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Jane Ross Tutoring is an emerging franchise, but we are a proven winner. The tutoring and test prep business is rewarding in more ways than one - very profitable and very gratifying. Learn more about the costs, benefits, and available locations today!

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Minimum Cash Required$40,000
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Jane Ross Tutoring

Our work today honors Jane’s legacy.

In 1979, company founder Jane Ross began tutoring students  in her living room in Memphis, Tennessee. She left her teaching position at the age of 29 to devote her career to improving post-secondary opportunities for all students, particularly those who were underserved in area schools. She developed a business that provided private tutoring and workshops for students who were preparing for college admissions tests such as the ACT, PSAT, and SAT. 

Over time the business grew tremendously. By the time of Jane’s passing in 2003, Jane Ross Tutoring had established relationships with schools throughout West Tennessee, North Mississippi, Eastern Arkansas, and Western Kentucky. She had built a team of capable tutors and developed an effective training system to help students maximize their scores on standardized exams. This proprietary process has now been taught to thousands of students in hundreds of schools over the past 40+ years.

In 2020, Jane Ross Tutoring began its expansion plan after many years of perfecting its model and replicating it successfully in the Mid-South market. 


Don’t let the word tutoring fool you.

For most people, the word tutoring conjures up an image of a teacher working with a student in a one-on-one setting. That type of training is certainly one service offered by Jane Ross Tutoring; however, private tutoring is only a fraction of our annual revenue. In fact, in 2019, private tutoring made up only 1% of total income for our home office.

The unique factor in our business model is that we sell test prep services not only to parents and students but also to schools and districts. That additional level of services sets Jane Ross Tutoring apart from other test prep and tutoring agencies.

The overwhelming majority of our revenue comes from our valuable partnerships with area school leaders who bring us to their location to teach workshops on site. In any given year, we teach several school-based workshops to groups ranging from 25 students to 400+ students. 

Schools pay for these services in a variety of ways: Some pass the costs to parents while others pay for the entire workshop using school funds, community grants, or federal programs.

In addition to student workshops, we provide school-based services such as teacher professional development, educational consulting, and practice testing for students. The unique business model developed by Jane Ross Tutoring works—for our customers and for our franchisees!

Our students are our successes.

The mission of Jane Ross Tutoring is to improve access to higher education for all students through its unique tutoring approach in partnership with local schools, districts, and families. This student-focused approach means that we measure company success in terms of our students’ success.

Connor is an outstanding example of a student who changed his college trajectory after participating in our training. On his first ACT, he scored a 16 without any prep. After working with a Jane Ross instructor, he scored a 21 on the next test. He then enrolled in the Jane Ross Tutoring Online ACT Course and ultimately earned a 24.

Connor’s mom emailed us to report that his latest score secured a $2,500 college scholarship each year for four years. His ACT improvement netted him $10,000 in scholarships, proving yet again that higher scores open doors!

Connor is just one example of the thousands of students who improved their college options after working with the highly effective instructors of Jane Ross Tutoring. Countless success stories like these fuel our company passion for helping students open doors to a better future.


Our passion for training students extends to training franchisees.

Jane Ross Tutoring will provide franchisees with approximately one week of initial training at our home office in Memphis, Tennessee. The training will cover administrative, operational, sales, and marketing topics. It will also include the necessary modeling that demonstrates how to deliver the proprietary Jane Ross student workshops. This training will be provided for the franchisee and up to two other team members.

After the initial training in our home office, on-site training typically takes place when the franchisee commences operations of the franchise. An experienced representative from Jane Ross Tutoring will provide on-site training for a period of up to three days to assist the franchisee in opening the new location. On-site training and support from a Jane Ross Tutoring staff member will continue beyond the location’s opening; the franchisee can count on frequent visits in the first couple of years in operation.

If schedules allow, Jane Ross Tutoring will even send an experienced instructor to the franchisee’s new location to teach the first workshop. This will allow the franchisee and other team members to see the workshop presentation first-hand with student participants.

In addition to the initial training, franchisees will attend up to two sessions per year, which will include refresher training and ideas for improving various aspects of the business operations. We will provide the opportunity for franchisees to send additional personnel to refresher training. This training will be provided at no cost, with the exception of applicable travel expenses.

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