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Brazzen Livestock Equipment

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Sell Brazzen Livestock Equipment from your own ranch. We have chutes, panels, gates, feeders & more. Our products are galvanized, Australian Designed & built to last. This is a great business opportunity. Learn more about the costs, benefits, and available locations today!

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Minimum Cash Required$30,000
Training & SupportYes
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We are currently accepting inquiries in these states:
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We are NOT currently accepting inquiries in these states:
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Brazzen Livestock Equipment

They Laughed When I Said I Was Going To Sell Livestock Equipment From My Property

On my ranch I run about 100 head of cattle, it was difficult to get good animal handling equipment at a reasonable price. You know the equipment I am talking about, cattle panels, chutes, tubs, ramps, etc. I am Australian and we need Heavy Duty gear that is galvanized. It can’t just last a couple of seasons and then throw it out. About 10 years ago I set up a steel factory, this came about when I had a very large order for temporary construction fencing around building sites. With this in mind I took off overseas, my partner Cameron and I proceeded to set up a small factory to make temporary fencing. That leap of faith worked and the factory took off with us selling to stores, fencing and Livestock Equipment by the container loads. Five years ago I decided to have our factory make some livestock equipment and send a couple of containers to my property for my own cattle. I used half the container of gear for myself and then booked myself in the local fair. Gee, was that the right move. I think just from that show I would have got orders right then on the spot for over $60,000 and the knock on from it would have been another $100,000 in subsequent sales. Since then I have not looked back. In the last year I have ordered two containers a month. I don’t have high overheads, I operate from my own ranch and it is not even close to any main road. My office is a container and I store all my smaller parts in another container. Ranchers are happy to come from everywhere to see chutes and sweeps all set up on my ranch. We decided to set up dealers just like I did all over Australia. In 4 years we have become number 3 in our Industry. Cameron went over to the USA a year ago and guess what? Nine dealers have joined with many more making enquiries. One dealer has already ordered his 5th container in just 8 months. Americans just love our gear. We use galvanized tube and oval rail (not round). Oval rails are stronger on the downward pressure from animals pushing down and cowboys climbing them and more flex in the side pressure when the cattle push against it. It’s not rocket science. We have exclusive areas for our dealers. If you are living in a farming area and want something exciting to do, we will point you in the right direction...what to order, how to advertise, and how to price your products in your market. Never listen to those who say it can’t be done, because they told me that too! LOOK WHO IS LAUGHING NOW! We are looking for Brazzen Dealers in the USA. Investment is $30,000.00-40,000.00 and that’s for equipment only there is no joining fee.

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