10 Ways to Clear Your Mind During a Busy Work Day

As a business owner, you are bound to have busy days. There's no doubt about this. If you're just starting out, you know this more than ever. There is so much to get done, and yet, not always enough time to do it in. 

This is a given. Entrepreneurs have a lot on their plate, and often times, that's why they bought a business in the first place. They wanted a responsibility, that sense of ownership and well being in their business. In fact, it's a sense of pride. It's work that you enjoy and you're able to see real growth, day in and day out. It's this same growth that motivates you to work harder and longer. 

However, that doesn't mean you don't need an occasional break, either. Keeping your head clear and taking downtime is what allows you to work better, smarter, and harder throughout the entire week. In contrast, failing to rest your mind can cause mistakes,and it will cause you to become burned out, even in your beginning stages.

Give yourself the break you deserve with a few of these relaxation tips. 

1. Enjoy the Quiet

You may or may not have opportunities to have quiet time throughout the day. If you're constantly busy, actively look for a quiet space. Leave work, put on noise-canceling headphones, or find a back office that's far from all the hubbub. Even just 10 minutes of quiet can allow you to refocus and re-charge the brain.

2.  Follow a Schedule

Order helps keep your day in check. Don't take in emails as they come, answer and tend to random calls (you can still answer, of course, just add your tasks from those calls to your list), and so on. Stick to your schedule and set time aside for each task. This move will give you order and structure to your day; it creates progress and helps eliminate interruptions.

3. Set Office Hours

While you might be physically IN your office all day, that doesn't mean you have to take calls and/or walk-ins on the fly. Doing so can interrupt your workflow and add time to your workday as a whole. Instead, set aside 'X' number of hours where you'll be available to employees, and use the rest of your time toward your to-do list.

4. Stop Working

You deserve a break, so take one!  An actual break where you are eating, walking, or doing something you enjoy. Whatever the task, it should be away from your desk and should last long enough so you can clear your head. At least 30 minutes is a good timeline. 

However, you should also avoid stressers like appointments or traffic during your break that will only cause more work for your day.

5. Listen to Calming Music

Silence is golden, but others prefer the sounds of nature. Play a recording or actually go out into the world to listen to birds, breeze, ocean waves, and more. Your franchise is your baby, but taking a few minutes to listen to Mother Nature will only improve your abilities as a business owner. Trust us!

6. Exercise

Physical movement can do wonders for the brain. Not only are you exercising and actively working your body, you're improving the mind. Schedule a few minutes at the start, end, or even the middle of the day to perform an exercise of choice. Your endorphins will get you going and even further improve your mood. 

7. Smell Something Good

Did you know certain scents were made for relaxation? Think lavender, eucalyptus, mint, and more. Consider burning a candle or using scented oils to help calm your nerves. Planning for these scents can help keep your mind at ease, even when the business is causing you stress.

8. Avoid Stressors

Everyone has triggers, instances that push their buttons. It might be horns honking, being late, or anything else that gets under your skin. Work to eliminate these instances as much as possible. If you cut out additional stress from the get-go, you can have more relaxing workdays down the line. 

9. Take Care of it Later

No, really! If you have a particular task that isn't come together like you wanted, it might be time to set it aside. Some days, everything simply goes wrong and forcing a task to be done won't make it any easier. Instead move on to something else – anything to give you that much-needed win and save the daunting item for later that day, or even tomorrow!

Hopefully once being recharged, you'll be in a better state of mind to handle the difficult.

10. Remember the Good

Do you remember all of the reasons you wanted to own a business in the first place? Remind yourself of that freedom, that growth as an entrepreneur, that ability to grow a brand – all of those things and more are just what you wanted. Whenever a day is especially stressful, take a minute to remember all of these good things for a quick mental boost that will carry throughout the day.

Relaxing is an important step in any industry, especially when branching out as a business owner. 
  • Author: BBN Blog
  • Date: March 15, 2018
  • Category: Buying a Franchise or Business