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Brainy Bytes was born out of a passion for providing children with fun and exciting ways to learn, create and invent in the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of our licensees, the students they teach, and their communities.

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Minimum Cash Required$30,000
Total Investment$40,000
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Brainy Bytes

Why NOW is a Great Time to Start Your STEM Education Business

The educational needs of our communities have changed drastically in the past two years. Now more than ever, parents and educators are looking for alternatives to meet their students’ educational needs. This leads many to turn to private businesses for enrichment and supplementation, and STEM is at the top of the list of wanted resources.

We proudly provide challenging, thoughtful STEM programs focused on empowering, inspiring, and encouraging students to succeed in our technology-driven world. With dozens of on-site and online programs, any licensee can happily and efficiently meet the educational needs of their community.

Our camps, classes, parties, and educator packages include courses in robotics, programming, graphic design, game creation, 3D animation, movie making, and more for ages 5 and up.

The Brainy Bytes Advantage

The Brainy Bytes™ staff (which we affectionately call "The Round Table") comprises some of the industry's most experienced minds, all sharing the same goal of ensuring that every participant receives the highest quality STEM education available....and has a blast at the same time!

We are excited to offer business-minded individuals passionate about education the ability to start a Brainy Bytes location in their community. Our proven business plan, innovative curricula, and commitment to your success provide the perfect foundation for a profitable and enriching business.

Brainy Bytes will work tirelessly to provide our locations and their families with the research, development, and guidance they need so that they may continue to make a difference and thrive in their communities. We ensure quality, consistency, and a give-back philosophy among all our licensees.

What You Can Expect From Brainy Bytes

  • Use of the Brainy Bytes name, logos, and trademarks.
  • Use of our proprietary, proven lesson and party plans.
  • Large, protected territory.
  • Marketing & Promotional templates
  • New lesson introductions every season.
  • A committed and experienced staff of developers that is focused on keeping you ahead of the industry trends.
  • Optional (and recommended) comprehensive training available from industry experts who will provide a proven method for running your business efficiently and effectively.
  • Business website and forum

What You Can Enjoy With Brainy Bytes

  • Low Cost & Low Overhead. Our affordable, hassle-free opportunity offers the perfect full-time or part-time opportunity to replace or supplement an income.
  • Quick ROI 
  • Multiple business venues
  • No storefront required. You take your programs to the local schools and community.
  • Flexibility and ease of operation. Your "Start-Right" guide provides an optimum starting business platform for upscaling as you grow.

Advantages of Licensing

Lower startup cost.

The exorbitant fees of most franchise opportunities can be daunting and make business ownership impossible for some. We make entrepreneurship possible for many, not few.

Same commitment and support without the cost.

You will enjoy the benefits of a seasoned and dedicated staff just as focused on your growth as those companies charging twice as much.

More flexibility over YOUR business.

Unlike a franchise, we are committed to your success, but we will not tell you how to run your business. You are encouraged to grow in a way that best suits you and your community.

Comprehensive training is available... on your terms.

We know people with all levels of experience look to start a business. Some will need all-inclusive guidance and training; others will be ready to go on their own. We do not think training should be a required part of your business package (and ultimately raising the cost of your startup).

We encourage you to take advantage of one of the extensive training programs made available to you when you join Brainy Bytes. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing the right support for you that is unique to your new industry.

Strengthen your future and your neighborhood by becoming a Brainy Bytes Licensee.

Enjoy the support of a company with years of experience in the STEM education industry as you provide a sought-after service to the schools and families of your community. Our business license package will provide the tools and guidance you need to build your business and start helping kids plug into creativity!

Ready to start your STEM adventure?


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