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Distribution based companies are some of the most sought after in the investment and Private Equity Group communities. Learn more about Total Beverage's costs, benefits, and available locations today!

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Total Beverage - Brewery Distribution

The Total Beverage Companies – Total Beverage Eustis Property Management, LLC is the exclusive management firm for the Eustis Brewery Project, LLC. Three investment opportunities in one advertisement: Beer Manufacturing, Beer Distribution – Restaurant Food Solution - Franchise Information.

Total Beverage is opening a production brewery in Eustis, Florida that will manufacture and provide beer and flavored hard seltzers for restaurants, bars, lounges, clubs, taprooms, bistros, cafes, saloons, taverns, inns, convenience, and package good stores & gas stations & liquor stores or anywhere alcoholic beverages are sold legally from Daytona Beach (east coast) to Tampa Bay (west coast) and including the entire Orlando Florida area. The property will have a taproom with seating in excess of 200 seats with seating indoor, outdoor, rooftop and balcony. The space is almost 7,000 square feet and we will use the large 3,000 square foot wooden room on the second floor for taproom/restaurant seating, private meetings room, private events, and as a live entertainment venue. Total Beverage opened a brewery, bar, restaurant with a full kitchen in Lake Mary, a suburb of Orlando in October 2019. The build-out took about 5 months to complete from start to finish. It grossed a million dollars in the first 12 months, and we sold our shares last year to plan and concentrate on this much larger more profitable production brewery. 

Total Beverage is currently, actively seeking savvy and knowledgeable businesspersons or certified, accredited, sophisticated persons or groups to purchase equity ownership shares in the brewery industry and become our partners. We have secured our initial seed money and have launched the project by making the appropriate deposits on the brewery property, brewery equipment, architect/engineer, and general contractor deposits. This officially launches the brewery project, and we are now advertising for our additional partners. We have advertised in the venue before and successful raised the needed capital and attracted the right partnerships. We attract a variety of potential partners for this type of opportunity like professionals (accountants and attorneys), first time venture capitalists, previous and/or current owners of food & beverage locations, brewery industry business owners, entrepreneurs looking for a career change and average workers looking for a reliable and dependable opportunity.   

Total Beverage is one of the few end-to-end solutions, turnkey management groups and one stop shops is setting the bar in the brewery industry. Our partners and directors have opened 75 third party purchaser breweries all over the world, some for JW Marriott and the Radisson Hotel Group. Using our beer consumption from our Lake Mary brewery, bar, restaurant, we understand the average client needed for the production brewery, instead of guessing. This actual knowledge allows us to project incredibly accurate consumption levels and gives us a better understanding of how to attain our revenue and barrel production estimates. This knowledge allowed us to use “back in” formulas based on annual projected revenue and/or barrel production to determine how many fermentation tanks and how many brews a day are needed to reach these production levels and revenue targets as we look to set up the brewery floor.

Total Beverage is currently setting up meetings with potential partners in our Eustis, Florida office and our brewery property about a mile away. We welcome all interested people and groups to meet with us, inspect the property, and depending on the day, meet with the property owner, Total Beverage management team personnel and possibly with the City of Eustis officials. We also offer growth to our partners as our future plans include production breweries to be located in Nashville, Tennessee, Dallas, Texas, Denver, Colorado, Phoenix, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

This opportunity has three options for equity shareholder partnerships:

  1. Brewery Manufacturing - $2,200,000
  2. Distribution - $500,000 (NO COMMON OWNERSHIP WITH THE BREWERY)

Feel free to choose whichever opportunity best suits your needs or requirements. We currently are assembling partners for all three opportunities. State law requires Manufacturing and Distribution to be totally separate ownership and not have any common ownership or relationship. Most of the investment in Distribution will be spent on equipment or the refrigeration trucks with liftgates. We currently have a well-known restaurant franchise negotiating for this space and welcome others as the buildout for a restaurant space with us is only $750,000 and has 200+ seats and a stand alone or shopping center location or endcap would cost at a minimum $1,500,000 plus new or rebuild and is a very attractive option for those restaurant chains looking for a home in central Florida. 

