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Asking Price: $1,800,000

Global Publishing House for Novelists – Strong YOY

Tampa, FL
Hillsborough County

Website Closers® presents a Worldwide Publishing House that has given a platform to an increasing number of eager novelists, new and experienced alike, making it easier for them to promote their works to a wider audience. They have been a shining beacon in an age where the internet has transformed the publishing world far beyond what it was before, giving writers a tried-and-true independent publishing house to partner with.Their main draw has been their book self-publishing and ghostwriting services, which are two highly in-demand offerings within their industry. Whether a writer comes to them with a book they haven’t yet gotten published, or a creative approaches them with an idea they want to see come to fruition, the company can offer them the kind of services that were once reserved for top publishers such as Random House. The company also generates their own organic advertising every time they publishes a book, as their logo goes on each one. The copyrights of each book are then registered to both the author and the company, with the company maintaining distribution rights.They have published nearly 1,000 novels thus far, and have recently launched a third key service that provides audiobooks to clients. As both the self-publishing and audiobook markets grow in scale, the brand is expected to increase sales by 30% in 2023. This prediction has credence, with their Average Order Value having risen from over $1,980 in 2021 to $2,499 in 2022.The brand has flourished as well as they have in part due to their books being available worldwide, which has helped give them 71% Year-over-year revenue growth and 47% YoY SDE Growth. Their reach, great services, and strong marketing plan and SEO campaign have all let them hit the top ranking on Google searches for Book Publishing.Their future is booked with plenty of opportunities, as the public’s interest in new and fascinating novels, along with the thousands of writers looking to self-publish to make their start in the literary world, has led to the brand having great evergreen appeal. A closer look at their operations will show exactly how the company has paved the way for a bright future.The company has built their impeccable reputation through their worldwide publishing services since their launch, as well as their English and Spanish translation services. The reach that the former service offers customers has made it their best-selling package, and their translation and new audiobook services are quickly on the rise to account for a larger part of their sales as well. They have also seen their package deal that combines ghostwriting services with global publishing perform well.These services have thrived among writers who have penned a book but aren’t sure how to publish it. The company ended 2022 with 444 clients, who were nearly evenly split between men (55%) and women in mid-to-high income levels. They have little to no seasonality, and with 7 service offerings and a qualified team of independent contractors to manage their day-to-day operations, they’ve been able to enjoy steady recurring revenue that is only growing with time.Their team of contractors acts as the spine of their operations. A general manager handles day-to-day tasks and operations and works alongside a sales manager, graphic design manager, copy and content manager, customer service representative, and a sales coordinator and representative. This excellent team has reduced the current owner’s workload to no more than 10 hours a week.The brand also has additional contractors available to work on the book cover and layout, copy editing, proofreading, translations, social media postings, and web development.Every book that the company publishes has a schedule for each department to manage, and when a book is ready to hit the shelves, the employees responsible for working on it contact the author to make sure everything meets their specifications.Because their operations are handled digitally, there’s no need for them to manage an inventory of books or shipping. Their lack of warehouses or brick-and-mortar offices means that the buyer will be able to operate the business anywhere in the world.The company has used Google PPC ads to generate traffic for their website, which makes up for 87% of their total traffic. They complement this with specially chosen keywords in the site’s metadata to bring in new customers. These efforts, along with their logo being featured on every book published, have led them to enjoy an average of between 11,000 and 14,300 unique visitors every month. In 2022, this translated to roughly 5,670 conversions with an 8.5% click-through rate, and they now see an average of over 470 qualified leads every month.They’re in the process of setting up a new website that will exclusively serve the US and other Englishspeaking regions, which they predict will lead to a sharp spike in their overall revenue. More specifically, they expect that they’ll be able to close more than $6 million in sales throughout 2023 by placing more of a focus on these markets.Their over 12,000 strong email subscriber count means that they’ll easily be able to upsell their new audiobook services for upsells to existing clients, and their rising Repeat Customer Rate means that customer loyalty could more quickly be cultivated this way.This acquisition will thrive so long as there are writers looking to get their books published, and the vast number of artists in the world means that they aren’t short on possible interest. Writing and reading new novels have become more accessible than ever before in the digital age, and the evergreen nature of the business means that the new owner stands to benefit strongly from this rapid rise.This Company is Represented by:Website ClosersTech, Internet and eCommerce Business BrokersWC 3161

