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Sugaring NYC - Hair Removal

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You may be new to beauty industry, but Sugaring NYC is not. With 5 years in business and 7 locations nationwide, we know what it takes to help you be successful in this industry. We’re here for you every step of the way with complete training, ongoing support, lifetime coaching and the strongest guarantees in the industry.

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Minimum Cash Required$70,000
Total Investment$115,000 – $180,000
Franchise Fee$29,900
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Sugaring NYC - Hair Removal

Sugaring NYC Now Franchising Nationally!

All Natural. Organic. Hair Removal.
Sugaring NYC is an organic waxing franchise business based in NYC, with salons across United States. We are now offering a franchising business model, where anyone interested can open their own Sugaring NYC Salons in their cities. No previous experience required!

Why the Waxing and Beauty industry?
The personal waxing and salon industry grew by an average of 7.6 percent annually between 2010 and 2015, according to research firm IBISWorld. In 2014, an estimated 300,000 businesses racked up sales totaling $11 billion.

This isn’t simply a female-driven sensation, the pursuit of soft, smooth, hair-free skin is sought after by many women and men who seek out the best possible tools, gadgets, and methods that will result in long-lasting smooth skin.

What is Sugaring?
Sugaring in earlier times has been known to be referred to as Persian waxing, which is sometimes referred to as ‘sukkar’, ‘moum’ or ‘kesh’ in Iran, ‘halawa’ in Egyptian and Middle Eastern regions and ‘ada’ in Turkey. Sugaring is an organic form of hair removal that utilizes a sugar paste. This paste is cooked with water, lemon juice, and sugar until it is a taffy-like consistency that looks like honey.

The Sugaring Organic Hair Removal Difference
Sugaring Paste is a unique 100% organic product made of sugar, lemon juice and water (that’s it). It’s so organic and non-toxic that you can even eat it like a candy. You really can! The paste is applied at a lukewarm temperature and feels like a skin treatment. Sugar paste is very easy to remove from the skin, has no smell, and leaves absolutely no marks as its completely removable with a warm water.

  • Initial Franchise Fee - Your initial fee is a once off lump sum, paid by the franchisee to the franchisor, upon signing the franchise agreement. This payment acts as compensation for the experience, training, recruiting, and the right to use the brand name of the franchise.
  • ROI Less than 1 Year - Sugaring NYC locations show gross sales from $500K to $1M+ Yearly. With highest profit margin in the industry ( 35-40%) you are guaranteed to make return your investment in year #1.
  • Royalties - Sugaring NYC has one of the smallest franchising fee’s in the industry. To service the franchise we take 3% from Gross sales and use this money for franchise development + 2% towards national and local advertising.
  • Total Investment - Includes Initial Franchise Fee, Cost for 3 months operation including rent and supply.

Sugaring NYC is rapidly expanding and wants you to join us in bringing the best in organic hair removal services to your market!


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