The Total Beverage Companies also create breweries for third party purchasers and partners with investors, joint venture and private equity partners in breweries and production brewery distribution centers in any state in the United States. This gives The Total Beverage Companies an advantage over most breweries as we understand all aspects and facets of the brewery industry from manufacturing to retail and from customer service to distribution. Total Beverage is entering the hard seltzer market, which has less ingredient costs and a 30% higher return per can than beer. This will diversify and expand our product lists as well as our clientele and bring in additional consumers to our customer base. The fermentation time for hard seltzer is 30% less than most beers and flavored hard seltzer will dramatically increase our return of investment or ROI. Total Beverage makes beer & make money! It is the greatest job in the world!!

Do you want to own, or part own a brewery? The beer brewery industry is one of the few growth industries that survives almost anything, apparently including a pandemic. Our ownership opportunities start at $100,000 & are projected to earn more than dollar for dollar every year, which we will disclose how we do it, during our conversation. We welcome those looking to own a brewery or a piece of a brewery or fund entire project(s). Our current production brewery will service an area from Daytona Beach on the east coast through and including Orlando Florida, which gets over 80 million visitors a year to Tampa Bay, Florida on the west coast. We bring a group of 50+ experts, specialists, professional and professional solution companies, and vendors to support all of our projects. 

Forensic accounting firm Bender Accounting and Taxes will safeguard your investment funds when you become a partner in the Eustis Brewery Project

The accounting firm, Bender Accounting and Taxes located in Lakeland, Florida will be handling all of the partner and investor funds to ensure transparency and accountability and will be available to all partners and investors to answer any questions. Bender Accounting and Taxes is a veteran owned accounting firm. The operational partners for the brewery are NOT signers on the checking accounts. We have purposely built in a security level, so that investors/partners understand that the state licensed accountant will have supervision over the funds to ensure transparency and increase comfort levels.

The industry in 2021

Overall U.S. beer volume sales were up 1% in 2021, while craft brewer volume sales grew 8%, raising small and independent brewers’ share of the U.S. beer market by volume to 13.1%. Retail dollar sales of craft increased 21%, to $26.8 billion, and now account for just under 27% of the $100 billion U.S. beer market (previously $94 billion). The primary reason for the larger dollar sales increase was the shift back in beer volume to bars and restaurants from packaged sales.

Projected Earnings

In years one through five the projected annual gross profits are $3.9mm to $5.9mm, the projected gross profit percentages are 80.1% to 81% and the EBITDA, which stands for Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization and is a metric used to evaluate a company's operating performance and is essentially net income (or earnings) with interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization added back is projected annually at $2.7mm in year one to $4.4mm in year five. These numbers represent only one production brewery. This is the perfect opportunity for all kinds of investors, especially private investors, and private equity groups. The investment itself is partially secured by new the brewery equipment, (valued at $750,000, which is approximately 40% of each locations startup costs) as well as each production brewery is a tangible physical brick and mortar location and production breweries have the single most important thing that investors look for, which is an exceptional return on investment or ROI. Our return on investment in the beer brewing and distribution industry can potentially exceed dollar for dollar annually starting in year one.

Explanation of Fees and Payments

Each investment unit is $100,000 and is projected to return more than dollar for dollar every year, starting in year one. Total investment for a production brewery center is $2,200,000 and monthly operating expenses are about $120,000 and has a higher return on investment (ROI) and has a net after EBITDA (earnings before interest taxes depreciation and amortization) of almost $2mm annually.

Support & Training

We provide complete support training & installation We also provide the 50+ experts, specialists, professionals, and professional solution companies in all aspects of Food & Beverage & business through our BrewMasters Business Butler.


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