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Asking Price: $800,000

Personalized European Jewelry eCommerce Brand

Tampa, FL
Hillsborough County

Website Closers® presents a gleaming gem in the Customized & Personalized Jewelry Vertical that has, since their launch, created a line of products that has delighted their European audience. Their jewelry pieces are highly customizable, with customers able to incorporate not just their own text, names, and images, but different types and colors, as well. As the company boasts 85 SKUs on their product roster, customers can enjoy a diverse range of options for their rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Though their initial Dutch storefront sold beauty, fashion, and jewelry-related products, it didn’t take them long to narrow down their focus to the jewelry niche they operate in today. This switch saw them surge in popularity, giving them the momentum they needed to expand to the Swedish market and, as more customers found their brand, to establish themselves in Denmark and Norway in 2021. The current owner has built a close relationship with their supplier, which was a valuable move given that all their products are custom-made. Their personalized SKUs have also made DropShipping necessary, as storing inventory is impossible. However, this model also saves the brand money that would otherwise be spent on warehouse workers, rent, utilities, and all the other expenses needed to handle inventory, which gives the owner extra resources they can use for scaling operations. The only merchandise that they keep in stock is their packaging, which is made up of a box, a pouch, and a thank you card, which cost only $0.50 each. The company works with a fulfillment center that has their own warehouse and sizable team. The store manager sends out order sheets in Excel format twice a week to the fulfillment company, which then sends orders to various manufacturers to start production. The manufacturers complete the pieces, then manufacturers package the jewelry in the brand’s custom packaging and send it back to the fulfillment warehouse, where they are then shipped off to the customers. One of their manufacturers is responsible for about 70 to 80% of products sold and has been consistently providing professional service and quality goods through the 3 years since the current owner started working with them. This manufacturer has a history of being open to discussing products, creating new designs, and sending samples whenever necessary, making their partnership a highly beneficial one. The brand ships out about 50 to 100 orders every day through most of the year, but during the holiday season, when many customers are looking to buy great gifts for their loved ones, that number leaps to a respectable 300 to 400 range. Their digital marketing tactics have been incredibly effective, and utilize various strategies for the best results. Their Meta ads, Pinterest ads, and email marketing account for around 80% of sales, while the rest are generated from Google Ads, repeat customers, and organic traffic. The brand has worked with a skilled email marketing agency for the past 3 years, who have proven their worth in full. They have helped the company utilize their email database of over 70,000 subscribers to generate 25% of their total sales. They have also started to work with a Google Ads agency and a TikTok agency to further improve their traffic, and, based on the results from the campaigns recently launched on both channels, it’s likely that they will also be highly beneficial in growing the business. The company currently operates exclusively in the European market, and has carefully researched the optimal ways to advertise and sell their jewelry. They have found the most success by emphasizing themes of friendship, family, grief, newborns, and gifts. They constantly strive to improve their targeting strategy and have used the high emotional value of their pieces to win over many of their customers. Their typical customer is a woman, typically a mother, between the ages of 25 and 60. She enjoys wearing sentimental pieces that feature the names and pictures of her beloved children and/or grandchildren and spends roughly $40 on every purchase. The jewelry market is astoundingly evergreen, with bracelets, necklaces, and other products in the market seeing nearly constant demand, and can be bought, sold, and worn throughout the year. Jewelry is, unsurprisingly, most commonly sought after in Q4 during the Christmas and holiday season. The company’s profits surge during these times, as well as during Mother’s Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Sinterklaas—a Dutch holiday. The current owner has built the back-end systems for this business to be run on autopilot, with most of the brand’s operational tasks being outsourced or automated. This has cut their workload down to 5 to 10 hours every week, which are typically spent managing the team, making sure that the team knows what they need to do, and focusing on scaling strategies. All of the brand’s employees have been hired through freelance platforms, and work part-time in the following capacities: 1 Store Manager 1 Media Buyer for Meta Platforms 2 Video Editors 1 Social Media Manager 1 Head of Customer Service 4 Customer Service Agents 1 Content Creator 1 Financial Analyst The buyer will need very few special skills needed to run this highly polished and optimized business. While they would benefit from an understanding of scaling and marketing practices, they aren’t necessary, and they could easily hire a specialist or outsource the task to an agency if they lack certain knowledge. The company’s capable staff team is happy to stay post-acquisition, and the current owner is also willing to provide transition support if needed. The jewelry market is a highly straightforward one and has a vast built-in consumer base that the buyer will be able to take advantage of. The new owner could quickly send the brand skyrocketing for a quick ROI, such as by expanding into the US, or maintaining operations for a steady source of income. The current owner is also eager to sell the brand before the end of the year, meaning that the transition process should be quick and efficient. This International Business is Represented by: Website Closers Technology, Internet & eCommerce Business Brokers WC 3205

