8 Inspirational Thoughts for Days You Need Motivation

Your day's been long and there is no end in sight. Everyone is coming to you for answers … or with a problem. Even something that's seemingly small has managed to turn into something difficult. Does this sound familiar? Or, if it doesn't, it likely will sometime in the near future. This is a common occurrence when owning a business. Where there is so much going on at once, and almost none of it seems to be going right. That's just the law of business ownership, whether it's your first franchise, or you've been doing this for decades. 

Eventually you get used to it, even numb to stressful scenarios. Getting to a place of peace and positive action also means finding better ways to deal with bad days. The next time the workforce has got you down, remember these motivational thoughts. Positive and helpful ways to help perk up your mood on the days you need it most. 

8. Tomorrow is a New Day

Cliché maybe, but it's also true. Tomorrow you get to start all over. There might be similar scenarios and the same problems you're dealing with today. But you get to step back and take a break. By settling your thoughts you can take some time to decompress and head back into work refreshed, and with a new source of gusto to solve tasks head-on.

7. Where's the Good?

There's good in every situation, right? Every single one. Even if you can't see it at the time, things happen for a reason. You might have to wait a bit to find out that reason, but it's there, we promise. Stop and think about what positive has come from even the worst situation and allow it to ease your stress.

6. One More Task Down

Once a terrible task is done, it's done. Finished. If the only (somewhat) good thing about it is that it's off your to-do list, focus on that. You never have to do it ever again … or at least for a long time. 

5. The Only Place to Go is Up

When you hit rock bottom, you're moving on up in the world. On a bad day, even a small win can feel like moving mountains. Rather than focusing on all that's gone wrong, be proud of yourself for gaining ground … no matter how small it might be. 

4. All Things Must Pass

Especially the bad ones. This terrible situation you're in has to end sometime, right? So why not now? Or five minutes from now? Remind yourself that the status quo isn't forever, it's just for the now. A bad day (or several of them, hopefully not in a row) is simply a part of paying one's dues. And without them, success just isn't possible. 

3. It's a Learning Experience

Unfortunately, we often learn to do things the hard way. You might be upset about your mistake or that you hadn't realized to do something better/easier, but the hardship will mean said mistake is burned into your brain. You're not likely to repeat it after all of your trouble. 

2. Good Things Come to Those Who Wait Work

It's true. You're working toward something, which means you're ensuring your own success. However, it's not so much waiting as it is making the right moves. Being idle won't get you very far, while hard work can provide lasting professional growth.

1. A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

In the beginning, this might be more true than ever. When money is tight and disasters are seemingly taking place all around you, remind yourself of all that cash you saved. The money that's not being spent on extravagant add-ons is a huge win. When nothing else is going right, keep your mind focused on that simple, yet extremely important pro.