Fingerprinting Classes

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A new business opportunity has emerged with all the following. High margins (up to 80%). No inventory. No revenue share. No licenses or certifications. Six-figure potential per 15-mile square radius. Our mission is to decentralize the fingerprinting industry across the world while allowing others to learn, grow & scale a fingerprinting business.

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Minimum Cash Required$48,000
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Fingerprinting Classes

Fingerprinting is the best new opportunity since the pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, the common places to go for fingerprinting were police stations and local courthouses (which even then was a nightmare)

With this new wave of business opportunities opening up as well as a lift on federal restrictions, a new business with the following has emerged.

  • High margins (up to 80%)
  • No inventory
  • No revenue share
  • No licenses or certifications
  • Six-figure potential per 15-mile square radius

Fingerprinting classes Inc has verified over 42 + owner-operators and owner-managers on track making six figures in less than 6 months.

Our Fingerprinting Mission:

Fingerprinting Classes’ mission is to decentralize the fingerprinting industry across the world while allowing others to learn, grow, and scale a fingerprinting business

What’s included: 

  • Full fingerprinting business course
  • Live scan Hardware /software
  • Website creation & management
  • Listings Creation & management
  • Branding Kit (logo, color scheme, etc)
  • 6 months of support
  • Weekly coaching calls(friday 12:40PM)


  • 6 months of marketing
  • Dedicated client success manager
  • Location consultation
  • Private group access
  • Eligibility for mastermind
  • Drug testing classes course 
  • $27,000 value thrown in for free


  • All sales final guarantee 
  • 100% of profits (NO REVENUE SHARE)
  • Guaranteed revenue generation or we buy it back from you
  • Fully functional business in 5 weeks or “less
  • No additional purchases necessary 

If this interests you, then add to your basket. The world isn't going to wait and this will end once the market becomes saturated and the local governments put a restriction back on it. 


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