Cash Flow $455,219
Revenue $1,900,242
$ Owner Financing Available

Asking Price: $2,250,000


Not Disclosed, CA
El dorado County

This national and regional award-winning full-service fine jewelry store is a California Sub-Chapter S Corporation that has been in operation for the past 16 years, since 2008, under ownership of the founder. Located in an anchor position in a luxury lifestyle shopping center, this cornerstone retailer serves multiple generations of clientele in one of the most affluent regions of Northern California known for high per capita incomes, low crime rates, and massive economic growth in a well-planned community and extremely desirable destination for both families and businesses. There is zero direct competition in the hotly desired, highly affluent location of the business. There is little competition within a ten-mile radius of this store.Regionally, this store location is in a major economic upswing in the Northern California region, with over 25% growth in population projected from 2023 through 2025 within a 20-mile radius. This is the largest anticipated growth in the State of California and the 17th fastest growing city in the United States, citing the United States Census, Local Chamber of Commerce and California state government sources. This store location is at the center of the top three tourism destinations in Northern California, within two hours or less drive to each attraction.With over 15,000 customers, this GIA credentialed, American Gem Society (AGS) Guild Jewelry Store sells high-quality finished jewelry, luxury and couture designer jewelry, in-house designed custom-made jewelry, a wide variety of bridal and wedding rings, loose diamonds and gems, repairs, appraisals, and all manners of GIA trained gemology in-house. Store buildout is an LEED-certified Green Building, with business model of conflict-free and proven ethical sourcing, using recycled precious metals and transparent pricing structure of diamonds and precious gems and blockchain provenance.

Cash Flow $400,000
Revenue $2,000,000

Asking Price: $349,000

Athletic Footwear Manufacturer & Online Retailer

Denver, CO
Denver County

This acquisition opportunity is a well-established footwear manufacturer and online retailer situated in the mountainous region of Colorado. The company specializes in the production of barefoot-style athletic shoes, known for their versatility, durability, and comfortable user experience. Their products represent a harmonious fusion of superior quality, enduring durability, and exceptional comfort, distinguishing them through a lightweight design and an oversized toe box. Strategically navigating the digital landscape, the company operates a modern and visually compelling website. This serves as a pivotal online platform, not only exhibiting the extensive product range but also delivering an intuitive and engaging user experience. The footwear industry, characterized by its dynamism and continual expansion, presents substantial avenues for growth. Persistent consumer demand for innovation in aesthetics, comfort, and performance fosters an environment conducive to boundless creative exploration. The global shoe industry stands as the largest revenue-generating market, sustained by an enduring need for footwear. Within this expansive landscape, the acquisition target stands poised for growth in various dimensions of its business operations. The continuous demand for innovation and the variety of styles across the market underscore the excellent opportunity available to a discerning buyer. 

