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Sharkey's Passive Owners

Released: Thursday, October 5, 2017

I find that passive ownership is often the best way for a business owner to transition out of day-to-day operations of their business.  To successfully make the move from active to passive ownership takes a fair amount of discipline.  In addition, the owner will often have to make significant changes in how they run their business.

There are several positive things that come out of becoming a passive owner.  Some of them are:

1. You have a chance to spend time getting used to what your next life will be like after you leave your business.

2. You have the opportunity to pursue other activities outside your business that interest you.

3. You will need to develop dashboards to monitor your business performance.  This will force you to focus on the important things in your business.

4. You will need to make yourself operationally irrelevant in your business.  Becoming a passive owner will force you to delegate and delegate permanently operational activities you presently do in your business.

5. There is a good chance you will make your business a more attractive asset and move it towards becoming one that has enterprise value.

6. Taking appropriate steps towards passive ownership will often help you make more money.

Successful movement towards a passive ownership strategy forces you to make changes in how you operate your business that taps into the skills of others in your business. Passive ownership forces you to let go and allow others to take a larger role in developing your business. 

When you force yourself to put controls in place and give your key people more responsibility you might receive more satisfaction and cash.  And, for many owners this is a good goal. 

Sharkey's Cuts for Kids & Sharkey's Hair It Is salons are recommended for franchisees who are looking for mostly Passive Ownership with the ability to add multiple locations within a given territory.

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