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Love children? Love Fitness? Looking for a new enterprise in Utah with high potential for growth? Stretch-n-Grow is seeking qualified individuals who LOVE children and fitness and are motivated to be successful business owners. Low overhead and reasonable cost. Learn more by inquiring today!

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Minimum Cash Required$30,000
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Stretch-n-Grow of UT

Stretch-n-Grow International has been in business since 1992. Local owners, Dennis and Linda Kubly, have a solid 20 year track record. The internationally renowned Stretch-n-Grow Corporation offers structure for the first time entrepreneur to get started, as well as a business that encourages you to use your own creativity and help children and families live better lives!

Stretch-n-Grow of Utah is an Affiliate of Stretch-n-Grow International

Our shared business goals are to serve families in their pursuit of healthy and productive lives beginning at an early age. Our dedicated professionals provide teaching and coaching services to assist families in meeting their fitness and wellness goals. We do so by going to where the children and families are in daycare centers, preschools, elementary schools, middle schools and recreation centers.

Franchises are available in areas with lots of very well-paid, highly-educated young families. Utah is among the higher states in population growth and much of this growth arises from high technology corporations. Join the growing movement in helping children and families establish healthy lifestyles for life.

Stretch-n-Grow Mission

  • To establish healthy habits, behavioral patterns, a positive attitude that contribute to good self-esteem at an early age.
  • To teach as many children as possible the basics of proper exercise, nutrition, and other wellness habits.
  • To provide a foundation for a life-long continuing physical conditioning program.
  • To prepare children for participation in physical education and athletic programs.
  • To provide parents, caregivers, and educators of young children with current information concerning proper exercise, nutrition, and other related issues in an effort to encourage each family to participate in healthy lifestyles.
  • To help entrepreneurs realize their dream of owning their own business while helping children and families in their geographic area.
  • To build a strong, profitable company that operates with integrity and dedication to our mission, our employees, and the families we serve.

First-Rate Course Offerings: Exercise + Excitement = EXERciting! Stretch-n-Grow makes fitness FUN! Our specialty is providing programs that are high-quality, FUN, educational exercise experiences that help grow happy, healthy, successful kids. We work in partnership with schools and parents to bring engaging classes that focus on a mix of physical activity, education, and teamwork. With weekly emphasis on exercise and good food choices, our extensive curriculum covers virtually every wellness issue including hygiene, self-esteem, and safety. Our purpose is to create life-long healthy habits at an early age.

Classes are provided on-sight at private schools, childcare centers, home daycares, preschools, after-school programs, and mom’s groups. Planting seeds for the future!! If you are looking to get your kids moving, you have landed in the right spot!

Benefits of Partnering with Stretch-n-Grow International

Unparalleled Reputation

When you become a Stretch-n-Grow franchise owner, you automatically inherit the power of a brand that has been established for over 25 years. You don't become the world’s largest network of children’s fitness professionals overnight, and you certainly don't surpass your competitors by simply joining the pack. Stretch-n-Grow has purposefully set itself apart from its competitors and strives to widen the gap each year.

Benefit Of A Brand Name

You can’t buy a brand name unless you buy an established franchise. One of the most important things that comes with purchasing a franchise versus opening a start-up business is the ability to use an established brand name. The Stretch-n-Grow Network understands the value of brand recognition, and our Affiliates work individually to build and protect our reputation within their territories.

The Emotional Connection

At Stretch-n-Grow, we have taken great pride in establishing our name brand over the past 25 years. We have established an invaluable emotional connection in the heart of our culture, franchisees, childcare directors, parents and children. When our franchisees go to work each day, their clients shout "Hooray!" because they love Stretch-n-Grow!

Unparalleled Support

An advantage to joining an established franchise like Stretch-n-Grow is ongoing support. With our network of over 200 owners and our Executive Team behind you, you are never alone. There is always someone who has been in your situation, can relate to what you’re experiencing, and is willing to share their suggestions with you.


Your journey as a Stretch-n-Grow Affiliate starts with an intensive training session…and that’s only the beginning. We provide you with everything you need to access on-going support and to encourage your long-term success in our network! Our training is designed to prepare you to begin the marketing process immediately, sign up new clients and start your first classes. You will learn every aspect of how to be successful in Stretch-n-Grow! Airfare, ground transportation, hotel accommodations and some meals for one person are included in the cost of the franchise.

Training Materials

You will receive comprehensive administrative, educational and marketing materials; DVDs of exercises and routines; as well as program ideas, motivation and continuing education; a merchandise and apparel package; and on-going operational support. Stretch-n-Grow provides you with both experienced people and technology to help you continually improve your business.

Youth Fitness Certification Instruction

You will become a Certified Youth Fitness Professional through our comprehensive exploration of fitness practices for young children. This opportunity is available for ALL Affiliates and their employees. This certification gives immediate credibility!

Affiliates Only Area (AOA)

Once you become a Stretch-n-Grow owner, you’ll receive access to the AOA, a password restricted area for our Affiliates. Through this part of our site, we share new class and marketing ideas that our Affiliates have contributed. You’ll be able to post your reports electronically, start the process to set up your SNG web page, and shop in our on-line store.

Additional Support Includes:

  • Facebook Group
  • Bulletin Board
  • Toll Free Help Line
  • Owner’s Guide to Employing Coaches
  • Coach Camp
  • Affiliation Celebration
  • Regional Collaboration

Who Makes The Ideal Stretch-n-Grow Franchisee?

The Stretch-n-Grow solution is proven. The Stretch-n-Grow system is simple. The Stretch-n-Grow materials are comprehensive. The Stretch-n-Grow market is growing. Our challenge is to find talented people who can say “yes” to the following questions:

Do I enjoy children and exercise? 

Since these are the two key elements of our program, if you're going to teach the classes yourself it's important that you love kids and want to be fit!! One of the great benefits of Stretch-n-Grow is you will get plenty of exercise! Our franchisees improve their own fitness level while having fun exercising with their Stars!!

Am I concerned with improving the wellness of our future: our children?

Most of the major health concerns in our world today stem from people not developing healthy lifestyles at an early age. Obesity, which often results in heart disease, stroke, diabetes and/or cancer, is a result of poor eating habits and lack of exercise. Stretch-n-Grow is attacking the problem at its roots, in young children whose habits have not yet been formed.

Am I a self-starter, willing to apply the self-discipline required to start my own business?

Whether you choose the Stretch-n-Grow franchise or another vehicle for self-employment, understand that that choice will require you to “be your own boss.” The plan we provide gives you step-by-step instruction on everything from marketing to running classes to managing coaches. The motivation comes from within.

If you can answer "yes" to these questions, then Stretch-n-Grow may be right for you!

Don’t just dream of a better job…make it your reality!

Inquire today to turn your passion for kids, fitness & fun into a career you love and join the world’s leading network of certified children’s fitness professionals!

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