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Maple Bear is a leader in early childhood education! A proven brand with more than 570 schools in 30+ countries. Our USA schools are high-quality and affordable early learning centers for infants, toddlers, and children 6 weeks - 6 years old. Education with a global perspective including a 2nd language immersion learning environment sets us apart.

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Minimum Cash Required$300,000
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Maple Bear USA


There is a definite need for more childcare options in the USA. Parents are looking for quality early childhood education that is inclusive, affordable, and gets results.

A proven brand with more than 570 schools in 30+ countries worldwide, Maple Bear is a global leader in bilingual education. The Maple Bear curriculum celebrates diversity. Our expansion in the USA has only just begun with one school in Tempe, Arizona and two others in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas. All of our US schools offer a robust Spanish language program, and other languages, such as Mandarin may be integrated depending on the local ethnic community

We are actively looking for qualified daycare and pre-school owners who are passionate about education to join the rapidly growing Maple Bear family. We are open to pursuing opportunities in other US states too.


Our diverse global School Owners come from different backgrounds but share a common love of learning. They have embrace the Maple Bear philosophy and understand how an investment in education generates positive change in the lives of children.


  • Preferably worked in education and/or has a strong appreciation of academics
  • Business, management and leadership experience is a plus
  • Ideally owns a property that may be converted to a Maple Bear school or has access to a property approximately 11,000 sq. ft.
  • Availability of at least $300,000 and $600,000 net worth
  • Interest working with children to create an inclusive, safe environment
  • Desire to build a meaningful legacy business in the community


Maple Bear schools are an excellent, long term investment and a proven model. School owners are provided with comprehensive operational resources and a marketing support system to build a strong foundation for business growth.

Education excellence is key. The Maple Bear curriculum, which presents as a turnkey operation, is constantly being refreshed by more than 250 Canadian faculty members who train and support Maple Bear teachers around the world to deliver it properly.

The Own a School opportunity is an attractive investment. Maple Bear’s upfront fees for school owners are lower than competitors, with wide-open expansion opportunities and real estate options.


  1. After filling out our Own a School form you will receive an email with information about the ownership opportunity and you will be asked to provide some details about your professional profile.
  2. A member of our USA Expansion Team will contact you and to set up a virtual meeting for you to learn more about Maple Bear schools.
  3. Once you complete our Franchise Application, you will attend a ‘Day in the Life of a Maple Bear School Owner’ meeting at one of our schools.
  4. The next step is our Discovery Day, a virtual interactive meeting with key members of the Maple Bear Global Schools executive team.
  5. If we agree to move forward, you will receive our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and Franchise Agreement for review with your legal counsel before signing.
  6. Once the legal agreements are signed and upfront fees are paid, you are a Maple Bear school owner. CONGRATULATIONS!

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"We will be available for every non-registration state after May 1st, 2022"


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  • Why parents in the USA are choosing Maple Bear

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  • What does a Maple Bear school look like?

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