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Junk Junk Baby! Is a full service residential and commercial hauling company. We remove unwanted items from homes and businesses. There is no typical day at Junk Junk Baby! Every day, every job, it’s something different. Learn more now!

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Minimum Cash Required$20,000
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Junk Junk Baby

We’re Unbeatable

Our model is simple. We have bigger trucks which allow us to have better value and best service. Our franchise documentation which we refer to as “the book,” details every step of the process from quoting to delivering 5-star service. Our reputation and brand are unbeatable.


Junk Junk Baby! is a full-service residential and commercial hauling company.

Helping people is what drives us.  Our mindset is simple, everything we do, we do for the betterment of our communities. People come to JJB because they are dealing with a significant life transition. We treat every haul with care.


With over a decade of battle-tested experience combined with our proven systems and seasoned brand, our Junk Junk Baby! business model provides franchisees with a leg up on the competition.


After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Eric started his career at telecom sales in Boston, MA. “Best business learning experience of my life. Pure boiler room culture. 150 cold calls a day. Crush quota or be crushed”. For the next fifteen years, he meandered in and out of tech sales at various companies.

In search of trying to find purpose, Eric went to law school, where he met his future wife. “We didn’t need two unemployed lawyers in the house,” so Eric took a job selling insurance. It wasn’t a job. It was a sentence…but, I gutted it out as long as I could.” Knowing there’s no perfect time to take a chance, one week after the birth of their first child, Eric quit. “I told my wife, we have three months of living expenses. I bought an old truck. I’m going to make something happen, and I’m gonna hustle.”

Over time freebies and favors turned into paying jobs, moves, and hauls. Eric expressed to all his clients, “For the first time in my life, I love what I do. I actually make a positive impact on people’s lives.” Inspired by his growing family, he named the company Junk Junk Baby! Since then, he has been building the business and brand. A decade strong, Eric is ready to help others realize their dreams through the Junk Junk Baby family.

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