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Day Trading Franchises

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We offer 2 low expense & high cash flow businesses. Day Trader (a personal business) – Simply train to trade a $100,000 corporate fund & keep 80% of your profits. Day Trading Marketing Agency (a traditional business) – Become licensed to market & sell our Day Trader personal business. Operate from home or an office, as a single agent or as a team.

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Minimum Cash Required$25,000
Total Investment$18,000 – $36,000
Financing AssistanceAvailable
Year Founded2008
# of Existing Units60
Franchising Since2011
Training & SupportYes
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Day Trading Franchises

Keep a couple of basic truisms in mind when considering a business.

1. You buy a business to make the most money you can, with the least expenses, the least and most flexible time commitment, and fewest other hassles as possible.

This is where we can help with our modern internet based (no geographic expenses and limitation with national and global reach), electronically fulfilled services (no products to buy, store, or ship), no regulatory limitations (no licensing, inspections, continuing education, etc.), and so on.  Leave the physical and material related businesses behind for a modern electronic and information based business.

2. Buying or building the right business is what creates the business owner’s lifestyle, rather than a really expensive, tiring, and demanding hobby.  You have heard the axiom “you make money in real estate when you buy right, not when you sell.”  The same goes for boats, other things, and with businesses.  You do not get a dream business unless you deliberately buy or build a business that has inherent ideal business characteristics. 

That is where we can help.  (a) With our Day Trader personal business, simply train to trade from home or anywhere (office or travelling), minutes to 1 or 2 hours a day, any day (except Saturday), and any hour (24 / 6) for as little or as much money as you want.  (b) With our Day Trading Marketing Agency, simply market an sell our day trading personal business by work from home or anywhere, any call hours of any day, for as many or few hours as you wish, to create a big income of five revenue streams.  With two revenue streams being from monthly renewals start separating your income from you immediate daily work activity.

3. If you want to make really big money, you need to go where really big money flows and accumulates.  You cannot make really big money selling $15 meals and $35 services while also paying a big staff, leasing a building, or burning it up in vehicle payments and fuel costs, and so on.  If you want to make really big money, then you need to efficiently associate your business with where really big money accumulates and flows.  The largest accumulation of money in the world is in the financial markets, with $5,500,000,000,000 ($5.5 trillion) dollars moved and exchanged EACH DAY globally.  Why is this so large?  Because it is where big banks, big corporations, big hedge funds, big university endowments, and central banks of countries exchange currencies or park their liquid money assets that are not allocated elsewhere for short and long term periods until it is needed.  In other words, the foreign exchange market is essentially the world’s “piggy bank.”

We provide you the most direct access to big business revenue and profit by linking you to this massive global flow of money than any other business.  Our Day Trader personal business and our Day Trading Marketing Agency traditional business both most closely associate you with this massive global flow of money.  It is the most efficient access to big revenue available anywhere.  (a) This is the simplest big money to get (simple click of the mouse at home or anywhere).  (b) This is the most direct big money to earn (it is already in the form of money.  No need to turn oil into plastics components, wood into furniture, wheat into food, and so on to then have to ship, shelve, and sell it to make a little money.  (c) This is the least expensive big money (for big money you have to go big.  No buying or building big real estate projects, no low tech or high tech big manufacturing, no big fleets of big vehicle and equipment expenses, no huge staff and wage expenses, etc.).  (d) The fastest access to big money (with low initial and ongoing expenses your return on investment is in weeks and months rather than years and decades).  (e) The most flexible big money (make more than most CEOs.  Simply work when you want for a little or as much as you want).  Essentially, we are providing you access to the world’s “piggy bank” for as much money as you want, when you want, for as often as you want, for a lifetime.  If you are not interested in a very efficient business to maximize your results to create a big money return for your investment and efforts then these are not the businesses for you.

4. You have also heard the axiom “insanity is doing the same thing expecting a different result.”  So don’t just buy another restaurant or food truck; home, pet, or personal care vendor service, and so on that is location and geographic limitations with so many associated expenses.  Get a different and better result by doing something different and inherently ideal at its core.

We can help you get a bigger and better result with our Day Trader personal business and/or our Day Trading Marketing Agency traditional business.  Do something different to get a better result.


Here are a few basics of our services:

1. Day Trading is implementing training to make money in the financial markets through buying and selling the anticipated direction of the financial markets.  To buy does not mean you take possession of something.  It just means you made a profit by knowing the market price would go up.  That where our system helps you profit ~90% of the time.  To sell does not mean you have something in your possession to then sell.  It just means you knew the market price would go down.  Again, our 20+ year proven system helps you know this.  These buy and sell positions are held less than a day, so this buy and sell activity is called day trading.  Often these buy and sell positions last only a few minutes to an hour or so.  As such, you take many buy and sell positions and make a big profit quickly.  You can lose money, but remember you are trading our money, and we trust that our system rarely loses.

2. We originated our services in 1998, 20+ years ago.  After more than a decade of actual market results of ~90% trade winning success, we formally organized our business in 2008.  We provide a one of a kind and uniquely profitable service, when taken in totality, that is unmatched by any other day trading group.

3. Our Day Trader personal business simply implements our proprietary, proven, and profitable day trading services for big extra cash, big lifestyle incomes, and often early retirement or more secure retirement with growing savings and wealth along the way with continued day trading from home just minute to 1 or 2 hours a day.

4. Our Day Trading Marketing Agency traditional business that simple sells what everyone wants and needs.  A legitimate way to make money from home working just minutes to 1 or 2 hours a day.  This mass marketable offering associates this business with the massive monetary flows of the world and creates an ideal, low cost, low hassle, and flexible business with five revenue streams and monthly renewals and fits the needs of those that want a traditional business and even team building.

5. We provide 1-to-1 personalized ample training for our businesses.  Any background and experience works well.  We will full train.

6. No licensing is required.  These are not franchises, but licenses that provide you maximum regulatory relief and maximum self-directed autonomy to be who you want to be in business.

7. We provide financing and financial access for our businesses.


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