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Asking Price: $175,000

Profitable Gym Ready For New Owner

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Follow your passion! Do you love staying active and leading a healthy lifestyle? Have you ever imagined owning a fitness franchise? Well, now is your chance to seize the opportunity and take over a successful business that is waiting for a new owner. Owning your boxing gym can be a rewarding venture for several reasons: Growing Demand: boxing classes have gained popularity due to their effectiveness in promoting overall fitness, weight loss, and stress relief. There is a growing demand for such fitness options. Unique Offering: Boxing offers a unique workout experience that combines cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and self-defense techniques. This can attract individuals looking for a diverse and engaging fitness routine. Community Building: Gyms and fitness centers often foster a sense of community among members. A boxing gym can provide a supportive environment where people can connect, motivate each other, and share common fitness goals. Personal Fulfillment: Owning a gym can be personally fulfilling for boxing or martial arts enthusiasts. It allows them to share their passion with others, teach techniques, and help individuals achieve their fitness goals. Business Opportunity: A proven franchise concept with over 145 locations nationwide will provide you with the support you need to

Cash Flow $110,500
Revenue $427,900
$ Owner Financing Available

Asking Price: $74,991

Exceptional Roastery and Café Business for Sale!

Not Disclosed, Not Disclosed
Not disclosed

Explore an exceptional investment opportunity that offers a unique coffee experience like no other. This thriving coffee company invites investors and potential buyers to step into the world of micro-batch specialty coffee excellence at their roastery and café. With a strong commitment to responsible and ethical practices, this business delivers the epitome of coffee perfection. :seedling: Unparalleled Quality: Invest in a coffee enterprise that consistently exceeds expectations. Expertly curated beans from renowned coffee regions create a symphony of flavors that captivates coffee enthusiasts. The company's dedication to preserving the distinctiveness of each bean ensures an unrivaled coffee adventure with every batch. :coffee: Freshness Redefined: Experience coffee in its purest form. Small-batch roasting guarantees unfailingly fresh cups of coffee. From the roastery to the cup, the process is swift, allowing the enjoyment of rich aromas and robust flavor notes found exclusively in freshly roasted coffee. :earth_africa: Ethical Sourcing and Impact: Join a business that prioritizes making a positive global impact. Ethical sourcing practices and direct relationships with farmers, coupled with support for sustainable farming, are integral to this company's mission. Every sip of their coffee contributes to a responsible coffee journey benefiting all, from bean to cup.

Cash Flow Not Disclosed
Revenue $175,268

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