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"I can't say enough about BBN. My SEO is great and I never spent a penny on Google or other sites to help placement. I am on the first page or top of second page. If you search for business broker or restaurant broker Syracuse NY. Plus I have never had any computer background and feel it's from your site! Thanks." Michael Kinney, Kinney Brokerage
"The customer service Mary-Beth Tedder displayed is not only impressive…but worthy of praise. Mr. Maxwell, I was blown away with the service she provided. I am a very busy broker and my back office duties often get delayed. I mentioned to Mary-Beth that I had several listings to be deleted and added. She quickly offered to assist me. I sent her a list of listings to add to your site and Mary-Beth promptly uploaded this information which saved me a lot of time."Connie Ann Pendleton, Ocala Business Brokers, Inc., Ocala Florida
"I must tell that I really like your results. It is the best website I use."George Thompson, Tigard, Oregon
"Like most of us, for the past few years I've subscribed to all of the more popular business- listing sites, plus my own site. Hands down, provided me the most referrals and, for some reason, the more serious buyers. My own website came in last, but I know why! To me that means is spending the money and doing the hard work to get us noticed. Hey, I'm retiring and have nothing to gain from this endorsement... the facts are the facts. See y'all on the beach!"Paul Sousa, Southland Business Brokers
"Thanks! I specialize in selling dry cleaners and Laundromats in Pennsylvania., New Jersey, and Delaware. The best qualified buyers are not always easy to find. The best qualified leads always come from and thanks to their quality, I sold 12 dry cleaners and Laundromats in 2008. 2009 looks terrific thanks to with 7 closings down and lots more to go this year! Thank you for being such a terrific resource for us business brokers, keep up the awesome website!"Liliane Tietjen, Broker Member, Patriot Business Advisors
"I wanted to tell you that I just made a $117,000 commission on a sale from a buyer obtained from Thanks!"Joe Davis, President & Broker, Joe Davis & Associates, Inc
"My company has been advertising with for a few years and I am very pleased with your services."Michael Lefkowitz, Benjamin Ross Group
"Thank you for your company. I just closed a deal with the buyer coming through This in less than 2 months of signing up. I am also getting responses from other buyers on other listings. You are a true asset to business brokers!"Richard S. Burgess, Priority Business Acquisitions, Inc
"Larson Associates is very pleased with the service given to us by A significantly growing number of our customers have contacted us with a strong interest in our business listings on This is a very customer friendly site for both buyers and sellers. It is easy to navigate and has tons of listings!"Larson Associates, Connecticut