Cash Flow $96,999
Revenue $289,458

Asking Price: $90,000

eCommerce Jewelry Retailer – Animal Conservation

Tampa, FL
Hillsborough County

SellerForce® presents a profitable eCommerce business with a philanthropic heart. The company has witnessed significant revenue with healthy margins through wolf-themed merchandise, predominantly selling jewelry and accessories.The business was built by animal lovers who decided to begin a small project to save and repopulate the wolf population worldwide. Proceeds raised from sales help provide food and other necessities to keep these beautiful creatures happy, healthy, and protected from being hunted.The DropShipping model is uncomplicated yet effective, and marketing is straightforward. Facebook and TikTok drive 98% of traffic to the website, which now receives 82,000 monthly visitors.The Facebook media strategy is not time-consuming and works as follows:The owner begins with ten ad sets targeting audiences over 10 million with broad interests. $20 to $25 is spent on each ad set, and automatic placements are used with a 1-day click attribution. The tactic is to double down on well-performing ads by raising the budget and scaling horizontally and vertically.On TikTok, creatives begin with a $50 campaign budget optimization. The system involves broad targeting with no interests. Five ad sets comprising three ads are tested and then scaled.Snapchat is also used on a small scale, and daily posts on the brand’s Pinterest page result in 182,000 monthly visits on average.A key selling point is the lack of seasonality in sales. It is an evergreen store in a zealous niche. Sales are consistent throughout the year, with peaks in Q4 and around the Chinese New Year.All products are sourced through an agent in China. The owner has nurtured this relationship for nearly four years and receives incredibly dependable service. The supplier uses software to fulfill orders for the company, and customers receive orders within eight to twelve days. The supplier also reorders inventory in advance based on sales expectations. As a result, products are always in stock. Inventory is typically ordered two weeks in advance throughout the year, temporarily transitioning to one month during peak periods. Payment is executed through a wire transfer or link.All products sold are of the highest quality, as customer feedback and glowing reviews will attest.The archetypal customer is 25 years and over, evenly split between genders, and from the lower to middle class. They value self-expression and authenticity and have strong political convictions and opinions. Their interests include:Charity And DonationsPhysical FitnessNatureSelf-DevelopmentTravelingHikingPetsYogaThe owner endures an extremely light workload of around five hours weekly, and a buyer could easily outsource tasks to enjoy entirely passive income. The only employee is a customer service virtual assistant who handles all contact through email. Contractors are used for fulfillment and inventory management.The virtual assistant and supplier handle most operational tasks. Daily operations for the owner include creating and running Facebook and TikTok ads as well as monitoring their performance. Additionally, he processes returns and checks in with customer care and fulfillment team members from time to time.This company has tremendous growth opportunities, particularly in the niche jewelry market. Product expansion is an obvious next step and would entice new customers and encourage repeat orders from existing customers, increasing their lifetime value.Selling on additional eCommerce platforms presents another opportunity for substantial growth. Amazon, Walmart, and eBay are all colossal platforms with hundreds of millions of potential customers.Strategic collaborations with sanctuaries regarding content and the social mission have proven lucrative for many online retailers driven by a cause, as has influencer marketing.Implementing a blog emphasizing SEO is an excellent strategy for medium to long-term growth and boosting organic sales. Perhaps the most apparent opportunity at hand is simply setting up a robust email and SMS campaign with segmented flows. It is a highly cost-effective and automated technique that can realistically bring in up to 30% of total revenue.Continuing to build out the narrative of protecting wolves and then replicating that model by introducing additional products with other animals for different causes would undoubtedly boost revenue with little effort. Saving dolphins, bees, or elephants, for example, could quadruple revenue with astute marketing.This highly systemized business presents various options for a buyer, depending on their interest. A new owner could earn recurring revenue with little effort while scaling the brand, and skyrocketing revenues are undoubtedly attainable for an ambitious buyer. Few skills and little time are required to run this business, and the existing owner will be available 24/7 during the buying process to answer all concerns and questions. He is highly motivated to assist a buyer and is prepared to offer seller financing.Contact SellerForce today to learn more about this excellent deal and its enormous potential.Listing ID: SF227

