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Asking Price: $150,000

Pizza Franchise for Sale in Oxford NC

Oxford, NC
Granville County

Are you searching for a solid business venture with promising growth prospects? Look no further than this exceptional Pizza Franchise for Sale! With a dedicated customer base and a prime asking price of just $150,000, this opportunity may be your ticket to success. Financing options may be available for qualified applicants, making it even more accessible. Boasting annual sales exceeding $400,000, it's evident that customers can't resist these delectable pizzas. Plus, this location boasts a coveted drive-thru location! Nestled in the heart of Oxford, NC, this Pizza Franchise for Sale is strategically positioned to cater to a steady flow of orders from prominent employers, schools, and community organizations. With Oxford's population expected to double in the next two years, there's no better time to become a part of this growth. While SBA financing isn't an option for this particular Pizza Franchise for Sale, don't worry! We Sell Restaurants has a network of reputable lenders that can offer unsecured loans for deals just like this. This Pizza Franchise for Sale comes with everything you need, including an extensive equipment package to continue serving up those mouth watering pizzas. Achieving $413,000 in sales has been made possible thanks to the dedicated team of 9 staff members, all committed to delivering top-notch service. Their hard work makes daily operations a breeze for the owner, freeing up valuable time to focus on catering, deliveries, and marketing to maximize profits. When you invest in this Pizza Franchise for Sale, you'll receive comprehensive training directly from the brand. Occupancy at this Pizza Franchise for Sale costs are minimal at just $2,831.79 per month, and the lease runs until 2027, with an additional 5-year option available. This 1,800-square-foot space is easy to manage, with a primary focus on drive-thru and pick-up orders, eliminating the need for indoor seating concerns. Acquire this Pizza Franchise for Sale and pay only 5% of sales in royalties, along with a modest 5% marketing fee. You'll receive all the advantages of a renowned brand at a fraction of the cost. The franchise transfer fee is just $12,500. By providing your phone number to We Sell Restaurants, you are agreeing to receive text notifications.

Cash Flow Not Disclosed
Revenue $413,068

Asking Price: $95,000

NC Moving Claim Damage Resolution Furniture Asset

Not Disclosed, NC
Granville County

This is an ACTIVE and very PROFITABLE franchise!!!The Most Qualified Potential Buyer is one who is:Physically activeHandy and enjoys fixing thingsPatience with clients and situationsEvan an executive or management role'A' personality peopleThis is a niche business dealing primarily with handling moving company damage claims, making furniture repairs and using other 3rd party sources to make repairs to such things as appliances, exercise equipment, art restoration and anything that gets damaged in a home or company move including damage to the home and or business property itself - such as floors, walls, etc.Your primary CURRENT and ACTIVE customers are moving and claims handling companies, furniture company delivery/ warranty repairs and for those of you who are even more interested in growing this business even further, private furniture repairs and restoration are also available on a time-permitting bases!!Services include conducting in-home inspections of items claimed as damaged by the asset-owner, in home or in shop furniture repairs, as well as arranging for other repairs to be done by qualified 3rd parties. These repairs include, but not limited to, appliances, exercise equipment, etc. Property damage to walls, floors etc. are typically subcontracted out as well by the current franchisee owner. But this will be the choice of the purchaser of this existing and very profitable franchise.This franchise is also locally and nationally recognized for being the best in the industry!!!!This franchisor can legitimately boast over 50 years of transit claims experience and profitability.Their minimum standard is EXCELLENCE!!!!!!!!This franchise’s current business activity is primarily a direct result of moving companies, submitting actual “Damage Claim Work Orders” for damages caused by that moving company's employees/contractors - termed 'Claims Handling.' This will include claims for local, national and international moves to the Charlotte, NC areas. Payment for these services comes directly from the moving companies and or their insurance company who have submitted these “Damage Claim Work Orders.”The process:1. A moving company damages furniture, equipment, collectibles, physical property, etc. they were hired to move2. If something is damaged in this move, a claim is filed by the owner of those assets3. These moving companies - or its insurance companies - will then contact this franchisor to request their local franchisee to schedule an on-sight appointment (a face-to-face visit with the owner of these assets). Although, there is also software to remotely do some of these 'damage claims' estimating from the franchisee's office!! The franchisee inspects and documents - with photographs - the claimed items. Upon completion of this inspection, an evaluation/quote for the repair(s) is sent directly - and ONLY - to the moving company - or its insurance company - with the franchisee’s invoice for the fee for this assessment as well as the estimated cost for repair. The franchisee is paid for this estimate, irregardless if the actual repair is request and performed. The moving company - or its insurance company - will then determine if they want to pay for the repairs or simply issues a check to the asset-owner to purchase replacement items. But no matter what the moving company or insurance company decides to do with the original asset-owner, they pay the franchisee for their inspection work. Sometimes inspection and repairs are pre-authorized up to a specified dollar amount and repairs can commence immediately after the estimate is completed - up to the pre-authorized amount.4. If a repair is requested by the moving company - or its insurance company - the franchisee then follows up with a report prepared on franchisor’s proprietary web-based systems5. If agreed to, that moving company or insurance company than contracts this franchisee to authorize the repair work at the amount the franchisee quoted.

Cash Flow Not Disclosed
Revenue $204,000
$ Owner Financing Available

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