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EOS Worldwide Announces Shift to Unique Franchise Model

Released: Wednesday, March 17, 2021

LIVONIA, Mich., March 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- EOS Worldwide (EOSW), creator of the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®), today announced that it is transitioning its global business to a custom-tailored franchise model. Its affiliate, EOS Worldwide Franchising LLC, is now selling U.S. franchises, with all states, territories, and key international markets slated to be live by the end of 2021.

The move comes after the company researched optimal business models to serve its customers and meet its growth goals, which include having 100,000 companies running on EOS by 2030. A nontraditional franchise model emerged as the best option to serve the company's 400+ global EOS Implementers and 10,000+ customers.

EOSW is not changing its vision or core focus. But under the new system, it will consolidate more than 700 brands into one brand. All Professional EOS Implementers® will now operate under the EOS Worldwide name while maintaining their unique pricing, credentials, and teaching, coaching, and facilitation styles. Unlike traditional franchise models, EOS will not sell territories or require franchisees to pay revenue-based royalties.

"We made this move for one simple reason: to better serve a global entrepreneurial community whose success is more important today than ever before," said EOSW President and Integrator Kelly Knight. "The EOS community can now speak with one voice. We can better standardize and deliver the power of EOS, which has transformed millions of lives since we launched in 2008 with only eight EOS Implementers. And we now have a better path to a more scalable and rewarding independent business for entrepreneurs around the world."

The new model will benefit EOS Implementers by providing greater support, training, content, revenue-sharing opportunities, business development capabilities, facilitation coaching, marketplace clarity, and differentiation. Specifically, it will create instant credibility and brand recognition, help them scale their businesses faster, save on the money and hassle of custom-building individual brands and websites, open greater access to proven-effective tools and intellectual property, and deliver passive income from future EOS software sales (launching fall 2021). What does not change is the company's mission to find, attract, train, and support the best of the best to join the distinct EOS Implementer Community™ and help each of them "find 20 clients in their backyard."

EOS Worldwide's new franchise model will also benefit EOS's target market of privately held entrepreneurial companies by offering access to more consistent and advanced levels of EOS Implementers (including new Expert EOS Implementers who have coached 500+ EOS sessions) and delivering even better digital tools and software to address root issues and achieve sustainable growth — all while continuing EOS's already comprehensive training and customer service.

"We're determined to redefine what a franchise can be as it relates to support, independence, and revenue creation," said Knight. "As countries emerge from this devastating pandemic and begin the work of rebuilding economies, their local businesses need EOS and 'the entrepreneurs behind the entrepreneurs' on their side. Our new 'unfranchise' franchise model will strengthen this unique community and help entrepreneurs get everything they want from their businesses and live their best lives."

EOS Worldwide's entrance into franchising also allows EOS Implementers to better serve the entire franchise industry and community with their unique operating system for entrepreneurs, a common language, and a more thorough understanding of the gaps and opportunities associated with this popular business model.

About EOS

Based in Livonia, Michigan, EOS Worldwide provides entrepreneurial leaders and managers with a complete system and a set of simple, practical tools for getting everything they want from their businesses. The Entrepreneurial Operating System effectively strengthens businesses of any size in any industry, aligning all human energy and resources to achieve desired results. The 5 EOS Core Values are: Be Humbly Confident, Grow or Die, Help First, Do the Right Thing, and Do What We Say. 

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