Cash Flow $29,033
Revenue $247,988

Asking Price: $1,475,000

Light Manufacturing Business and Property

Not Disclosed, Not Disclosed
Not disclosed

Presenting a terrific opportunity to take over an already successful and growing light manufacturing business and property. In operation for over three decades, this business has a large, active, diverse customer base with new customers being added weekly. The business is fully staffed with long-term and trained employees, plus, available part-time employees added as needed during the height of the business cycle. The equipment is well maintained, is on preventive maintenance programs and has the latest technological capabilities in the industry. Sales for 2023 on on track to exceed $1,750,000. The approximately 8,000 square foot facility, located in a commercial area, houses all aspects of the business with enough flexibility for future growth. The owners are willing to provide the appropriate level of training and support to ensure a smooth transition to a new owner. The business and property are available for an offering price of $1,475,000 plus the value of the inventory and supplies. $700,000 to be allocated toward the value of the property and $775,000 toward the value of the business, including $309,046 worth of furniture, fixtures and equipment, good will, customer, vendor and supplier contacts, training during the transition to a new owner and non-compete agreement plus, the value of the inventory and supplies. The value of the inventory and supplies is approximately $25,000 and will depend on the business cycle at the time of the sale.

Cash Flow $232,816
Revenue $1,592,048

Asking Price: $730,000

Scaling eCommerce Brand – Men’s Jewelry

Tampa, FL
Hillsborough County

Website Closers® presents a Men’s Jewelry eCommerce Brand that has, since inception, achieved rapid growth through their line of premium, minimalist pieces that are suitable for any occasion. Whether going to an important business meeting, a quiet date night, or even a day at the beach, the rings, pendants, bracelets, chains, cufflinks, and other products sold under this brand name can give the wearer a fashionable touch.The brand currently offers 150 products, all manufactured using premium, high-quality materials that minimize breaking and tarnishing, which their reviews show has afforded them a high amount of respect among their customer base. They are currently achieving an Average Order Value of $72.45.Thanks to the strong AOV and low cost of goods, gross margins are over 80% and net margins are over 30%. Their popularity among their audience has also done wonders in giving them a strong following across TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, which serves as a great source of organic traffic and means of showcasing just how their products shine.They also have over 25,000 subscribers on their email list, which is growing by the day, and have received multiple requests from interested retail distributors each month.MarketingThough their social media accounts serve as a great source of traffic, the company doesn’t stop there when it comes to their advertising strategy. They have recently started making use of their extensive subscriber count with an outsourced email marketing campaign, which has proven to be fruitful.They also run a blog on their website and use paid ads on Facebook to draw in new customers. This campaign has given them a respectable average of over 65,000 viewers to their website every month.Inventory and OperationsThe company keeps their inventory investment minimal despite their sizable SKU roster by having 50% of their sales DropShipped. This saves them time and money and makes it easier to maintain their product list and expand it as needed. The products themselves are shipped to customers in a box with a velvet pouch inside, which further reinforces the luxurious aesthetic that they have as a part of their brand.Their minimal inventory investment is part of the reason why the current owner only requires about 2 hours every week to manage the business, alongside their customer service, email marketing, and order fulfillment being outsourced. The owner spends their time testing new creatives on Facebook ads, launching new products to keep up with trends, and having discussions with the suppliers over WhatsApp. The streamlined, turnkey structure of the business means that the buyer will have a highly flexible schedule, which they can use to run and scale the brand as they see fit.Scale OpportunitiesThe buyer of this company won’t find themselves lacking in scale opportunities for this acquisition. Low hanging fruit for this business is to add new sizes and product variations for the existing men’s market.They could also take advantage of their minimalistic and unisex designs to create a women’s collection, which would let them target a massive demographic within the jewelry market. The brand has also been contacted multiple times each month by interested retail distributors, which presents an excellent opportunity to branch off into wholesale.The new owner could also expand to other eCommerce platforms like Amazon for more diversified revenue, as they currently sell exclusively from their branded website (Shopify). From there, they can refine their marketing campaign to draw attention to not just these new channels, but their existing storefront as well. They could improve their blog to boost their website’s SEO, continue to grow their email marketing program to target repeat buyers, and pursue commission-based influencer marketing and brand ambassador programs for higher viewership on social media.ConclusionThis acquisition is just as gleaming as the materials that they incorporate into their products, and the work that they’ve put into selling to a previously underserved market. They have a gleaming reputation based off solid reviews, a strong presence on popular social media sites, and a turnkey structure that will give the buyer a wealth of time to use for growing the brand. Additionally, the seller is willing to assist not just with the transition process, but with training the buyer for their new role as well, which will help them more quickly step into their new role so they can get to work ASAP.This Company is Represented by:Website ClosersTech, Internet and eCommerce Business BrokersWC 3150

