevada . These 2 wells will be drilled in between 4 of the 5 largest oil fields in Nevada , and in between 2 TREMENDOUS wells with 1 of them is considered to be the MOST PROFITABLE WELL IN U.S. HISTORY !!! It produced 4,000 BARRELS OF OIL PER DAY for more than 7 straight years totaling over 10 MILLION BARRELS OF OIL. The other 4 nearby wells produced 500 to 2,000 BARRELS PER DAY while the 4 connecting oil fields produced between 700,000- 22,000,000 BARRELS OF OIL . The geologist and his team are some of the biggest names in the oil business including the man who is credited with discovering the BAKKEN OIL FIELD IN North Dakota . This group is 100% convinced Nevada has more oil than Kuwait , which happens to be the only other place on earth with the same geological make up as Nevada . Should these 2 wells produce a COMBINED 500 BOPD , using an avg oil price of $80 a barrel, you would make approximately $17,000- $18,000 A MONTH for many years. At 1,000 BOPD ( barrels of oil per day ) production, ( both wells combined ) you make approximately $34,000- $36,000 A MONTH. At a production rate ( both wells combined ) of between the 2,000 -4,000 BOPD,, you are looking at making approximately $70,000 - $150,000 A MONTH. Should each well on it's own produce 2,000 or more BOPD like the 2 nearby wells did, the #'s are life changing . It sounds ridiculous but the #'s are 100% real , and I am using an $80 oil price. I have no doubt we will avg. $100- $150 on oil over the next few years , possibly 5 years since the oil supply is going to drop dramatically over the next few years . Call me for all the info.. I am in this one myself and cannot wait for the drilling to start . As always, once the drilling starts I will be heading out to the well site in Nevada and all of you owners of the well are strongly encouraged to join me watch them drill your wells and meet the company.Call Bob. 201-233-9652

Cash Flow $200,000
Revenue $5,000,000

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