Specific Ways to Manage Stress in Your Business

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Stress in a business is inevitable.  As a business owner, how you deal with it is the key.  There is good stress and bad stress and both are advantageous.  Coping with stress is a skill business owners must develop, as stress generally increases along with the responsibilities of owning a business.  

Why is some stress important in our lives?  Good stress to a certain level provides energy and excitement for what needs to be done.  When something causes us to react negatively is what we mostly think of relating to stress, and we think of these as stressors.  Stressors can be anything real or imagined that causes stress.  Many hours are wasted by individuals worrying and stressing over what might happen, only to find it was not a real problem and only imagined.

Your personality, as a business owner, affects everything you do, including your work schedule, your employees, your customers, and everyone you deal with each day.  Are you a perfectionist?  Is there no room for error in your work or your employees’ work?  Do you think it is easier to do things yourself, rather than trust others to do work that you think will likely be done incorrectly?  If that is the way you feel about most things, you probably deal with more stress than the average person and also cause stress for your employees.  Are you a Type A person or a Type B person?  Many times we do not see ourselves as others see us.  Type A people are usually more aggressive and try to pack too many activities into too short amount of time.  They are the world’s overachievers and are usually workaholics.  Type B people are more passive and are more realistic about how long tasks will take.  They also are more passive in confrontational situations.  It is important to recognize your personality type and make adjustments when running your business.

Managing stress helps you stay in control of your life.  If you feel stressed at work, a quick relaxation technique that can be done anywhere is to stop and take a couple of deep breaths.  Also useful whenever you feel your stress level rising are the following:

Be present.  You can only live in the moment.  Worrying about the past or future is not productive.  When you concentrate on the present, you don’t allow time for stressful fretting.

Grow, or let go.  When you are criticized, even though you are the boss, don’t take it personally.  Analyze it.  Does the criticism repeat criticism you have heard previously?  If so, perhaps it is valid and points out an area that needs work.  If not, and if you believe the criticism is unjust, let it go.

Do your personal best and trust yourself and your abilities.

Don’t let tensions build up inside until you feel like bursting.  Get another person’s opinion to help you put the situation in perspective.

Your life isn’t your business.  At least it shouldn’t be.  When your work life takes a turn for the worst, rely on your home life and personal relationships to bolster you.

Expand your world.  Exercise, take up a hobby, go to a movie, plan regular evenings out with a friend or loved one. 

You are living the American dream of owning your own business.  You will obviously have some stress, but it is important to remember the goal is not the elimination of work stress but proper management at an appropriate level for high performance and satisfaction.  Remember to develop positive work habits and encourage positive feedback.  Always think positively! 

One important thing we haven’t discussed is the importance of vacation.  Everyone needs to get away from the work routine at least once each year for a vacation.  Train your employees to operate the business without you so you can get away on occasion.  A vacation gives you the chance to recharge and rest and is a great stress relief.  

Okay.  Take a deep breath, exercise, eat properly, avoid substance abuse, develop leisure interests, and clearly assess the demands you make on yourself!

  • Author: Pat Jones
  • Title: President/Owner - Business Broker
  • Company: Pat Jones Business Brokers
  • Company Website: http://www.patjones.biz/
  • Date: February 22, 2018
  • Category: Buying a Franchise or Business
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