Cash Flow $209,758
Revenue $690,431
$ Owner Financing Available

Asking Price: $545,000

eCommerce Vintage Jewelry Brand – Cult Following

Tampa, FL
Hillsborough County

Website Closers® presents a glittering brand in the jewelry market that offers a variety of vintage-inspired earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other accessories. Their products see a high worldwide demand thanks to their incredible quality, unique designs, and beautiful aesthetics.Their pieces have been sold around the world in boutiques and department stores such as Anthropologie, Neiman Marcus, Barneys, Henri Bendel, and They have also been spotted on beloved celebrities such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood, Zendaya, the Kardashian and Jenner sisters, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Beckinsale, Kate Hudson, and Selena Gomez. Their prestige doesn’t end there, however, as they have also been featured in numerous publications, and have regularly appeared on various television shows.They source their products from a strong network of manufacturers. Some are based in New York City and Rhode Island for domestic production, while a consultant works with the owner to produce her designs in China, Thailand, India, and Korea. They have also established direct relationships with vendors that supply the company with private-label items, making their line all the more exclusive.Their working capital requirements are kept low, with inventory orders being placed after customers order and arriving within a few days, after which they are shipped out. For larger online sales events like television appearances, pieces tend to sell out quickly, so all products are stocked in advance to meet demand.The company enjoys strong sales throughout the year, but like many other retail businesses, their sales peak around the holiday season. Their average customer is a woman, typically 35 or older, who responds well to promotions. She’s pleased with her first order and finds herself returning to the brand for further purchases down the line. As the brand’s products are shipped exclusively within the US and Canada, all of their customers are based in North America.One of the most stand-out qualities of the brand is that they have never had to rely on the use of paid advertising. Instead, they rely on organic advertising through referrals and celebrities wearing their products and have even built a relationship with networks doing morning television deal segments. As very few brands enjoy this privilege, their regular collaborations with two major networks are both coveted and incredibly profitable. Their sales skyrocket thanks to these segments, as their pieces are showcased to nearly 3 million viewers every time they go on air. Alongside increasing their website sales, they also allow management to obtain a list of customers who have opted to receive emails after every sale.The broadcast also reaches 48 million monthly unique visitors online, which is further evidence to the reach that it gives the brand. The company has worked with their PR firm for 13 years, which is one of only two firms that the show will work with on their deal segments. These segment collaborations operate on an affiliate basis, where they receive a 15% share of the total revenue earned for promoting the brand’s products. The PR firm then takes a 10% commission as well.The brand has accounts with not just one, but three prominent affiliate marketing networks, who earn a 15% commission for sales made on the website. As the current owner hasn’t had the opportunity to drive affiliate traffic elsewhere thus far, doing so would be a very promising project for the buyer to pursue. The show has earned over $40,000 in sales in one month alone through the affiliate program.The PR firm is responsible for the brand’s influencer marketing, as they typically gift influencers with products in exchange for promotional posts. They hold gifting suites for influences in New York and Los Angeles during specific times of the year, and as these products are very popular among influencers, the brand has risen to become the most popular client for the firm.The current owner works about 30 hours a week managing the company performing marketing, social media, supplier ordering, inventory management, and order fulfillment, among other tasks as needed to operate the business. Though there are no employees on staff at this time, many of these tasks could easily be outsourced with minimal training and ramp-up time needed by a Virtual Assistant and/or employee or two. Though there are no employees on staff, they do use third-party providers for jewelry production.This gem of a deal is perfect for a buyer who knows their way around marketing. By expanding the brand’s social media presence, utilizing paid advertising and SSL, and working with the PR firm to generate additional press, celebrity, and influencer opportunities, they could cement themselves as the diamond that they truly are in the market.This Company is Represented by:Website ClosersTechnology, Internet, Digital &eCommerce Business BrokersWC 3125

