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Express Oil Change

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Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers stands out in an industry that continues to grow because of our proven formula for success. If you possess an entrepreneurial spirit and view success as exceeding the customer's expectations, then you may find owning & operating an Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers store to be a rewarding franchise opportunity.

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Minimum Cash Required$100,000
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Express Oil Change

Why Be A Franchisee?
The Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers franchise is one of the best franchise opportunities in the industry for many reasons. This section will provide you with details on some of those reasons, including a description of The Best Business Model in the Industry, the outstanding training and support you will receive as a franchisee, and even sales and return on investment information.

Best Business Model in the Industry

  • Superior personnel
  • Expanded services
  • Outstanding site selection and facilities 
  • Quality products
  • Strength of support

No Previous Auto Mechanical Experience Necessary
There is no previous mechanical experience necessary to become an Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers franchisee.

Our franchisees are not auto mechanics, they are business managers. They hire and manage highly skilled and trained certified automotive technicians. Our comprehensive training program will provide you with know how on all aspects of managing the business.

Our Vision
“We are the pre-eminent automotive maintenance provider, leading our industry through excellence, innovation, and growth.”

  • Our customers trust us - They experience quality workmanship and fast, convenient, reliable service.
  • Our franchisees are proud to be a part of Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers - They experience growth of their business through excellent operating systems and support.
  • Our employees are valued individuals and team members - They are provided opportunities for personal growth and financial rewards. They are well trained and their compensation is a reflection of their contribution.
  • Our vendors are treated with respect - To our community, we are environmentally conscious and responsible corporate citizens.
  • We are successful, proud of our company, and enjoy our work.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Pride of workmanship
  • Quality
  • Teamwork
  • Enthusiasm
  • Friendliness
  • Continuous improvement

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