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EarthSmarte Water

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EarthSmarte Water is a national manufacturer of no salt whole house hard water treatment systems that provide spring quality alkaline water from every tap. Learn more about the costs, benefits, and available locations today!

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Minimum Cash Required$30,000
Training & SupportYes
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EarthSmarte Water

EarthSmarte Water is a division of DenCoH20 Inc, which is a National Manufacturer of Maintenance Free - Salt Free Whole House Water Systems serving the US marketplace for over 39 years.  We market a complete line of Salt Free Hard Water Treatment Systems for residential and commercial applications on municipal water along with a complete line of maintenance free well water treatment systems, drinking water systems and swimming pool water treatment systems.

The continuing battle with hard water, chlorine & chemicals in our water supplies has grown in the last 20 years.  Most water treatment companies market (Salt Based Water Softening Systems) which add salt to your water.  You then install an under sink reverse osmosis drinking water system to remove the salt from the water for cooking & drinking.  Most people are not aware that you are not only removing the salt, but 95% to 98% of the beneficial minerals your body needs for good health.  Removing beneficial minerals from water lowers the pH of the water making it acidic and unhealthy to drink. Most bottled water brands are reverse osmosis water better known as purified water. 

But at EarthSmarte Water we treat water a different way, leaving all the beneficial minerals in your water but removing the unhealthy contaminants, chemicals & dangerous chlorine. We change the calcium to a softer more efficient mineral that is unable to stick to plumbing, appliances & water heaters.

Our SALT FREE system even protects your home from hard water scale damage, protecting pluming, water heaters, faucets & appliances without the use of SALT. Imagine Spring Quality Alkaline Water in every faucet in your home.  Alkaline Water has enormous health benefits such as neutralizing damaging stomach acids, giving your body healthy pH levels, serving as an excellent antioxidant, hydrating your skin & hair and killing free radicals.  Plus an added bonus, our systems are Maintenance Free with an Exclusive 15 Year Warranty that will save you thousands of dollars compared to the high costs of maintenance with salt based water softeners.  Also, backwashing salt based systems wastes thousands of gallons of water yearly, plus the filter changes on a reverse osmosis drinking system cost an average of $150 a year making the high cost of these systems a thing of the past. 

78% of homeowners across the country are installing some type of water system in their home.  Our systems sell themselves with massive health benefits with no maintenance with the best warranty in the industry. 

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  • 5 Day Training Program
  • Protected Territories
  • Certified Dealer Support
  • Marketing Programs
  • Excellent Warranties
  • City & Well Water Equipment Available

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