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DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen

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DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen is a full-service interior home improvement franchise that helps entrepreneurs earn stronger profit margins than most remodelers. Our systems and support help franchise owners win more customers through effective marketing and sales techniques. Learn more now!

Quick Facts

Minimum Cash Required$50,000
Total Investment$250,000
Net Worth Required$350,000
Franchise Fee$37,000
Financing AssistanceAvailable
Year Founded1971
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DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen

About Us
DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen is a faith-based, full-service remodeling franchise that helps entrepreneurs and existing remodelers earn strong financial numbers while having a focus on improving their quality of life. We are unique to other remodeling franchise opportunities as we offer kitchen, bath and interior design/build remodeling services instead of specializing in one of these. Our business model supports all types of interior remodeling targeting the more affluent homeowner.

Why Choose DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen?
DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen has created systems to help business owners earn strong margins and live the quality of life they deserve. DreamMaker offers training and support at an unusual level. We have above average ratio of franchise business coaches to franchisees. We offer ongoing dedicated marketing support, that continues past the first year of owning a DreamMaker franchise. DreamMaker has a proven sales system to help win new and repeat business. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen stands out by our offered business model. We have a business model that supports all aspects of all interior remodeling yet positions us as experts in kitchen and baths. This business model also encompasses all aspects of a client’s job, so you can insure an excellent customer experience. 

DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen has seen average annual sales increase by more than 117% since 2011, more than doubling the growth rate of the remodeling industry during that same time frame. DreamMaker franchisees have $1.1M in average unit store sales, according to our 2019 FDD, and an average gross profit margin of 47.6% in the top quartile of 2018, per our 2019 FDD.

The Process
To ensure this proper fit, we will engage in a 7-Step Mutual Evaluation Process. During this process, we take multiple opportunities to get to know you and your goals, both personally and professionally. This is also the time for you to get to know who we are and what we stand for. We work hard to make sure that we answer all of your questions so you can determine if DreamMaker could help you achieve the goals you have for your life and business, while learning if you’ll be a good fit for our culture and systems. Great Partnerships are a blessing, and these are the seven things we look for when we evaluate a potential DreamMaker owner: drive, heart, focus, coachability, willingness to follow systems, values and support at home.

Our History
We got our start back in 1975. The kitchen remodeling franchise company’s roots can be traced back to the 1970s when GNU Corporation developed a system to put a beautiful new hard-surface topcoat on porcelain bathtubs and sinks. Since 1988, under the name Worldwide Refinishing Systems, Inc., our network continuously created a vast array of possibilities to turn kitchens and bathrooms into personal reflections of our DreamMaker consumers. Under the Dwyer Group umbrella, the company grew nationally as Worldwide Refinishing Systems, Inc. and became a recognized leader in our trade. In 1999, we were rechristened DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen by Worldwide. This new title captures the mission that we offer full-service bath, kitchen, and full-interior remodeling services.

When DreamMaker President and Chief Stewardship Officer (CSO) Doug Dwyer purchased the company in 2003, the dream continued as the company vastly expanded its services, moving beyond resurfacing and refinishing to become a full-service interior remodeling company focused on enhancing lives and improving homes. His leadership earned the company Remodeler of the Year by Pro Remodeler Magazine in 2004 making DreamMaker a name to remember in the remodeling industry. DreamMaker has since been ranked in the top 10 Remodelers in the Nation by Qualified Remodeler's Top 500, Franchise Gator Top 100 Franchise, Entrepreneur Top 500 Franchise and Franchise Business Review Top 50 Franchise.

Training and Support
DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen offers support for different aspects of the business to the franchisees. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen owners will have a dedicated franchise coach that is there for them from the moment they sign a franchise agreement to the moment they close or sell their DreamMaker franchise. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen has Next Level Groups, where franchisees are able to meet and learn from each other. We also offer support through the business systems we have in place for operations, marketing, accounting and sales. A few of these bulleted out:

  • Dedicated Marketing Support and Bi-Annual Planning Check-Ins
  • Proven Sales System and Training to close sales
  • Production System and Training to provide a smooth customer experience in the home
  • Recruiting System and Portal to hire the right people
  • Client Research and Training to continue to understand the DreamMaker Client
  • Two Events per Year where DreamMaker franchisees get together to learn the latest topics to excel in marketing, technology, production, sales, management and networking with their fellow franchisees.


"This is a very complex business. My recommendation is do it with DreamMaker or don't do it at all."LeeWillwerth , Ann Arbor, MI
"To have several weeks’ vacation every year – it’s definitely afforded us the quality of life that we were looking for."BrendaWillwerth , Ann Arbor, MI
"The systems are good and they’re there, and if you have the diligence and the work to apply those systems, they’re excellent."EricAnderson , Swainsboro, GA
"When I got in, I felt pretty comfortable with [financial statements and info], but when I got in to DreamMaker and went through training, it went to a whole different level."CurtTrampe , Springfield, IL
"It is a family. Like a family, everybody looks out for each other, there’s a real spirit of comradery, these are your team members."GlenBorkowski , Orland Park, IL
"The structure that was promised has definitely been delivered, even more so."LeesaAnderson , Swainsboro, GA
"It is a business based on biblical principles. You start to see the heart of Doug (Dwyer, DreamMaker president) and see that he is different. For him, it’s not about money, per se. No question, he is a hard negotiator trying to make a profit, but not at the expense of others. He has integrity. The other thing I appreciate is the strength of the other franchisees. You just see really, really good people morally who are doing their best and working to get better, and who are willing to share ideas and help you out. It’s a real family atmosphere. From a business standpoint, if you are willing to plug in, that means that instead of coming up with 10 marketing schemes, I can talk to two or three guys and find out what has worked for them and what they would do differently if they had a chance to start over. That sharing, to me, is the strength of the whole organization."SteveBetts , Lubbock and Amarillo, TX

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  • Features and Benefits of a DreamMaker Franchise

  • DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen: Enhancing Lives, Improving Homes

  • DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen: Strong Margins and Code of Values

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  • DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen Next Level Groups

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