Cash Flow Not Disclosed
Revenue $233,748
$ Owner Financing Available

Asking Price: Not Disclosed

Brand Name/Manufacturer of Women’s Fashions

Not Disclosed, Not Disclosed
Not disclosed

This is an opportunity to purchase an established Company which owns and produces its own proprietary, high-quality women’s clothing brands. For over 45 years, this Company has been designing clothing collections that are sold through very specific channels. These collections are highly sought after because of their quality, how well they fit and the strong margins that customers earn by selling these brands. On the operations side, all aspects of sourcing proprietary blends of yarns to moving fabrics to various mills to shipping and receiving operate seamlessly. There are highly trained staff in place who handle all aspects of the operations including design and photoshoots. The owner is looking for someone with a passion for making women look great to take over the Company. Since the staff can fully operate the business, the owner feels that the right candidate doesn’t necessarily need experience in the fashion industry, just the passion to succeed and willingness to learn. The owner will teach and train any new owner on her secrets to success. With steady annual revenue of over $3,000,000, earnings over $600,000, very strong margins on sales, well-known brands and a very loyal customer base, this business represents a solid opportunity for new ownership to build upon. Qualified candidates, please refer to listing number 15184 when inquiring about this opportunity.

Cash Flow $630,000
Revenue $3,200,000

Asking Price: $399,000

Jewelry Store

Not Disclosed, MI
Livingston County

This is a great opportunity to own a long established, high-volume Jewelry Store in affluent Livingston County. Located in a downtown district, this upscale 2,100 square feet store is surrounded by numerous residential and commercial properties. Included in the sale is a rotary laser engraver, and an abundance of well-maintained equipment jewelers seek out, too much to list! All equipment is in excellent condition and regularly maintained! Also includes a license to Materialize Magics software, with 8 years remaining. Store services include Sales, Repairs, Designs, Waxes, Appraisals, Diamond Setting, Buy/Sell Gold, Silver, Diamonds, and Watches. With over 19 years of excellent reputation and thriving referrals, a new owner/operator can realize HUGE growth. By implementing a more creative advertising/marketing strategy, along with adding manufacturing, a salesperson, opening Mondays, expanding hours, and computerizing the entire store, you have HUGE potential to increase the already high sales. Perfect for husband/wife team or family run business. High cashflow!! Turn-key store only needing a new owner/operator with unlimited potential. A must see/must have business that will not last long or disappoint! Owner will train and will entertain all reasonable offers! Contact Armen Nazarian @ 248-231-7714 or visit

Cash Flow $227,588
Revenue $1,528,712
$ Owner Financing Available

Asking Price: $360,000

Las Vegas Jewelry Store Location for Sale

Las Vegas, NV
Clark County

This Las Vegas jewelry store has been in the market for 20-plus years. It is well-established and has deep roots in its community. A buyer could take over the space and fully rebrand or keep the same name and branding.Depending on what a buyer wants to keep, the seller's inventory can be purchased in pieces, in bulk, or left with the seller. This would be an additional transaction to the sale price. The business offers full jewelry repair as well.The sale price represents the buildout of the high-end luxurious location, fixtures, furniture, and equipment. There is plenty of room to negotiate on any aspects of this offering.This business has been operating as a limited appointment-only location since 2020 due to the pandemic. Revenues and profits reflected don't share the full potential of the business, and the potential depending on what a new owner wants to do.Seller Financing Available for a Well-Qualified Buyer.Inquire now to receive an automated NDA, followed by the confidential business/location information summary.Inquire for more details and learn how you can buy a business for as little as 10% down on qualified SBA listings or how to use creative financing options to get a deal done! At Transworld Business Advisors, we are the most active business brokerage in the country - listing and selling the most businesses in the state. Get added to our buyer list today to receive notifications as businesses with your criteria hit the market!

Cash Flow $49,500
Revenue $599,000
$ Owner Financing Available

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