Cash Flow $445,774
Revenue $884,469
$ Owner Financing Available

Asking Price: $2,400,000

Keto Publishing Business with Top Facebook Groups

Boynton Beach, FL
Not disclosed

Available for acquisition is an information publishing business focused on the keto market with three years of history. The business originally started as a recipe content website. Then the owner started some keto Facebook groups to drive traffic to the recipe site. What they found out was there were many people that had questions and could not successfully do keto. They saw an opportunity to help people and simplify keto for them.The business started in 2018 with the first radical change in a keto diet. One of their products was the first program to combine keto and intermittent fasting (IF) and that product has had a phenomenal run. There is still an additional income opportunity by putting that (and the other books) on Amazon.This business has multiple digital products and physical products. The nutritional products are crafted to specifications including electrolytes, MCT oil, and two flavors of shakes that actually taste like ice cream. The business comes with an app that is in the final stages of production and is getting a lot of attention. Goal for the app is to get subscribers but also promote and cross-sell other products. The app scans the barcode of a product, connects to a database and instantly returns a green light if the product is keto friendly or a red light if it requires looking into further to determine if actually keto friendly. They also have an app that can house all of the digital product content.Another product in development is called 'Is It Keto' that can be used as free content for reels, stories, and on TikTok.Marketing up to now has been focused on selling the books. The owner just started testing challenges and those have taken off. They discovered their audience will pay to participate in a challenge and that these bring in big money (as a higher ticket coaching program). This is another potential huge revenue growth area for a new owner.The business has done well in the past year with zero marketing spend. There is a huge growth opportunity for this business to just add marketing and grow. Another immediate growth path is to sell the physical products on a subscription basis.Highlights & Key Assets:o Facebook groups of 1.5mm members (targeted audiences that convert very well – one of the products gets 20% conversion)o Facebook groups marketing systemo Owner’s knowledge and training on Facebook group marketingo Trademark for a key product and another for the business name is in processo A BBB ratingo Customer list & Email system showing lots of details on each contact (when they bought, what they clicked on)o Email list of over 50,000o 800#o Two apps that can be utilized for marketing or content deliveryo Multiple digital and physical products that can be utilized multiple ways by a new owner

Cash Flow Not Disclosed
Revenue $1,189,065
$ Owner Financing Available

Asking Price: Not Disclosed

Extra Extra Read All About It!

Not Disclosed, Not Disclosed
Not disclosed

Two Community newspapers for sale in Kansas. Both papers: 1) Are Consistently Profitable 2) Have Been in Business for Decades. 3) Are Important to their Communities. These weekly newspapers have print and digital versions providing valuable local news, coverage of civic issues, lifestyle & tourism features, and award-winning high school sports reporting on the area's ten local high schools. The focus and attention of readers help local and regional advertisers target qualified customers and build their businesses. Both publications sell on the newsstand for $1 a copy and drop every Wednesday for 52 issues a year, plus one 80-page tourism guide every two years. Most revenue comes from advertising sales. Most advertisers are repeat clients that renew their ad schedules annually. Both papers have limited competition and have dominated their markets for many years. This publishing company has been in the owner's family for generations and will provide new owners with consistent income, quality of life, and a visible presence in two thriving Midwest communities. Current owners want to retire after working with the new owners to ensure a smooth transition with the editorial staff, advertising sales team and key advertisers. . Refer to File #72840CEH. Please respond with your name, email/mailing address and telephone/fax no. (s) so we may send a confidentiality agreement.

Cash Flow $312,919
Revenue $754,135

Asking Price: $3,000,000

Training & Development Publishing Company

Not Disclosed, FL
Not disclosed

This business has been in operation for over 20 years providing training programs for corporations ranging from Fortune 100 to Fortune 5000. Their primary service is employee engagement, retention and development with additional lower duration certified programs also available. Historically the company delivered services in a traditional consulting, in-person model. In 2020 they accelerated their transition to digital and online learning platforms and are nearing completion of that project. A team of 20 trainers around the world hold certifications to teach courses.Included in the purchase price of the business is all copyright material for training courses, proprietary assessments and several books. The Seller is seeking a buyer with skills and resources to accelerate growth of the business or a company with an existing distribution system seeking to enter the field of employee engagement, retention and development.Courses include year long programs in leadership development, emotional intelligence, motivation and hiring best practices as well as certifications in a host of positions at all levels of the organization.The Seller is willing to stay on for an appropriate transition period and for an extended period to continue research and writing for the new organization. The Seller will entertain a cash/royalty purchase price split.

Cash Flow $300,000
Revenue $300,000

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